October 17, 2005

GPUS-SC Conference Call
17 October 2005
8:00 p.m. EDT

Gwen Wages, Holly Hart, Jake Schneider, Brent McMillan, Jody Haug, Emily Citkowski, Steve Kramer, Marc Sanson, Rebecca Rotzler (before Jake’s proposal, off soon after)

Facilitator: Gwen, 1st hour; Jody, 2nd hour
Notes: Holly
Time: Jake

Abbreviations used:
AC = Accreditation Committee
ANM, ANMC = Annual National Meeting Committee
BAWG = Ballot Access Working Group
BRPP = Bylaws, Rules, Policies and Procedures Committee
BC = Black Caucus
CC = Coordinating Committee
CCC = Coordinated Campaign Committee
CG SC = Campus Greens Steering Committee
ComCom = Communications Committee
DC = Diversity Committee
DIA = Democracy in Action internet service
DRC = Dispute Resolution Committee
FC = Fundraising Committee
FEC = Federal Election Commission
GP = Green Party
IC = International Committee
LC = Lavender Caucus
NPWG = Nominating Process Working Group
NWC = National Women’s Caucus
PEC = Presidential Exploratory Committee
PCSC = Presidential Campaign Support Committee
SC = Steering Committee
SPWG = Strategic Plan Working Group
[Brackets denote editor’s suggested corrections. Some punctuation corrections done with no content change. -ed.]

a. Green Party card: Jody and Emily are working to promote the Green card at the grassroots level, with an incentive plan to make it easier for people to market the card at local events, tabling. Will outline to FunCom on Monday, introduce at beginning of the next year.

b. Web outreach and development: Richard Scott has been working on developing the DIA tools. Marc, Becky Weber, Richard and Emily met to talk about working more with committees and ideas for furthering outreach tools on DIA a couple weeks ago. Richard has more ideas; he is working on GreenLine. Becky Weber will continue as proof reader bur would like to step down from editing GreenLine. Richard is working on building an outreach committee, get a call organized late this week or early next week; focus around internet tools, helping committees use DIA tools.

c. The Progressive ads, web banner: delayed, but made it. We know how many hits we’ve gotten from the website. Traffic has increased quite a bit over the last couple of months, partly because of the petition, the e-mail alert and banner ad. Will print add in current Progressive issue: “Bring the Troops Home” (will appear in next Green Pages issues), which talks about our anti-war message.

d. IT planning group: Brent, Jeff Turner and Emily discussed, typed up some notes, will talk again. Steve also wrote up an idea for IT proposal, on same page as what was discussed.

e. Concerns from two donors who said they contributed to nat’l marked for shared funding – is there a way to track that? Yes. This is manually entered into the database. Sustainer payments automatically get updated as state sharing. State sharing checks are written quarterly. It may be too soon for these donors to have seen any income.

a. A lot of recent activity. On Friday, Elaine Brown was disqualified for candidate for mayor of Brunswick, GA. BoE claimed she hadn’t proved residency for a year prior to election. This is being contested. Ballots are already printed up; even though she is disqualified, she is on the ballot. GP (Brent, Media Committee, CCC) are waiting for campaign itself to set a direction. In NY, Gloria Mattera is getting close to meeting matching funds requirement; has until October 24 to raise $50,000 from residents of NYC of at least $10 or more up to $250. Currently featured on GP website.

In preparation for elections day, built schedule for elections calendar; in a table on the GP website, as backup to elections database.

Addition to officeholders: Michael Castranova appointed to school board in Pittsfield, MA, when another stepped down. The GP now officially has 225 officeholders.

b. i. CCC: open positions (filled two male positions with Brent White and Steps [Sean Bagley]; still need women for 3 open seats). CCC co-chairs Jen Walling and Rob Tufts would like SC to send official notification to Brent White, Sean Bagley and David Silva and cc’ Jen and Rob. Working on getting female members; there is one candidate from DC.

Male CCC Candidates: Brent White, WA Sean Bagley, IN David Silva, Lavender Caucus

Marc – PROPOSAL: certify the results of online vote that Steps and Brent White were appointed by SC to CCC. Follow-up, send letter to each, notify Steps and Brent letter of congratulations; to David, thanks. CCC may have David as an observer.
Brent – should come from Steve, since that’s his portfolio.

Steve – note for minutes that he voted, but wavered between Steps and David; had given nod to David Silva, but will stand aside.

