November 8, 2015

GPUS Steering Committee
Meeting Notes

Sunday, November 8, 2015 – 8:00 p.m. ET

a) Facilitator: Darryl Moch
b) Call ref # 146
c) Present: Audrey Clement, Sanda Everett, Jan Martell, Andrea Merida, Charles Ostdiek, Jeff Turner, Tamar Yager (called in late while traveling), Karen Young, Bahram Zandi. Observer: Starlene Rankin
d) Agenda revisions: Start with standing business since Tamar will call in late.

a) Treasurer’s Report – Jeff. Did not have Nov. figures yet; waiting for funds to come in, preparing to tighten belts; $1,077 with all bills paid. Will send out November figures after hearing from Brian about deposits.
b) Fundraising Report – Karen. Sent out revenue report through Oct. Last direct mailing went out 3 weeks ago, some first class, which would have been received by now. Working on the next direct mail to go out Thanksgiving week focusing on new electoral strategy. Good news in sustainers, up to 4792 from 4646. Overall at 72 percent of goal.
c) Budget review – Jeff. Sent out version 6 reflecting recommendations of Finance Committee. This version drops insurance (per SC decision) and includes pay increases to balance long-term employees with more recent hires; still zero input from Ballot Access Committee (Audrey: BAC co-chairs have not addressed budget or the question of FEC limitations on candidate campaigns). Budget needs to go to NC by Nov. 14th per our rules, though it has often been later. Discussion centered around employee compensation figures; Personnel working group, which is tasked with presenting compensation recommendations at the 2nd SC meeting in Nov. and a full review of compensation policy by the end of first quarter 2016, though not in consensus on this, recommends limiting raise for Media Director to $200 cost of living increase pending full performance review and policy review later. Some members feel imbalances in compensation should be corrected ASAP and can be included in this budget; others feel that a formal process must be followed, and budget revisions can be made later. Jeff says that this budget already shows a surplus, which can go to reserves (no objection to surplus going to reserves). Tamar wanted $18,700 for Houston raised to $22,000 to reflect latest figures. Proposal: Replace budget line for Media Director with current salary + $200/mo. COLA pending salary review with possible future budget revision. Voting Yes: Andrea, Charles, Tamar, Karen, Bahram; No: Sanda, Jan, Jeff; Abstain: Audrey. Proposal passed. Proposal: Send current budget version, with amendments agreed upon in this meeting, to NC for approval immediately. Voting Yes: Andrea, Charles, Tamar, Karen, Bahram; No: Audrey, Sanda, Jeff; Abstain: Jan. Proposal passed.

In the queue:
a) 798: Proposal to Amend GPUS RP&Ps, Article IX
b) 801: Amendment to Platcom Mission Statement

Received for the queue:
a) Approval of Josh Pritchett for Finance Committee – No findings, send to the queue. Floor Manager: Charles

a) Update on BRPP Dispute Resolution – Darryl was on the call as facilitator, and so provided an update. He was unclear as to whether both parties agreed to proceed with mediation; Jan said that the issue had been brought to an SC meeting on August 9 with both sides present as participating observers, and had agreed at that time to mediation. Darryl said he was in touch with prospective DRC members and would proceed. Charles will send out information clarifying what the dispute resolution process entails. BRPP should not be putting forth proposals until issue is resolved.
b) Credcom election update – Audrey sent out a report of the FairVote retabulation using a proper threshold, which elected 7 members: Craig Thorsen, Jody Grage, Mike Feinstein, David McCorquodale, Asher Platts, Michael Trudeau, Elizabeth Taveras. Audrey confirmed results independently. Questions remain – why did voting page elect 15, but same method (supposedly) elected 7? Is our software in need of repair? Rules allow second election to fill empty seats. Proposal: Accept the FairVote retabulation of the Credcom election. Voting Yes: Audrey, Sanda, Jan, Andrea, Charles, Tamar, Karen; No: Bahram; Abstain: Jeff. Proposal passed. Proposal: SC will propose second election to fill more seats on Credcom, inviting all remaining write-ins who are eligible to self-nominate. No objections; Karen requested to postpone vote slightly – not revisited by the end of meeting, so decision to be made online.
c) Report on hiring/personnel – Tamar. 6-7 candidates to interview for the office position, fewer for organizer; applicants are highly qualified. Question about whether organizer should live in DC area – preferred but not required. Nov. 15 deadline for appication.
d) Apportionment Tabulation Committee report – The committee was formed and developed a calendar and work plan, but were divided on the issue of verification of caucus membership – rules are specific for states, silent on caucuses. (Jan – since caucuses are not apportioned according to strength, but will always have the same representation, why does this need to be done?) Tamar suggests keeping the existing apportionment with adjustments for inactive states & new caucuses and notifying declared presidential candidates of this – she will propose this option to the committee.

a) Proposal to appoint SC endorsement contact person – Karen. Tabled until questions resolved about which rules would be modified, committee RP&Ps or internal procedures.
b) Proposal to amend SC Internal Procedures – Charles. Tabled to be reworded.
c) Endorsement of AAA boycott resolution – Bahram. Wording was sent out just prior to meeting. Expedited approval process allows 24-48 hr response. Proposal: GPUS endorsement of AAA boycott resolution (see addendum below). Voting Yes: Jan, Andrea, Charles, Tamar, Karen, Bahram; No: Audrey, Sanda; Not voting (offline): Jeff. Proposal passed.


TOTAL TIME:  150 minutes

Jan Martell


Proposal:  GPUS endorsement of AAA boycott resolution

Sponsors: Bahram Zandi, Andrea Merida

The co-chairs of the Green Party of the United States, mindful of our longstanding support of peace and demilitarization in Israel-Palestine, welcome the opportunity to endorse the American Anthropological Association’s (AAA) proposed resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions which will be voted on at its annual meeting in Denver later this month.  We support such non-violent tactics, which help galvanize popular opposition to the extreme injustices Palestinians face on a daily basis, such as the theft of their land and liberty and oppression of the entire Palestinian population.

The platform of the Green Party of the United States reaffirms the right of self-determination for both Palestinians and Israelis, which precludes the self-determination of one at the expense of the other.  As an American political party, we have a special responsibility to speak out on this issue given that Israel’s ongoing violations of Palestinian human rights are facilitated by our government’s unequivocal political and financial support of Israel. Thus, we recognize that a peaceful resolution to this conflict cannot happen without civil society’s participation. In 2005, The Green Party endorsed the Palestinian Civil Society call for Boycotts, Divestments, and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it ends its military occupation and ensures equal rights for all those in Israel-Palestine.  We commit to continue to work toward the day when Palestinians and Israelis can live together peacefully, as equals.  We urge the AAA to pass this important resolution.

Background, provided by Justine McCabe:

Hi GPUS Steering Committee members,

The American Anthropological Association is about to vote on a resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions at its annual meeting in Colorado on November 20.  As a long-time AAA member, I will be going to vote for this resolution. As you see below in the PR below from Jewish Voice for Peace, some organizations have begun to endorse this in advance of the meeting.

Support for BDS has been part of GPUS platform for years now, The AFL-CIO just passed a resolution in support of BDS along with a growing number of others.

AAA’s membership is very progressive and would make GPUS more visible to them with support for this resolution.

Given that GPUS voted to support BDS via Prop 190 in November 2005 and that it’s part of our platform, I’m calling on the SC to endorse this resolution in advance of the vote on November 20.  Such an endorsement would bring more awareness of Green Party activities to the attention to this largely progressive group.

I look forward to your response,

Justine McCabe
(IC and Platcom member rep; former co- chair IC, and GPCT.