October 24, 2010

GPUS SC Conference Call
Sunday, October 24, 2010
8:00 p.m. EDT
332690 #

As agreed on our last conference call (10/17/19), we will have a call this Sunday, October 24th. This call will be reserved for budget, finance and staff-related items only.

GUEST: Karen Young, Co-chair, Fundraising Committee

1) If needed: Any updates from staff, Fundraising, Finance, etc, that may be relevant to this call – 5 – 10 minutes

2) Karen Young, Fundraising Committee Co-chair, will be on the call for a 15-minute presentation an discussion of 2011 fundraising plans. The SC may wish to have her on the call longer, as needed.

3) PROPOSAL – Fundraiser Position Announcement and Job Description – Mike
30 minutes requested

Below is an updated version for our meeting on Sunday, based upon feedback from SC members, staff and Jody Grage and Karen Young.


Personnel: Fundraiser Job Announcement

Fundraiser For Direct Mail, Events, And Personal Solicitations

The Green Party of the United States (GPUS) is now hiring a Fundraiser for Direct Mail, Events, and Personal Solicitations. This is a Full Time position (40 hours per week) and may be performed from anywhere in the country.

Salary: Starting $36,000 per year + benefits

Start Date: January 1, 2011

Qualifications: Qualified applicants should have experience in political fundraising or non-profit fundraising, including phone solicitations, event planning, and direct mail. Applicants should be skilled in databasing and communications.

Application Deadline: December 10, 2011

Resumes should be sent to:

Green Party of the United States

1623 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 400

Washington DC 20009

202-319-7191, 866-41GREEN (toll-free)

If emailing your resume, please include Green Party Fundraiser in the subject line.

Email: office@gp.org

Job Description:


Description of Responsibilities:

1) Continue the development of and conduct direct mail and phone solicitation programs, including direct solicitation of funds from potential donors. Plan and execute four re-solicitation mailings per year.

2) Continue the development of and conduct large donor and planned giving programs, including direct solicitation of funds from potential donors.

3) Manage the sustainer program.

4) Continue the development of and maintain the GPUS fundraising data base.

5) Develop prospect lists and plan and execute at least one prospect mailing per year.

6) Develop a plan to integrate Green National Committee members into party fundraising.

7) Be the point of contact for fundraising and data base vendors

8) Assist state Green Parties and train individual Greens in fundraising by conducting fundraising sessions/trainings at the GPUS Annual National Meeting and/or at other Green Party meetings.

9) Recruit prominent Greens and other party leaders to participate in fundraising efforts.

10) Plan and conduct fundraising events at the GPUS Annual National Meeting and Presidential Nominating Convention.

11) Participate regularly in Fundraising Committee conference calls. Participate as needed in Steering Committee conference calls at the discretion of the Steering Committee.