October 14, 2001

GP Steering Committee Notes; October 14 conference call
Ben Manski, Jo Chamberlain (facilitator), Tom Sevigny (timekeeper) Nathalie Paravicini, Steve Schmidt, Jack Uhrich, Anita Rios, Scott McLarty (Media Comm co-chair), Annie Goeke, Dean Myerson (notetaker)

Subject: Media Committee and press release approval process

Anita – Greens are not of one mind of all issues relating to the war
Tom – Need new system for approving press releases tonight. Also, how far can we go to represent all Greens.
Jo – Last weeks Media Comm conf call failed, so we’re doing it now
Steve – Need more formal process; more pressure since 9-11; Use existing positions; platform is general, not specific. We can’t represent everybody’s opinion.
Scott – In favor of formal process including 1 or 2 SC member signoffs
Anita – True, we can’t represent everybody, but we still need statements. Need clear procedure including SC and PlatCom
Nathalie – CC understands not having unanimity. Get 2 SC members to sign off, but maybe they rotate or trade the responsibility.
Jo – Someone who knows FEC rules like Dean should be available; need to keep in mind our bylaws
Dean – Approved statements (by CC) don’t need as much process; interpreted issues are harder
Tom – Suggest approval by 1 MC co-chair, ! Platcom co-chair and 1 or 2 SC members
Scott – As above but both MC co-chairs. Also need to decide our position on two things: whether we oppose the bombing as self defense, and whether we support some kind of use of force to apprehend suspects for trial. Resolved issues are US must honor intnatl law and use intnatl tribunal for trial. Also, state parties are very active already. We should have a group to draft new stmts for the above for the CC.
Anita – Agrees with Scott’s process; do need new stmts from CC
Jack – CC stmts needed; at least 2 SC members – majority if possible
Annie – Check in with International Comm, may have relevant info and perspectives
Steve – Agree with need or committee to draft stmts; feels platform’s intent wrt self defense relevant to current situation; don’t take pacifist position w/o some way to implement justice; Do need intnatl input; consider German position
Nathalie – SC overburdened – get 3 SC member responses; re police action – we didn’t arrest Pinochet and others; maybe MC co-chairs should be on all SC calls; Also need the circulator from MC now that Linzey isn’t doing it
Scott – A lot of US Greens would question whether current bombing is self-defense. International – yes. Let SC decide internally on their process/participation as long as it is timely – it is a logistical question; forwards releases to all SC now
Ben – starting listserve from DC conference – could have input on this; favors more than 2 SC members; interprets current CC position as opposed to current bombing
Jack – to Steve: what is article 51? –> UN charter right of all govts to self defense
Dean – Need specific turnaround time in this policy and need phone followup to make it happen
Steve – Agrees w/Dean; Scott may need to call; approval from 3 SC members; Steve or Holle Hart for Platcom
Scott – Wants to send releases to entire SC, no matter how many approvals needed
Ben – Post to all SC
Jo – facilitator calls the question: Releases need approval from at least 3 SC members, both MC co-chairs, and one of the PlatCom co-chairs. Scott will call if necessary. Other committees will be consulted when appropriate for input. Approved by consensus.

Ben – About Washington Post response – what is status? Concerned that publishing of Battista letter will hurt chances for op-ed reply. Also, need a release on Fast Track.
Steve – Reiterates need for circulator, but hold till next Sunday’s call
Scott – Maybe Andy Parx will do circulator; 3 upcoming press releases: we have strong candidates this year, fast track, civil liberties under attack
Nathalie – Need 5 minute report from MC on each SC call; please let Nancy Allen know

