October 31, 2005

GPUS-SC Conference Call
31 October 2005
8:00 p.m. EDT

Brent McMillan, Emily Citkowski, Jody Haug, Jake Schneider, Steve Kramer, Holly Hart, Rebecca Rotzler, Marc Sanson, Gwen Wages; Rebecca had to leave call after ca. 15 minutes.

Facilitator: Jake, first hour; Steve, second hour

Abbreviations used:
AC = Accreditation Committee
ANM, ANMC = Annual National Meeting Committee
BAWG = Ballot Access Working Group
BRPP = Bylaws, Rules, Policies and Procedures Committee
BC = Black Caucus
CC = Coordinating Committee
CCC = Coordinated Campaign Committee
CG SC = Campus Greens Steering Committee
ComCom = Communications Committee
DC = Diversity Committee
DIA = Democracy in Action internet service
DRC = Dispute Resolution Committee
FC = Fundraising Committee
FEC = Federal Election Commission
GP = Green Party
IC = International Committee
LC = Lavender Caucus
NPWG = Nominating Process Working Group
NWC = National Women’s Caucus
PEC = Presidential Exploratory Committee
PCSC = Presidential Campaign Support Committee
SC = Steering Committee
SPWG = Strategic Plan Working Group
[Brackets denote editor’s suggested corrections. Some punctuation corrections done with no content change. -ed.]

a. Web outreach and development: GreenLine went out a couple days ago. People can sign up on website. Richard Scott is still trying to pull together an Outreach meeting, stay turned for details.

b. MerchCom agreed to advertising magnets in December issue of The Progressive under Marketplace.

c. Update on IT planning group: Emily, Steve. Emily talked briefly with Jeff Turner (HI), who is trying to get in contact with Jane Hunter (NJ). Jane has worked with a number of people involved, including CodeWeavers, on how to approve the planning. Jeff will send email, happy about conversation.

Emily will keep Steve Kramer posted. The plan is to form a working group, in line with what Steve proposed a couple months ago.

a. CCC
Elaine Brown candidacy for mayor of Brunswick, GA: Judge ruled against Elaine Brown after deadline for write-in filings, so she is bumped from the ballot.
Brent and Scott McLarty (Media Committee) will try to make hay out of this.

Projection of opportunities for November 8th will be in this week’s GreensWeek, about to come out.
Also looking to where opportunities are in 2006, compiling list of Greens running for Congress and state level offices. Will become part of our media message and start being included in GreensWeek.

Zimmerman Campaign in MN: Brent thinks something may “happen” a few days before the election. No charges have been filed, appears to be a dirty tricks operation.

b. Logan Martinez’ Proposal: “National Priorities” – CCC does not feel this is a workable proposal: one size does not fit all. Good strategy differs from state to state.

Holly – PROPOSE – SC respond with what Brent has explained.
Marc, Steve, Jake – don’t feel SC needs to put out formal response, individuals can respond.
Jody- urge Steve to refer to variety, not one-size-fits-all, refer to CCC and current work.

Brent – thinks we have great opportunity for Congressional level in 2006, some good candidates showing up for next year.

a. Closing and opening accounts. Emily – still in progress.
Jake -Probably will happen at the end of the year, will discuss with accountant Doug Malkan.

b. Jake signed a lease on nat’l office space and sent it in. Jake needs signed lease from landlord, Emily will follow up tomorrow.

c. $ looking “skinny.” About $6000 worth of state sharing to pay out starting tomorrow.

FUN COM – Brent
Hit a bit of a valley, but saw it coming. There are a lot of things happening at the same time involving campaigns, media, database; did the best he could to address it. Should see pick-up during the rest of the year. 5000 piece prospect mailing to Wi-MN will be arriving in mailboxes today. 3rd for the year re-solicitation, mail drop is tomorrow. The Merchandise insert, took time to pull together, biggest direct mail piece for the year, over 13,000.