AGREED – SC consensus on CCC appointment on tonight’s call.

b. ii. Ballot access: Phil Huckelberry has made himself available for co- chair of BAC, is serving as contact for that committee

c. Lease Options – JAKE, EMILY
Jake signed lease and sent in; Emily to call tomorrow to ask getting signed lease back to Jake.

1 – Tulsa invoice – person entering the bill discovered they were entering sales tax; correcting the error reduced our payment. Ready to pay, Jake will pay the bill.

2 – Emily, Jake and FinCom are working on setting up some more accounts. 2 more at SunTrust, will close out account at Sovereign Bank; one for online contributions, other to replace savings/reserve account at Sovereign. Three accounts – checking/debit acc’t, online contribution/ savings.

Gwen: what is the reason to move funds?
Jake: convenience, makes more sense to have in one bank; want separate account for online contributions; will be in DC for two more years [at least]

3- Marc: reminder, weekly treasurers’ reports; when writing checks greater than $2000, need electronic signature from Marc.

FUN COM – Brent
Currently working on 2006 fundraising plan; Jeff Turner and Brent are charged with compiling information, sources from varied sources (GPages, merch, green card, online, direct mail, personal, new column for planned giving); man from PA is making GPUS part of his estate planning, Brent is thinking of producing a brochure FAQ on this topic, asking person to help with this. Hope to have first draft ready for FunCom on Friday, next call on Monday, meeting with Emily tomorrow. Will be more detailed than seen in the past, with a series of Tiers. Try to work in more coordinated way between Fundraising and Finance, more detailed about when Tiers are released and why. (Automatic, based on overall performance)

FIN COM – Marc
Still working on budget process, will post on webpage for committees to make their requests. Draft of basic operating budget on next meeting on Monday. Behind in process, but should be able to get something done by December before the NC for approval.

Emily: Johannes, office ass’t; plan is for him to work here through end of year ($500/mo), then position will be incorporated into next year’s budget.

EXECUTIVE SESSION 8:47 p.m. ET – 1 1/2 minutes.

Update on hiring contractor to set up database. (Brent and Steve)
Brent – Elections database is back up and running. Brent has the back-up; wbmgr has created a table. If database goes down, we will have a place to post news on election night.

Brent will work with Steve and Rob Tufts on description of work and put in CCC budget for next year, get new interface and host our own site; will discuss with Rob about what type of info we’d like to have. Would like more categories than we currently have capability to post (how many women, how many persons of color, etc). Consider this a line item in 2006 budget.

Jody – suggested projected figure?
Brent – CodeWeavers said $5000 worth of work. Brent suggests budget item of $5000.

Steve – did some independent work and got some information back today; spoke with people in IT field, asked to take a look and give estimate and whether they’d be interested in doing this. First contact was interested, has done high level work for US gov’t databases. Understands GP will not be able to pay the usual rates. Have been drawing up a statement of work that would incorporate user interface as it is right now, will talk with Brent and Rob. Usually $60/hour, but don’t think he would be asking that here.

Gwen – 3 issues: 1) Brent needs immediate problem (elections database) addressed; 2) we have a bigger issue of the need to control servers, data and info, proposed as line item for budget; 3) Communications Committee, others are not communicating. We need to get all these players together so we get some work on this. Code Weavers is a volunteer group; before getting into confidential or proprietary situation, should have some standards and agreement before this goes further.

Brent – Last year, Juscha Robinson, Brent and Mike Feinstein made up list of “next generation” for database, would like to bring that forward.

Jake – PROPOSAL – SC will facilitate call with Communication, IT, etc, people to work on this issue?

Steve – CodeWeavers from Libertarian mold of original pioneers of the internet, don’t want “supervisor.”
Jody – Brent, Steve, etc, outline what we need, then contact CodeWeavers and ask how or if they see themselves fitting into this

**Steve, Marc, Brent, Emily and Holly will be on call. Brent – come up with separate proposal for database server.

V. SC Election – 5 min
Currently, Budd Dickinson has accepted nomination as a place-holder, if needed. CA proposal (see voting queue, below) will affect election, if it passes.

Marc – Budd’s name is to be in 2-week discussion period right now. Not posted anywhere.
Jake – Budd, NOTA and write-in?
Holly – yes, voting page is set up to do this. Marc will check through last online election.

If CA proposal fails on October 23, this vacancy election takes place on October 24. Holly will contact voting page people top be ready to act one way or the other.

