October 21, 2001

Minutes for steering committee conference call 10/21/01

Members present: Jo Chamberlain( facilitator), Ben Manski, Robbie Franklin, Thomas Sevigny, Nathalie Paravicini, Jack Urich, Anita Rios. comittee co-chairs present: Annie Goeke, Tod Sloan, Steven Schmidt

1- TREASURER’S REPORT ( Robbie 10 mins.)

– Robbie reported that there is $7400 in the GP acct, and 500 in the ASGP acct. This is not counting the questionable contribution made by a donor who we have not been able to get sufficient information on, Mr Hiashi. Robbie will document our concerns
– The mailer was sent to the CT list about one week ago. Thus far we have gotten no responses.
– The second half or the mailing went out on Thur. ( 10/18) or Fri. (10/19)
– We are presently very tight on money, the expenses for the month will be: $3000 Jack, $2500 Dean, $!000 reimbursements-$500 In sustaining donations will be added later in the week.

2- STEERING COMMITTEE (Anita 15mins.)

Anita presented the Maine proposal under which this steering committee was elected. This proposal states that anyone elected to the steering committee can be replaced as a delegate by their state.
However there is no subsequent accommodation for steering committee members, thus replaced, to continue to have input in the CC. It was expressed that it would be advantageous for SC members to be able to address the CC. Anita will present this issue to the bylaws committee for their input.


a. Fundraising
– Jack reported on numerous contacts he has made, but expressed the impression that money is tight. He has sent out the fundraising script, and the sustainer page on the website is up. Jack urged all SC members to become sustainers.
– There is a proposal to make this a standing committee, this proposal will run for 14 days.

b. Accreditations committtee
– No report but there are 2 pending votes one on the admission of Missouri to the GP, and the other on the implementation of the proposal from the transitional committe, that was approved in Santa Barbara. These two proposals will run for 14 days.

c. Communications
– Nathalie reported that there are two pending votes, the proposal on proposals which will be put through yet again, and the proposal on listservers. These two proposals will run for 7 days.

d. International
– Annie G. and Todd Sloan reported that they will be having a meeting with a rep. from the H. Boell foundation and several reps from the German Green Party tomorrow in WDC.
– Annie, Tom Sevigny, and perhaps Dean Myerson, will be making the trip to Europe. Tod reported that the international committee is sending representatives to the meeting of the GP of the Americas on Nov. 9-11, in Mexico City.
– The international committee is completing work on a web page update, and on an agreement with the Japanese Greens for a global greens international day of action on Nov. 11.

e. Coordinated Campaign
– Ben Manski, who chairs this adhoc committee announced a conference call for this Fri. (10/26), at 6pm ( Eastern time). Ben extended an invitation to all, and in particular to the members of the Ohio SC who submitted the resolution to do a national call for candidates. He also expressed the belief that the proposal submitted by Ohio is redundant, in that it overlaps with the goals of the Coordinated Campaign. Anita will forward Ben’s invitation to join the conference call to Ohio. If this does not satisfy the intended goal of the resolution submitted by Ohio, Anita will provide them with assistance in rewriting the proposal.

4- NADER REPORT ( Ben Manski 10 mins.)
– Ben reported that the fundraiser Nader will be doing in Atlanta, does not fit the criteria for the national fundraisers.
– Ben also reported that he has had great difficulty in communicating with Teresa Amatto. She has not returned calls in a timely manner and she has been unavailable for long periods of time.
== > Ben will document his numerous communication problems with Theresa and will address this with her and with Nader if necessary.
– Jason Kafoury and Ben are working on a protocol for interaction between the GP and Democracy Rising. A national fundraiser in MA to coincide with Nader’s visit there in the 2nd or 3rd week of Nov, was discussed.
– There is still the possibility of a national fundraiser in DC, (the FEC decision may come sooner than expected).

5- USGP BROCHURES- ( Dean 5 mins.)
Dean expressed the belief that we would need a minimal number of brochures due to the limited number of forums where these brochures would be needed. He further stated that he is working on text and has gotten an estimate of cost from the layout person in Wisconsin.

After discussion it was determined that it would not be feasible to change the time of the conference calls.

7-FIELD ORGANIZING ( 10 mins.)
Deleware has requested a speaker for Dec. 1, from the sc. Anita volunteered to do this.

submitted by Anita Rios