SC Agenda August 25, 2019

Green Party of the United States Steering Committee Meeting Agenda

Date: Sunday August 25, 2019
Time: 8:00 PM EDT

Anyone who wants to be an observer please send e-mail to before 8:00 PM EDT Saturday August 24, 2019.

I. Call Setup & Background [15 minutes]

a. Facilitator: Charles Sherrouse
b. Roll Call
c. Agenda Revision Suggestions

II. Standing Business [45 minutes]

a. Secretary’s Report (David) [5 minutes]
b. Treasurer’s Report (Hillary) [5 minutes]
Treasurer’s reports are located at
* Move a portion of the reserves into a certificate of deposit
* Liaisons are to remind their committees that any funds raised or spent must go through GPUS
c. Approval of Expenditures [5 minutes]

1. GGN Dues 700 (Budget line: 102)
2. FPVA Dues $200 (Budget line: 103)
3. BAC $2000 (Budget line: 58)
For potential part-time ballot access coordinators for SD, WY and perhaps NV

d. Liaison Reports [25 minutes]
Justin: ARC, BMRC & Merch
Margaret: ANMC*, PlatCom
Gloria: CCC*, EcoAction, FundCom*, Media*
Tony: BAC*, Outreach, GPax
Anita: DRC, Diversity, FinCom*, Green Pages

e. Tech Updates (David) [5 minutes]
Voting software update to take place between Sept. 24 – 28. Google account created
GPUS Google Drive transfer of documents ownership pending

III. Voting Queue [5 minutes]

a. In the Queue
1. 969: Amendment to GPUS Rules Procedures Article I, Accreditation
[voting] (Anita)

2. 970: Resolution: Endorse H.R.2407: “Promoting the Human Rights
of Palestinian Children Living Under Israeli Occupation Act”
[discussion] (Justin)

3. 971: Confirmation of Darlene Elias to FPVA [discussion]

4. 972: Confirmation of Ahmed Eltouny to FPVA [discussion]

5. 973: Confirmation of Bahram Zandi to FPVA [discussion]

6. 974: Confirmation of Romi Elnagar as Delegate to GGN
[discussion] (Gloria)

7. 975: Confirmation of John Rensenbrink as Delegate to GGN
[discussion] (Tony)

8. 976: Confirmation of Sanda Everett as Alternate to GGN
[discussion] (Anita)

9. 977: Confirmation of Austin Bashor as Alternate to GGN
[discussion] (Justin)

b. Received for the Queue

IV. Old Business [20 minutes]

a. Hiring Committee (Gloria, Hillary; report) [5 minutes]

b. Formation of a working group on party resources for candidates –
(Justin, Margaret; report) [5 minutes]

c. Fukushima Update: Letter and Webinar (Hillary; report) [5 minutes]
NC Proposal 940: Fukushima-Daiichi: Seven Years Later Proposal and

Open Letters

d. SC Business Cards (Hillary; report) [5 minutes]

V. New Business [20 minutes]
a. Retirement Package for Staff (Hillary; decision) [20 minutes]

Time: 1h 45m

VI. Executive Session
a. Hiring a Communications Manager (decision)

Total Time:

Items for Future Agendas
* Protecting Our Members (Anita)
* ANM Final Report
* Strategic Plan
* SC/Staff Retreat