Marc will put on voting queue, Holly will send out announcement, reminder that this started on the 10th, corrected problem to fit not being on the voting queue, will be discussed ’til the 23rd, voted on starting the 24rth. Steve will manage election.
Gwen – send announcement that nominations are closed; people can write in, and vote NOTA.

a. Invitation for Third Party Conference in October, New Hampshire.
Emily – Pat LaMarche attended on Friday last weekend; was going to be on C- SPAN. News article, good quotes.

b. IDEALIST Conference in Nashville, TN
Marc has expressed interest in this
Brent had posted this, Marc had responded to say it was a good idea.
3/3-5 Nashville, TN, largest ongoing for 21 years; would be conference sponsor. Good program, 3500-4000 college students and newly graduated professionals. Early bird special registration Jan 13; NEXT AGENDA


**#175 DC/WI – Creation of a Delegate Apportionment Committee
#176 FunCom – Donor Bill of Rights; 10/3/05
#177 FunCom – GPUS Fundraising Committee Rules, Policies and Procedures; 10/10/05
#178 TX/NC – Endorsement of Millions More March; 10/3/05
**#182 – SC: Establishment of Ad-hoc Co-chair Election Review Working Group; 10/16/05

#184 FLA – Procedural Motion on Florida Proposal; 10/10/05

1) #180 – DCSG, WIGP: Proposed Bylaws Amendment to Clarify Affiliation Agreement
Discussion ’til 10/16/05
Voting period: 10/17/05 – 10/23/05
Schneider// 2/3

2) #181 – AZ: Proposal for National Delegates on National Committees
Discussion ’til 10/16/05
Voting period: 10/17/05 – 10/23/05
Schneider// 2/3

3) #184 – AC: Approval of Accreditation Committee R, P & P’s
Discussion ’til 10/16/05
Voting period: 10/17/05 – 10/23/05
Kramer// 1/2

4) #187 – ILL, RI – National Committee Support of Steering Committee
Voting period: 10/17/05 – 10/23/05
Kramer// 1/2

1) #185 – NY: Creation of Steering Commitee Working Group
Discussion ’til 10/23/05
Voting period: 10/24/05 – 10/30/05
Wages// 1/2

Presenter is no longer on NC, plus proposal from SC has already passed; clarify with NY if they want it there; Secretary will write NY and ask

2) #186 – UT, IN, IA, MO, ILL, ME – Proposed Listserv Protocol for Delegates
Discussion and Votes Lists
Discussion ’til 10/30/05
Voting period: 10/31/05 – 11/6/05
Haug// 2/3

3) Received, 10/15/05 – #188 – CA: Proposal to cancel the co-chair election until the Green National Committee first makes a decision on the Tom Sevigny and Kristen Olson joint proposal – going/went up this/last weekend
Discussion 10/16/05 – 10/19/05
Voting period: 10/20/05 – 10/23/05
Schneider// 2/3

Question on whether/how to call for new nomination if election continues.
Marc: It could be set up to allow for new nominations. In fact, nominations could just be left open until a new proposal passes or the two months is up.

1) received, 8/10/05 – MI: statement of independent purpose//SENT BACK WITH REQUEST TO CLARIFY WHAT PROPOSERS WANTED TO HAVE DONE//NO RESPONSE YET

2) Two proposals received from VT, with the request NC delegates use an IRV vote to select one.
i) received 10/3/05 – VT – Proposal for bylaws interpretation that anyone elected in multi-seat elections under any valid counting method is elected

ii) received 10/3/05 – VT Proposal to urge the SC to immediately invite Tom Sevigny and Kristin Olson to serve under terms of their agreement
VT is being asked to submit both separately; also if they wish to co-sponsor the current CA proposal

Policy – once we send something, it’s automatically re-sent once a week?
Suggestion: delivery confirmation; email receipt confirmation.
Suggestions: professional response, we’ve responded and the issue is closed.

AGREED TO SEND BOTH, CONSENSUS (Steve stands aside). Secretary will decide when appropriate.

FLA – Steve will work with FLA to give them the time they need. If they come up with a proposal after CA’s, NC will make decision on what to be done. Gary was willing that SC decide on threshold, wanted it discussed during discussion period. If someone wants to change how proposals are submitted they should submit a proposal for a bylaws change.

