October 16, 2003

SC Minutes — October 16, 2003

Jo Chamberlin, Jake Schneider, Alan Kobrin, Dean Myerson, Ben Manski, Marnie Glickman, Anita Rios (briefly), Greg Gerritt
Joined for discussion of platform process by Holly Hart and Budd Dickinson, co chairs Platcom

Call Functions:
Facilitators Jo and Jake
Time Keeper Marnie
Note taker Greg

Abbreviations used:
AC = Accreditation Committee
BRPP = Bylaws, Rules, Policies and Procedures Committee
BC = Black Caucus
CC = Coordinating Committee
CCC = Coordinated Campaign Committee
CG SC = Campus Greens Steering Committee
DC = Diversity Committee
FC = Fundraising Committee
FEC = Federal Election Commission
GP = Green Party
GW = George Washington University
IC = International Committee
ICA = Institute for Cultural Affairs
LC = Lavender Caucus
LG = Lavender Greens
PEC = Presidential Exploratory Committee
SC = Steering Committee
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Published Agenda
Intros, Minutes, Meeting Process, etc. (7 minutes)

The Platform Process update from Platcom co chairs 10 Min
Holly Hart and Budd Dickinson to join us for this item


Financial Disbursement 15 Min
CCC Political Director search 10 minutes
Cafe Verde merchandising program 5 minutes
Executive Session Policy 15 minutes
Concerns about ES practices 10 minutes
Website oversight committee 10 minutes
Peace Endorsement Form 5 minutes
Convention Contract 5 minutes

Voting Queue 5 minutes each Dispute Resolution Committee BRPP
BRPP Rules
Budget Vote
Convention accreditation
Strategic planning


End call with Executive Session

Check in, Agenda Review
Added discussion of the process for Hiring OD to Old Business 5 minutes
Added Election of replacements to CCC to New Business 5 minutes
Discussion of offer of interns added to New Business 5 minutes
Platform Process
Joined for discussion of platform process by Holly Hart and Budd Dickinson, co chairs Platcom
Holly lead off with discussion noting that details will be sent to the CC soon, and asking that the SC provide back up to really let delegates know that there is a process, it does have timelines, and that they should be followed. Reiterated that the entry to the process is by State Parties, and that much has already been sent to the platcom for inclusion. Reiterated that the final deadline for producing the platform document is late March, so all materials must be received well before that so the platform committee can actually produce the document and that it can then go out to the state parties for review so that delegates are prepared to vote at the convention. Details will be in posts from Platcom. Final deadline for submitting new planks is DEC 31.

It is hoped that there will be limited discussion of the platform at the convention, with discussion focusing on issues that there is no general consensus on, so it is the responsibilities of the state parties to keep on top of things they are interested in or disagree with ahead of time.

Budd noted that the committee will produce a comparison draft so people can compare the original and the changes. This will be on the web.

Marnie agreed to be the SC person helping the Platcom disseminate their info to the CC.

Financial disbursements:
Discussion lead by Jake Schneider, Treasurer
Black Caucus has asked for $700.00 for web hosting and production. The SC had questions as to why the Black Caucus does not wish to use the GPUS web hosting service. BC seems to have concerns. Greg and Ben will follow up with BC leadership and our own web folks to see what the problems are and if there are less expensive ways to rectify.

Lavender Caucus request for $400 for conference attendance. Negotiated an agreement with LC to send only one person to the conference and SC then approved $200.

Health Insurance for staff. Approved to pay.

CCC candidate disbursements
Requests of $2000 to Matt Ahearn (NJ) $500 to Matt Gonzalez (CA) and $200 to Britta ? in WA. All approved.

CCC also asked that since it is behind on hiring a staffer that its allocation of $3000 for staff be allowed to be used for disbursements to Green candidates campaign’s. Approved.

International committee request of $4000 for travel to various meetings. Approved $2000.
CCC Political Director Search
SC has seen call and job description. Approved going forward. There are concerns about how the contract will be written. Ben noted “The issue is that unless we specify otherwise, we are an “at will” employer, but that at some future date, our personnel policy should specify that we are a “just cause” employer”.

Cafe Verde Merchandising proposal
There are still issues being worked out on how this relates to Federal Election Commission regulations. Once these concerns are cleared up the SC will be asked to approve on line.

Executive Session Policy
A draft has been circulated, but members wanted to review it again, and asked for it to be recirculated, with on line approval a possibility. Agreed that once SC policies are approved, that the package of policies would be sent to the CC for approval. There are several components of these policies that are in the developmental stage.

Web oversight subcommittee
With one modification to proposal, deleting two words, the creation of the subcommittee was approved. A four member team will be set up focusing on website content that will promulgate guidelines for routine postings and make decisions on controversial ones. Greg, Ben, and Nancy Allen of the Media committee will serve and the Fundraising Committee will decide who should represent it on the team.

Agreed to finish up a peace endorsement form that was approved 6 months ago but somehow got back burnered.

Convention Hotel Contract
Approved. Treasurer will sign it. Here we come Milwaukee.

Process for hiring Operations Director All SC members shall read resumes, and jointly decide who to interview. Interviews within the week. Will convene next Thursday to review interviews and make a decision as to who to hire. Decisions about who to interview will be made in Executive session. Ben is scheduling interviews.

Voting Queue
Budget was approved
Convention accreditation is in the discussion phase
Agreed to add on Monday, a proposal to create a Dispute Resolution Committee (proposal from BRPP, Greg will floor manage) and the Strategic Planning proposal (Jo will floor manage)
Agreed to add BRPP rules to the queue but to hold off until other proposals have moved further into the process rather than add 3 proposals all at once.


CCC Selection
There have been two resignations from CCC. The SC is empowered to appoint members, but prefers to hold an election. Greg and Ben will develop a process proposal and check with the voting page as to whether or not it can handle such an election.

A college that has a DC spring semester program has asked if we want an intern(s). Anne Goeke is empowered to follow up.

10:34 went into Executive Session to discuss who to interview for Operations Director position and to further discuss Finance Director status
Call ended at 11.
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