October 12, 2014


a) Facilitator – Jody Grage
b) Roll Call – Jeff Turner, Audrey Clement, Jesse Townley, Tamar Yager, Budd Dickinson, Starlene Rankin, Karen Young, Charles Ostdiek
Observers: Bill Kreml


a) Review of Michigan platform-related items & Delegate Directory

Platform items completed except for the “Peoria Pamphlet” (short platform in pamphlet form), which the Outreach Committee has discussed and plans to do in 2015. The 2014 platform is available as a .pdf on our website but the main platform page still shows the 2012 platform. David Doonan will update that page when he has time, though this may be after the election season because of his workload on the Howie Hawkins campaign.

The Delegate Directory on the voting page needs constant updating. Karen said that we need to appoint a person who is in charge of that. Many phone numbers were missing when Outreach made calls to recruit committee members. Staff could do updating but are they able to do more? Tamar said Brian and David do not have access to the delegate directory.

b) 2015 GPUS Budget
Discussion on the draft budget (Version 6) ensued. (If you would like to hear the entire discussion, contact the secretary about listening to the recording.)


a) Treasurer’s Report – Jeff T. 10 min
Cash report – $1200 in bank, $13k in operating reserves, $5.5k in restricted reserve for committees and caucuses. Request draw the $13k in the operating reserves to fully pay RedSun Press of $6+k and make a another payment on the $10k still owing to Mccalister. Website development is not in restricted reserves. Vote to take $13k from operating reserve passed with the following votes: Tamar Y, Budd Y, Jeff Y, Karen N, Charles Y, Audrey N, Jesse Y, Starlene Y.

b)Fundraising Report
Reallocation of the fundraisers time for more time on direct fundraising was discussed. The Personnel Subcommittee (Tamar, Karen, Jeff, & Maya O’Connor) will consider this.

In the queue:
ID 766 *- * *Strategic Plan Objectives – Action Plan: Run and Elect More Candidates* <http://gp.org/cgi-bin/vote/propdetail?pid=766>
*Voting starts *10/12.

Received for the Queue: None

e) Liaison Reports Discussion: None


a) Forum Transition – BD (What does the 11/15 date mean? Is that the date we terminate the list serves? Or the date that we officially use the forum? If we are to terminate the lists on 11/15, then we should make 10/15 the official use date.)

There will be no official business handled on the forum until after 11/15.

The use of mobile media for cell phones is still being investigated.

The announce list will continue.

We could first terminate NC Dx list because it’s not official business. All of it could be on the forum.

There is a button at top that allows selecting the newest or the oldest posts on top.

E-mail notifications are one of the options forum users can choose on their control panels.

Making the transition to the forum after the election will mean that the admins and moderators and other helpers will have more time to help NC members address any problems they’re having with the forum.

Budd Dickinson