1) received, 10/3/05 – WI: Green Party Support for Divestment from Israel ‘Human Rights is the Only Road to Peace’ 3 weeks discussion, 1 week voting Jake// 1/2

#175 – Delegate Apportionment Committee Elections
Secretary will cut and paste from proposal and send announcement asking for nominations by 11/9.
Will contact voting page crew and send list of election items and make sure they can be implemented. —

#182 – Appointments to SC Elections Working Group
To select 3 working group members by Oct. 21. We also need to appoint an SC observer and ask CCC and BRPP to appoint observers.
“The working group shall consist of 3 members appointed by the Steering Committee by October 21, 2005. If a vacancy should occur during the term of this working group, the SC shall be empowered to name replacement members to this working group. In addition, the SC, CCC, and BRPP shall be asked to appoint one member each to observe the work of the group.”

Suggestions include: Jonathon Lundell, Phil Huckelberry, Roger Snyder, Jason Nabewaniec, Gregory Giacobe, Hugh Esco, Lynne Serpe, Stephen Jascourt, Eric Prindle, Susan Dridi, Rachel Treichler

-Should those close to the current sc-election situation be excluded? No, invite them; they are familiar with the system.
-Concern for gender balance.
-How do we vote on people we don’t know? ASk all who are willing to submit bio and explain how they feel they are qualified to serve on this committee. Vote at the end of the week; extend time, if needed.

Secretary will send notices to each with description of duties and timeline, and ask for a bio; send to BRPP and CCC to appoint observer. Steve will observer for the SC.

Nothing new. Gwen continues to work on this.

IX. RESIGNATION PLEDGE – done at F2F meeting in the past.
Gwen – send out on email and everyone can sign it. Jody will write up an explanation; even those who signed in Tulsa should sign again.


Steve – nothing to report, not much traffic.
Marc – added Steve to PCSC list after last call.
Steve – haven’t seen emails recently. Marc will add again and send link.

LEGAL TEAM UPDATE (Holly) – have gotten some responses; all who showed and interested were interested in a team, rather than single legal counsel

POLICY (Gwen) – IC asked about liaison, Gwen will send message out again.

Campus Green organizing meeting; GPages has sent out announcement for their next issue

INTERNAL (Jody) – BRPP starting to stir again; AC continues to function, monthly meetings; CommCom is in the process of re-organizing; AnmCin monthly meetings, beginning to gather bids for 2006 annual meeting.
Maya O’Connor, Jane Hunter, Budd Dickinson are working on personnel manual.
DRC mission – change status of mediation, hasn’t gone anywhere; Gwen is to be working on that.

IT-COM (Steve) – discussed briefly with Emily, forwarded proposal got lukewarm reception from CommCom, still in their hands. Nothing more new.

Had been interest in setting up such a group; still in progress Deirdre Helfferich is on it

Take on portfolios on an interim basis, once we have full SC, work out again from there.

Rebecca: Outreach/Media
Campus Greens – Marc

Personnel – Jody, Steve
It-Com – Steve
AnmCom, BRPP, AC
POLICY – Gwen?
LEGAL – Steve (Holly looking into list of legal advisors)
FIN&FUN – Marc, Jake

Jody: Jody and Steve have worked on this. Can send out to the SC list what they have so far.

Marc – wrote up explanation of voting thresholds.

Jody – question on whether SC doesn’t handle bureaucratic issues on impeachment. Will 3 “untainted” SC members take this on, or will the SC not take it on at all.

Steve – went ahead and posted a message, jumped the gun; Rebecca and Pat hadn’t signed off on it. Acknowledges there problems with it, but feels it’s more or less on right track. Articles of impeachment are not valid, as they don’t have the names of 3 Greens on them, unless Cara Campbell signs them.

Marc – Delegates are asking if proceedings are still going on. Marc posted question to 3 SC on nat’l list, and got no response. Rebecca’s post had made it sound like this wasn’t going to start until Novemebr. Believes this should start immediately if they’re going forward.

Jake – question on whether impeachment is still valid; nothing has been posted on nat’l list by Steve, Rebecca and Pat. Why not?

Gwen – can’t just tell Steve this, we as SC should ask Rebecca, Steve and Pat to respond, then take discussion onto nat’l listserv. As SC should send something out that we would like a timeline for this and response.
Steve – Pat and Rebecca have not been in contact, it’s hard to go ahead.
Marc – Would like to see something put out on nat’l list. If charges are standing and proceedings are standing, that tribunal be named immediately, as well. 5 SC impeached will work on draft to send to 3 SC on nat’l list.
Marc will write up statement.

Steve has been looking for tribunal members. Some have turned him down, wanting no part of it.

Next Call – October 31, 8:00 p.m. ET

Holly Hart
Secretary, GPUS
Minimally edited and HTML formatted by Charlie Green