Fundraising Committee

Report from Jack – Examined two lists: ASGP donors and Denver convention list. No phone numbers on ASGP list. All major donors (> $100) adds up to only $20-25000; talking to SC about their fundraising; RN fundraisers – need info from Ben as to dates, etc; Fundraising Committee recommends renting Nader’s list
Nathalie – Fundraising Comm web page needed – Jack will call Nathalie
Anita – Response from DC Greens re event there with Nader?
Ben – No communication with Theresa for Nader issues; she left town again without notifying me
Jo – Proposal regarding making this committee a standing committee – who must do it?
Dean – SC needs to make proposal by rules; sent email to 4 DC greens re fundraising event; not much response, needs to call. Do we suggest initial dates or does Nader?
Ben – We should suggest dates
Jack – Proposal to rent list; no dupes w/our list; rent as much as we can afford
Annie – Talked to Theresa a while back and left msg to call Ben; she had a computer virus
Jo – Agrees with Ben re dates
Anita – All SC should be on Fundraising Comm; doesn’t support it being a standing comm – wants it to be under SC
Jack – 3 proposals need to deal with tonight: renting list, making comm standing; his being on CC list
Jo – Thinks we should wait for Robbie before dealing with proposals
Anita – Thinks list not available at all until after audit, even if paying. Ben thinks it is available now if we pay.
Nathalie – Need to move committee status proposal; thinks list not avail until after FEC audit
Ben – Thinks list exchanges are completed; list will be avail by the time we can use it; thinks SC can decide w/o Robbie on the call
Jo – ask Bento clarify with Nader when list will be avail; move Robbie’s proposal to CC to make FC a standing committee
Nathalie – Nobody is voting; 2 new listserves now set up (more on this below)
Anita – Will stand aside on committee status proposal but thinks FC should stay under SC rather than be standing.
Proposal passes by consensus with on standaside – move for CC discussion and vote after current vote are done. Nathalie will be floor manager.
Nathalie – We now have 2 CC lists: discussion and vote. Will populate lists tonight. We need to call CC to get them to vote.
Dean – Can make CC cals, ask Nathalie for list and script.
Nathalie – Need to vote on bylaws as well; please hold this for now

Accreditation Comm

Tom – Proposal to affiliate Missouri Progressive Party ready for CC; wait as with FC proposal?
Nathalie – Yes, vote on this with FC and bylaws when current votes are done.
Jo – Would help if all vote calls were on the same day of the week
Tom – Need to remind CC of ongoing votes
Anita – Ask to Nathalie: please update CC on all votes, including their timeline

International Comm

Report from Annie – Noel Marmere, Green MP from France and Presidential candidate, wants to meet GP, RN and Lori Wallach; will meet with SC member and Julia Willebrand in NYC; many such requests coming in; Euro delegation trip: dates keep changing, now are Nov 26-30 with Dec 1 meeting in Budapest for security panel; Green Group can pay airfare for one and hotel for all; Annie will already be there, Tom can go for SC, Dean interested and can go if Boell Found pays as they suggested; Mexico Federation meeting Nov 9-11; we have proposal for the Federation; issues include new members; Todd, John R, Julia W, Nathalie and Jo are going; Russia Greenpeace/GP person in DC in early Nov


Dean – We need one and should pay after numerous attempts to get a volunteer
Nathalie – She may know good volunteer in Houston
Anita – put out a call for volunteers w/deadline
Ben – call for volunteers problematic, may not get anyone good, or quality person may not be timely
Dean – we need one in 6 weeks given current fundraising schedule; SC would examine draft
Ben – Knows someone in Madison
Jack – Would like to have input with Dean
Jack, Dean and Ben will move on this

Nader books
Jo – Nader gave signed books at GPCA Nader event – made $100 per book
Nathalie – supports using signed books; should try to get others signed books as well
Jack – agrees; best if they are at fundraisers; Ben please look into w/Nader
Tom – RN gave GPCT autographed books; it works
Anita – get books from as many good authors as possible
Jo – Signed books are good
Nathalie – Should work with Shadow Cabinet comm on this

SC item (internal titles) – tabled till next call

Jack on SC list
Jo – Jack included inconsistently
Nathalie – Creating SC alias
Anita – staff doesn’t need to be on all SC correspondence

Ohio proposal –
Jo – Received direct proposal from Bob Gragson, GPOH Comm Chair; send to SC

NJ ethics complaint – Received vague complaint of GPNJ ethical complaint
Dean – If applicable to affiliation, then send to Accreditation Comm; otherwise not national parties business; ask for more specifics
Anita – agree

VA votes
Nathalie – VA wants to split one of their votes among 2 people because they can’t decide who the second delegate is. Told them they need to resolve internally.