75 returns last month, 82 this month; should go up in November, and shoot up more in December; we have done the vestment.

$12,600 in outstanding pledges. Started major drive this week; targeting folks who have not contributed in the last 6 mos. but have in aggregate contributed $1000 or more to the GP. Has taken more time than he’d wanted to, but investment is paying off. Morgen D’Arc’s work is showing more gains.

Gwen – have you scheduled vacation before Nervous Breakdown Event?
Brent -Has been taken into account, will spend a few days off around Thanksgiving.

FIN COM – Marc
a. By next call, draft for 2006 budget for SC to look at.
Jake – by next call, will need final draft for 2006 budget.
Brent – hope to have fundraising plan to SC by end of the week. Finance will be trying to finalize a 2006 budget on next call.

b. Green Affinity Card. Discussion:
Jody – discussed before, credit cards are “un-green,” but maybe should run by NC. Proposal?
Emily – would constitute a corporate donation, and therefore a big change in our bylaws. Brent agrees.
Marc – worth exploring; it’s part of a service agreement of setting up the card, so legally and technically it’s service, not corporate donation.
Brent – still dangerously close to agreement. Example of Microsoft – they have offered matching donations which we’ve rejected.

Jake will take it up for discussion on Fundraising and Finance Committees.

IV. Personnel – Draft Contract – Marc
Marc covered everything we might need to cover, may be things we don’t need.
Jody has sent feedback. Need more.

Jane Hunter is interested in getting involved in this project. Brent spoke with Rob Tufts (co-chair, CCC/MD); he will call Susan Dridi (VA, CodeWeavers) to get a more comprehensive understanding. Eventually want to bring all parties together and come to some kind of Memorandum of Understanding. Hope to have conference call among various parties soon.

Making line item in 2006 budget, where should it fall?
Brent – if from the CCC, recommends Tier II, but is not advising this be part of the CCC budget.

a. IDEALIST Conference in Nashville, TN – – Brent had posted this, Marc had responded to say it was a good idea. 3/3-5 Nashville, TN, largest such ongoing for 21 years. GPUS would be conference sponsor. Good program, 3500-4000 college students and newly graduated professionals. Early bird special registration Jan 13. $700 ($500 if before 1/13 – gets mention in program – not recommended); Supporter: $1300/$1000 – exhibitor table at fair, 1 complementary registration, 1/2 page ad in program and more – favors that. Leadership: $1500-$1200, all and more, for $200 more maybe worth doing.

Emily – looks like a very good job fair, but for $1200, what are we getting out of this?
Brent – promote Campus Greens; intern opportunities at nat’l office and campaigns.
Emily – doesn’t have a sense of what happens, if college seniors looking to interview for progressive organizations for full- time job. A lot of money to promote our internships.

Brent – note item #2 – interact with hundreds of campus admins and faculty, including career service, multi-cultural life; sponsors of Campus Green chapters. Help establish a presence.

Marc – job fair is only a small part of it; networking, workshops, get communities and universities working together, service-oriented issues, school governments, etc. If we’re going to get a group of 1500 college students together, can’t imagine a better group. We have spent similar amount for direct mailing; thinks this is a good event.

Steve – agrees with Emily, doesn’t see return on investment. Maybe consider lowest level, just to have a contact.

Emily – not necessarily opposed to idea; but there are a lot of things like this that happen all over the country, not convinced that spending $1200 on one is better than $500 on three.

Brent – notice that a lot of people who purchase Green Party cards are younger, finding political identity. After late 20’s, not much change; recruiting.

Jake – PROPOSE – leave on agenda, have until January 13 to make decision; divided opinion on SC, need more discussion and study.

