Pacifica Statement

Green Party of Ohio

Evan Davis,

Statement on the Pacifica Foundation

Immediate adoption by the Coordinating Committee of the USGP
Press release and internal communiqué to follow within 1 week

This will require a 2/3 vote in favor by the CC for passage.
– Since this is primarily a statement and press release it can be handled by the usual officer or committee that attends to such functions.

Since the idea is to leave any actions up to the individual chapters which will presumably be contacting the person identified as the source for information, etc. that person can monitor any activities that result and issue any reports back to the Steering Committee as may be appropriate.


The Green Party of the United States understands the importance of a free and independent media and the value of the historic and courageous work of the many dedicated journalists and staff people of Pacifica Radio, the nation’s first and only listener supported national radio network.

We therefore applaud the dedication and skill of Amy Goodman and the staff of Democracy Now! as well as that of the many reporters formerly with Pacifica Network News who have left the network in protest over policies of censorship and who now produce Free Speech Radio News.

We support of the right of journalists to work in an atmosphere free from censorship, and coercion and we support of the rights of all workers to organize and to enjoy a workplace free from violence and harassment.

We therefore denounce the unjust firings of producers and staff of the Pacifica network for alleged violations of an internal policy enjoining those individuals from reporting on the affairs of the network in any way that contradicts the opinions of management. We see this as censorship and therefore an affront to the principles of free speech and a clear violation of Pacifica’s mission and corporate charter.

We call for due process and for Pacifica to settle any outstanding employee grievances and to honor its union contracts.

We stand in solidarity with the striking reporters of the Pacifica network as well as with all unjustly fired and banned Pacifica personnel and with those still in Pacifica’s employ whose working conditions have been allowed to deteriorate beyond the point of tolerability as a result of Pacifica management’s negligence and or malfeasance.

We further call for complete transparency of all Pacifica Foundation’s financial records and for full accountability for the past and present actions of any Pacifica board members or their employees who’s actions have precipitated the present crisis and who may be liable for misappropriation of the foundations funds and for causing or permitting other damage to its assets.

We look forward to the restoration of Pacifica to its founding mission as a forum for a public discourse to promote understanding between individuals and nations, to be an outlet for the creative energies of the community, to broadcast accurate and comprehensive news from varied sources not commonly brought together and to serve the cultural welfare of the community.


A USGP volunteer from Central Ohio (Evan Davis) has volunteered to be listed as a resource for further information and suggestions regarding the Green Party’s role in helping to save the Pacifica Network and will work to enhance communication between Green Party locals and committees who are already active on this issue.