SC Agenda September 8, 2019

Green Party of the United States Steering Committee Meeting Agenda

Time: 8:00 PM EDT

Anyone who wants to be an observer please send e-mail to before 8:00 PM EDT Saturday September 7, 2019.

I. Call Setup & Background [15 minutes]

a. Facilitator: Sid Smith
b. Roll Call
c. Agenda Revision Suggestions

II. Standing Business [60 minutes]

a. Secretary’s Report (David) [5 minutes]
b. Treasurer’s Report (Hillary) [5 minutes] Treasurer’s reports are located at
c. Approval of Expenditures [5 minutes]

1. FPVA Dues $200 (Budget line: 103)

d. Staff Report (Gloria, Hillary) [5 minutes]
e. Liaison Reports [20 minutes]
* Committees that are known to have met or should have met.
Justin: ARC, BMRC*, Merch*
Margaret: ANMC, GPAX, PlatCom
Gloria: CCC*, FundCom*, Media*
Tony: BAC*, Outreach
Anita: DRC,Diversity*, FinCom*, Green Pages

f. Liaison Assignments (co-chairs; decision) [20 minutes]

III. Voting Queue [10 minutes]

a. In the Queue

1. 970: Resolution: Endorse H.R.2407: “Promoting the Human Rights of Palestinian Children Living Under Israeli Occupation Act”
[voting] (Justin)

2. 971: Confirmation of Darlene Elias to FPVA [voting]

3. 972: Confirmation of Ahmed Eltouny to FPVA [voting]

4. 973: Confirmation of Bahram Zandi to FPVA [voting]

5. 974: Confirmation of Romi Elnagar as Delegate to GGN
[voting] (Gloria)

6. 975: Confirmation of John Rensenbrink as Delegate to GGN
[voting] (Tony)

7. 976: Confirmation of Sanda Everette as Alternate to GGN
[voting] (Anita)

8. 977: Confirmation of Austin Bashor as Alternate to GGN
[voting] (Justin)

9. Election of 2020 PNC Credentials Committee [voting] (David)
b. Received for the Queue

1. Endorsement of HR326: The Victims of Agent
Orange Relief Act [findings] (Kristin)
See text below.

IV. Old Business [20 minutes]

a. Retirement Package for Staff (Hillary; report) [5 minutes]
b. Formation of a working group on party resources for candidates (Justin; report) [5 minutes]
c. Strategic Plan (; discussion) [5 minutes]
d. SC/Staff Retreat (Hillary; discussion) [5 minutes]

V. New Business [0 minutes]

Time: 1h 45m

VI. Executive Session [0 minutes]

Total Time: 1h 45m

Items for Future Agendas
*. Protecting Our Members (Anita)
*. ANM Final Report (Sept. 15)
*. Fukushima Update: Letter and Webinar (Hillary; report) [5 minutes]
NC Proposal 940: Fukushima-Daiichi: Seven Years Later Proposal and
Open Letters


TITLE: Endorsement of H.R.326 The Agent Orange Relief Act of 2019 Sponsors: YC, Latinx Caucus, CA, SC TYPE OF PROPOSAL, EXPECTED APPROVAL THRESHOLD: Yes/No majority approval REQUESTED PROPOSAL DECISION-MAKING TIMELINE: Two Week Discussion one week vote

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: H.R. 326 is a comprehensive bill that seeks to ensure that needed services and care are available to victims of Agent Orange in both the United States of America and Vietnam. The Green Party of the United States platform has always fought for recompense for the victims of war crimes and human rights atrocities and the what the collection of chemicals colloquially referenced as Agent Orange, did to the environment and the generations in the south pacific countries of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Korea, as well as lesser known places were the chemical was stored such as Puerto Rico, can only be described as atrocious war crimes against humanity. While this legislation is currently limiting the scope of the foreign aid to Vietnam, with the right support and effort made it is possible to see the bill revised to include all countries America poison during these wartime periods. It is necessary for the Green Party of the United States to show the public more tangible examples of what our platform looks like in legislative practice and this bill is a near perfect example of that.

PROPOSAL: Passage of this proposals affirms that Green Party of the United States endorses H.R.326: The Victims of Agent Orange Relief Act of 2019 and will publicly support the effort for its passage.

IMPLEMENTATION/TIMELINE/RESOURCES: Upon adoption, a concerted effort should be made by Greens to get this resolution passed and encourage inclusion of it the talking points of Green candidates at the federal level. Additionally direct the National and and State Media committees make announcements and or press releases about this bill highlighting our support and or its connection to our platform. The bill will be tracked for changes by the California Green Party of California’s Campaigns and Candidates Working group of which the author is a member. If the text of the bill is modified in a way that goes against the spirit of this resolution or the Ten Key Values of the Green Party of the United States, the Party reserves the right to pull its support.

Shannel Pittman,

Bill Text”search”%3A%5B”Berta”%5D%7D&r=1&s=1
Website of the Grassroots nonprofit lobbying for success of this issue
American Public Health Association Policy on Agent Orange from 2007
The Vietnam Agent Relief and Responsibility Campaigns Education page as a