#183 – NC approval of AC P&P’s; 10/24/05
#187 – NC Support of SC; 10/24/05
#188 – Co-chair Election Cancellation; 1/24/05

#189 – SC co-chair Vacancy; 10/24/05

#185 – NY: Creation of Steering Committee Working Group
Discussion ’til 10/23/05
Voting period: 10/24/05 – 10/30/05
Wages// 1/2

Gwen – only noticed a request to extend voting period at the final day.
Marc – if clear within 7 days, proposal fails to meet quorum by 3 or fewer votes, SC may extend voting; proposers may request extension along with explanation for request from the SC. If they want to make an official request, they can send it to SC or Secretary with something in subject line, not in one response out of many.

AGREED. Gwen abstains

#186 – UT, IN, IA, MO, ILL, ME – Proposed Listserv Protocol for Delegates Discussion and Votes Lists
Voting period: 11/013/05 – 11/6/05
Haug// 2/3

#190 – WI: Green Party Support for Divestment from Israel ‘Human Rights is the Only Road to Peace’
Discussion ’til 11/13/05
Voting period: 11/14/05 – 11/20/05
Jake// 1/2

#180, received 10/25/05 – WIGP: Proposed Bylaws Amendment to Clarify Affiliation Agreement
Discussion, 2 weeks (minimum period is 14 days)
Voting period, 1 week
Floor Manager: Jody Haug
Threshold: 2/3

#175 – Delegate Apportionment Committee Elections
– Have received two tentative responses from potential committee members.
– Have contacted voting page crew and send list of election items and make sure they can be implemented. SEE FORTHCOMING INFORMATION – no, they can’t really do this but can manage something similar?

Holly – Voting Page can’t accommodate this; team was critical of this specificity in proposal, especially since people don’t entirely know what they’re writing about.

Marc – put method of electing people in proposal that we can’t do. Send message to original presenters and NC that we cannot implement this, and they need to submit another proposal on how this is to be conducted.
Holly – add that proposers work with voting page people.

Steve – Meek’s method is complicated enough that it cannot be done without a computer. If it is actually set in the proposal that we are using Meek’s method, we need to use it, which means we have to write a computer program to do it. Suggestion that we go ahead and contact people, perhaps CodeWeavers, and ask to implement it.
Jody – will contact Brent White (WA) and have him contact Charlie Green (C0, voting page) and Susan Dridi (CodeWeavers)

STEVE, facilitates
#182 – Appointments to SC Elections Working Group
Have received positive responses from Jonathon Lundell, Phil Huckelberry, Eric Prindle and Lynne Serpe. Roger Snyder expresses interest in being BRPP observer. Steve Kramer will be SC observer. Not heard back yet from CCC.

To select 3 working group members by Oct. 21. We also need to appoint an SC observer and ask CCC and BRPP to appoint observers.
“The working group shall consist of 3 members appointed by the Steering Committee by October 21, 2005. If a vacancy should occur during the term of this working group, the SC shall be empowered to name replacement members to this working group. In addition, the SC, CCC, and BRPP shall be asked to appoint one member each to observe the work of the group.”

Holly – since just 4 responded with interest, suggest we include all, add one as observer.
Jody – include one as alternate.

Gwen – should not do too much amending, just appoint three and make others direct observers.

Marc – suggest Phil as observer, because he is so busy with other things.

Marc – we do have authority to appoint replacement members, ask to take on as advisor, that committee consider them advisor.
Gwen – ok.
Marc – request committee take Phil on as advisor. AGREED

Brent – CCC is already doing a lot of work, not really interested in this.
Jody – state we will welcome a CCC observer when one is forthcoming. AGREED

IX. Explanation of Rules/Threshold
Marc sent a couple weeks ago and discussion -start for policy; thinks we need to do that. Need a document. WILL RE-POST, ADD TO NEXT CALL’S AGENDA.

