October 25, 2015

GPUS Steering Committee
Meeting Notes

Sunday, October 25, 2015 – 8:00 p.m. ET

Playback #712-770-4019, access code 271-305

a) Facilitator: Jody Grage
b) Call used alternate number due to technical difficulties.
c) Present on the call: Audrey Clement, Sanda Everette, Jan Martell, Andrea Merida, Charles Ostdiek (part of call; lost contact partway through), Jeff Turner (part of call; boarded plane before voting on proposals), Tamar Yager, Karen Young, Bahram Zandi. Observers: Starlene Rankin, Bruce Hinkforth, Elie Yarden
d) Agenda revisions – Report from Charles: Josh Pritchett was approved by his state party (FL) to join the Finance Committee – needs to be sent to NC for approval. Jeff has called in from the airport and will fit in what he can cover before boarding, so business will start with Treasurer’s Report and Budget.


a) Treasurer’s Report – Jeff – Sent cash balance spreadsheet: about $7-8K in the bank, about $3K left after bills are paid. He had to travel unexpectedly, leaving some reimbursement checks cut but not yet mailed.

c) Budget review – Jeff – Sent latest version of the budget, has most details now complete, it’s a balanced budget with more analytic info, subtotals for each activity, percentage given for different functions. Metrics at the bottom give insight into total cost, color-coded to items in budget. Includes health insurance for staff, divides Brian’s job in two. Jeff supports offering health insurance, wants to be on record as in favor – it’s a decision that needs to be made tonight – Fincom needs this for their Wed. meeting. Balance of discussion centered around health insurance and compensation for staff, including Karen and Tamar’s research supporting eliminating insurance and allowing staff to purchase their own through the exchange, as being cost effective for them and for us. Three proposals were put forward and voted upon – (Jeff had to leave the call before voting began). Proposal: In consideration that other options may provide more benefit at less cost than employer-provided pans, GPUS will drop group health insurance coverage for employees. Voting yes: Audrey, Andrea, Tamar, Karen, Bahram; Voting no: Jan; Abstain: Sanda, Charles. Proposal passes. (Charles lost connection before the votes for the next 2 proposals). Proposal: The Personnel Working Group will immediately review total compensation for employees, including cost of living adjustments, and present a recommendation by the second meeting in November. Passed by consensus. Proposal: The Personnel Working Group will return to the SC a proposal for policy about personnel compensation by the end of the first quarter in 2016. Passed by consensus.

b) Fundraising Report: how the SC and party leaders can help with fundraising – Karen, – Sent out 2016 Fundraising Plan Narrative – key points – carry success of this year into next year – Lea is terrific – 145 new sustainers through August; SC are 100% sustainers. Raise awareness, build our base, make our case, document success stories, stronger messaging strategies. How we can help – SC, NC & state leaders can help raise awareness of sustainer campaign for January, help reach out to major donors, and help with thank-you calls, which are fun.

In the queue:
a) 796: Amendment to GPUS Bylaws, Steering Committee Elections, 6.1 Nominations
b) 797: Amendment: GPUS Rules and Procedures, Article IX National Committee Email Lists
c) 798: Proposal to Amend GPUS RP&Ps, Article IX
d) 799: Approval of Linda Cree as Forum Manager
e) 800: Approval of Charles Sherrouse as Alt Forum Manager

Received for the queue:
a) Amendment to the Mission Statement of the GPUS Platform Committee – no objections, sent to queue, Jan is Floor Manager.


a) Update on delegate apportionment committee formation, elections database – Jan – 6 of 7 proposed committee members have accepted: Audrey and Tamar from the SC, Mike Feinstein Leenie Halbert, Holly Hart, and Frank Young. Mike wants to redesign the database, much needed, but no time to do that before this tabulation. David Doonan is working on a way to export needed data from the old one, which has been mostly updated by CCC and Brian. Tamar volunteered to chair the committee. Jan will get a new email list set up.

b) Credcom election report – Audrey – Re-ran the election using no threshold, since using the standard droop threshold only elects 8 members – results were ridiculous and look completely random. Decision to rerun with proper threshold as it is not necessary to have 15 members, and send to Fair Vote for a second opinion, may be free. Report back next meeting and see where to go from there.


TOTAL TIME:  about 2 hours, plus half an hour to get a clear phone line.