SC Strategic Planning Agenda, February 6, 2019

GPUS SC Strategic Planning Agenda
Wednesday 6 February 2019 – 7-10 ET

OBSERVERS: At this time up to 10 observers will be included on the SC calls; that number will be increased if/when demand warrants. Sign up to observe under the heading at SC Rules, Policies, and Procedures state: NC delegates and alternates can observe the call by contacting the SC Secretary at least 24 hours in advance on a first come, first served basis. Delegates and alternates who have never observed on a call will receive priority over those who have. Observers may observe only and may not participate or ask questions during the call unless they have specifically requested to be added to the agenda in advance. A separate call number shall be reserved by the SC as necessary for executive session discussions.

The call recording will be available at 712-451-0309, 926334#, reference 40 and



a) Facilitator: TBD
b) Roll call
c} Begin recording of call
d) Agenda revision suggestions


1. Complete review of committees starting with Credentials Committee
2. Review list of tasks, which will be listed in a Google Doc, prioritize them, and decide who will take on which tasks.
3. Create a timeline.
4. Discuss how this strategy will be carried out as the composition of the Steering Committee changes.

TOTAL TIME: 3 hours
Jody Grage, Secretary