Customized Branding for States


Introducing new brand identity for the Green Party of the US

The Green Party of the United States is proud to present our new brand and identity!

With a custom version of GPUS Branding, you’ll get the best of both worlds.
A professionally designed visual identity and brand consistent with national and other state parties, for far less than it would cost you to develop your own and a custom visual identity for YOUR state party.

What you get:
A customized Logo, in all the high-quality graphic formats you will need:
The GPUS Four Pillar Logos and G-Square logo

What it will cost:
$150 (more for custom graphic development)

What you need to do:
Decide which level and type of customization you want.
Contact O’Kelly Design directly to have them create your new logo.


Price includes full color, black and white, green and white, white background, and transparent background, in versions suitable for both Web and print use. This does not include fonts, which you need to produce any printed materials that match the logo. The main fonts used are Omnes Black and Omnes Medium, available through Darden Studio:

Download this page as a PDF.