October 21, 2012

GPUS SC Conference Call Minutes
Sunday, Oct. 21, 2012 – 8:00 p.m. ET

a. Facilitator – David Doonan
b. Start recording of call
c. Roll Call – Susan Chunco, Budd Dickinson, Charles Ostdiek, Jeff Turner, Steve Welzer, Darryl! Moch, Karen Young, AJ Segneri
Absent: Farheen Hakeem

d. Agenda revisions – add item on GSCC.

II. Message from David McCorquodale of the Green Senate Campaign Comm.: They would like to close down the committee financially and give about $900 to the Bradshaw campaign in IL. After discussion the SC supported this, although it is not our decision. It is up to the GSCC. This would not close the committee down entirely, but would relieve David of having to file FEC reports. (Discussion is continuing online and no final decision has been made.)

a. Office Manager – Brian Bittner – report received. Karen had a concern about Brian’s reporting of presidential campaign calls coming to the national office because the campaign does not have a publicly listed #.

b. Fundraiser – David Sacks – report received.

a. Cash report to date – Positive report. We have a little more than $19,000 in the general funds available. There are expected disbursements coming up in the amount of under $8,000. We also are still waiting for the Stein campaign to reimburse us nearly $3,000 from the convention in July.

b. Debt repayment – The finance committee recommends authorizing $5,000 in debt repayment to be split between state sharing and loan repayments. Prior policy directs that the first sharing payments should be directed to states that forgave 2008 sharing. Half will go toward 2009 state sharing and half toward repayment of loan from Greens for ballot access (Proposal 672). There was discussion about the history of the debt and whether we should be asking states to forgive state sharing.

There was consensus to approve the fincom recommendation.

c. 2013 Budget discussion
Budd, Karen and Susan expressed desire to trim the $1200 for facebook ads. There was no opposition to this and a desire to increase candidate support and restore a cut to IC. We will attempt to approve the final budget proposal on 11/4.

Jeff proposed and there was consensus to cut facebook ads to $500, add $500 to candidate support and restore $500 to IC.

In the queue: None

Received for the queue:
Youth Caucus of the GPUS be immediately and fully accredited. See below. Floor Manager: Karen. 2 week discussion, 1 week vote. There was consensus to start it asap, tonight or tomorrow.

Brainstorm about committees: how we might help recruit for and strengthen them. (Karen) There was discussion of the need to recruit members and leaders of several weak committees.

In Karen’s proposal the first date on the timeline is to have the committee selected by 12/15. We will try to finalize it on 11/4 for sending to NC for vote.

VIII. EXECUTIVE SESSION – personnel – Entered executive session at 10:15 pm, adjourned at 10:30. It was decided not to request changes in the proposed budget related to personnel or contractor costs.