X. Steve’s Suggestion: role of protocol. Steve is working in DC and close to matters where visiting VIPs would happen to go and just put in appearance for sake of protocol. (Bombing in London, British Embassy; Rosa Parks lying in state). Suggests it would be good for someone from GP show up and “pay respects.” Would be willing to do this, since he lives in the area. Hesitant, because putting self out as someone speaking for GP, but this is purely protocol, not policy or endorsement matters

Brent – in some ways staff has been fulfilling this function (Emily attended Rosa Parks funeral today). Entertaining foreign visitors falls to Brent and Emily working with State Dept; IC used to have reps show up.

Gwen – good idea. PROPOSE – have representative at these major events who is in the area, whether Steve, other members of SC or someone from office or appropriate committee. AGREED

X. Platcom – SC ruling on committee votes by individual
Jody – vote by state works well
Marc – can consider the change, but not at request of an individual, at request of committee; Gwen, agreed.
Marc will send info to Gwen who will draft response.


ELECTORAL (Steve) – letters to applicants for CCC membership now sent. Brent White and Steps have already begun their work with the CCC. Will respond to Marc’s invitation to subscribe to PCSC email list.
Marc will send a new invitation.

LEGAL TEAM UPDATE (Holly) – have gotten some responses; all who showed interest were interested in a team, rather than single legal counsel; willing to be available for some time, willing to do some work pro bono.

Marc – would be good to move forward to establish and codify defining position of legal counsel and legal team.

Steve – PROPOSE – an SC member to serve as liaison and assist in codifying relationship between GP and legal team. Steve will volunteer to take names and contact them. AGREED

POLICY (Gwen) – IC asked about liaison, Gwen will send message out again. IC has been very busy.

OUTREACH – no report
Campus Green organizing meeting; GPages

BRPP – some attempt to make a list of things committee should be doing
AC is moving along; Montana close to affiliating
CommCom trying to figure out what’s going on there
AnmCom busy working to get next Annual Nat’l Meeting
Progress toward getting personnel manual done.
Gwen – proposal has come from WA for next annual meeting.
Jody – it might rain but won’t be 105 degrees.

DRC mission – change status of mediation; Gwen is working on that.

Deirdre Helfferich (AK) is on it, collecting info on what states are doing, why register Green, Green businesses

Proposal Document – wrong format is on webpage; 2001 was updated about 6 mos. later, in voting page. Marc just posted 2001 proposal; Holly will track down updates and make sure correct language is what’s on our webpage.

Take on portfolios on an interim basis, once we have full SC, work out again from there.

Rebecca: Outreach/Media
Campus Greens – Marc

LEGAL – Steve
FIN&FUN – Marc

Jody: need F2F meeting?
Gwen: any feedback from Rebecca and Pat? Jody will contact Rebecca and Pat.
Jake – no funds for F2F right now.

Marc – need to decide portfolios now.

Holly will post the pledge with all SC names to the NC.

Gwen – shared SC position, are we going to start inviting the two?
Jody – we have as much as two months before anything specific happens; not clear on this, more patience is a good idea.
Marc – agree, at least 3 mos. is more likely. We need more direction from NC.
Gwen – jumping into SC especially late in the game, there is a learning curve, maybe it would help them just to hear how things are going; don’t want to scare them away, though. Jake – reality is there is nothing we can do until the NC makes a decision.

XII. Impeachment. No response to request for response on impeachment.

Steve – posted to Rebecca and Pat, needed to address matter. Believes Cara Campbell has expressed she would sign document. Rebecca received original documents, doesn’t know whether Cara Campbell’s name is on them. Questions whether Steve Greenfield’s signature is dated and invalid. Difficulty in dealing with this because he can’t get others on the phone. If no response, may be forced to deal with it himself, but doesn’t with to do that.

Jody – we’re in “carry on mode.” Big deal.
Marc – note that this is entirely unacceptable, that request from 5 SC members have been unanswered for more than a week.

NEXT MEETING: Monday, November 14, 8 p.m ET

Holly Hart
Secretary, GPUS
Minimally edited and HTML formatted by Charlie Green