September 10, 2006

GPUS-SC Conference Call
10 September 2006
8:00 p.m. EDT

Echo Steiner, Holly Hart, Katey Culver, Jim Coplen, Jody Grage, Budd Dickinson, Liz Arnone, Brent McMillan, Emily Citkoswki, Steve Kramer. (Steve and Katey fell off the call sometime during the voting queue section.) Rebecca Rotzler is not able to call in tonight.

Facilitator: Budd
Timekeeper: Katey

Abbreviations used:
AC = Accreditation Committee
ANM, ANMC = Annual National Meeting Committee
BAWG = Ballot Access Working Group
BRPP = Bylaws, Rules, Policies and Procedures Committee
BC = Black Caucus
CC = Coordinating Committee
CCC = Coordinated Campaign Committee
CG SC = Campus Greens Steering Committee
ComCom = Communications Committee
DC = Diversity Committee
DIA = Democracy in Action internet service
DRC = Dispute Resolution Committee
FC = Fundraising Committee
FEC = Federal Election Commission
GP = Green Party
IC = International Committee
LC = Lavender Caucus
NPWG = Nominating Process Working Group
NWC = National Women’s Caucus
PEC = Presidential Exploratory Committee
PCSC = Presidential Campaign Support Committee
SC = Steering Committee
SPWG = Strategic Plan Working Group
[Brackets denote editor’s suggested corrections. Some punctuation corrections done with no content change. -ed.]

A. Political Director — BRENT
Planning 2 campaign schools for early in the coming year; postponed a campaign school in North Carolina planned for this fall. Brent is working to clean up the list of Congressional candidates – 62, with 60 running in the fall. There are currently 373 Green candidates, with more expected to come in at the municipal level (DC, CA).

Ballot access: there are secured 31 ballot lines for the fall; we started the year with 17. The BAC will be identifying upcoming opportunities for the next cycle.

Brent is working w/ Scott McLarty on a press release on the GP – Senate Campaign Committee. GP-SCC continues to work on an advisory opinion to submit to the FEC.

Brent got a heads up from Julia Aires concerning the annual Black Congressional Caucus meeting last week. Brent attended a workshop hosted by Representative Cynthia McKinney. She is eager to set up a meeting – stay tuned. WIll she switch parties while still in Congress? ??!!

Brent will start preparing this week for election night, will get results page linked to the GP website.

Camp Democracy: local slate will be doing a press conference during a march to the Capitol.

DC Primary is on Sept. 12th, potential special election may result where there would be a Green candidate capable of winning.

Brent has been working on personal solicitations, phone canvassing, trying to get out a small prospect mailing this month. This will re-use the officeholder letter from Feb. A re-solicitation will probably to go out in October with a merchandise insert, possibly from female officeholders.

Brent expressed concern both about Sept and Oct as far as meeting budget. Nov-Dec will be much easier months. Brent is trying to focus on personal solicitations to help us make our budget.

Fundraising assistants: Possibly going to base-+ commission, or hybrid form of payment.

Liz brought up a request for a contact from a fundraising organization, a proposal to utilize their labor/environmentally friendly products. Is something possible?
This will be referred to the Merchandise Committee.

Emily sent an August report to the SC; the report includes numbers for July and August.

The office is short-staffed in terms of interns. Emily has interviewed a few people, but they are running into schedule or job conflicts. Emily has been spending more time on work the interns would normally be doing. She would like to spend more time on Outreach Committee work – banner ads and other things. Becky Weber has requested some historical reporting on Green Pages subscriptions and bundles sales over the last year. Emily has put into place a new system for financial reporting, and is getting things squared away after the Tucson meeting. She stopped by Camp Democracy during the week: we have some merchandise there; we’re getting donations for buttons and stickers, but can’t sell t-shirts, this may not bring in a lot in terms of merchandise sales.

Summer fundraising appeal ends on September 27 (note the thermometer on the website). Some state parties have posted a link on their own web pages.

For this month, Emily has been working on another candidate letter, hopefully from Malachy McCourt; (Governor, NY) and a gay marriage action alert. GreenLine also goes out this month.

Green Card, two calls were held for people from states who want to incorporate their card into their states’ membership program 0GPWA, GPIL and GPM. Wi and AZ are also interested. Logistics concerning payments and renewals have been worked out. Next call will be after November 8. An ad hoc committee is working on a survey for all states. If a state has a membership program and members think the card may facilitate that administratively. they will create a link to post on state or local website to Green Card ad.

Merchandise is working on sweatshirts for the fall, an insert for the upcoming direct mail, an ad for Green Pages, and setting up a bookstore. Because of great sales in Tucson, either July or August will report as the highest sales month for merchandise in GPUS history.

Jody sent out two reports to the SC today. Income for the month of August was $47000; after expenses, we have $18,000 in the bank accounts. Jody has begun a couple things that will facilitate members’ understanding of the treasury: monthly reports on aspects of the treasury; listing checks; listing earmarked funds – funds in the account, but not in the general fund (state sharing, BAC, committees & caucuses. She asks that the SC look over report and let her know if it tells us what we should know.

Jody will plan to send out a cash flow report each week and reviewed how this would be formatted.

A paper on state sharing should go out next week; the hope is to encourage states to be more enthusiastic and involved with this. The next paper, hopefully out at the end of Sept-early Oct, will be on on budget process. Jody invites ideas. This will also be on the FinCom call agenda.

3) Update on Campus Greens – Brent
No update.

From 9/27/06:
Campus Greens is shutting down as a501(c)3; they decided to set up a Network w/in Green Party along the lines of the Green Officeholders network. They are asking the GPUS for a web page and listserv.
AGREED: Request is granted, SC will take this up further at a later meeting to discuss the possibility of incorporation of Campus Greens as a Network similar to Officeholders Network.

Holly will contact webmaster, Emily and CG contact Dave Wilcox about setting up a list and/or webpage.
Echo oversees the portfolio which includes Campus Greens; she will follow up and report back next meeting.

4) Katrina Action Letter sign-on
This was posted to GPAX, a letter to congress that organizations can sign on to:

Rebecca posted the text of the letter to the SC. SC agreed online to sign on, but the letter no long appeared on the website. Holly wrote to ask how to sign on, but has received no response. Echo will check G-PAX folder to see if GPUS was signed on, or if there is more information.

Brent mentioned other Katrina-related items:
HR4139 – Gulf Coast Hurricane Emergency Environmental Protection Act of 2005/McKinney
S1836 – Senate version
— recommended for an action alert

Upcoming NOVA program

DC Statehood Greens hosted Malik Rahim on Thursday, raised several hundred dollars for his relief work in new Orleans.

5) Forum Managers Update – Holly
Still no progress! Holly will continue beating the bushes for another week. JIm and Echo, former Forum Manager’s, will send an “encouraging” message to the NC list, as well.

6) Jefferson Impeachment – Should the GPUS look into this? – Jim
Jim sent some information to the SC list. If enough individuals sign on and send the petition to their state legislature, the state is supposed to send it on to Congress. While that may be unlikely, the real hope is for publicity. How could the GPUS could get active in this, what direct benefits would there be?

Liz – could encourage state parties to put a link to the petition on their websites to encourage people to sign on. Jim – there ca. 21 states where (non-Green) petition websites already exist
Echo – could use DIA tool for a form that would send info back to state GP’s once a month. Online petitions are one way we can develop contacts in our states.

Liz – could use GP site to promote this. Jim – MN or CA have sites with good information we’d need to set up our own site.

Emily – likes idea, would be willing to work with Jim and others on setting something up. Jim will send Emily information.

Steve – notes ME has a Green legislator who could coordinate at that level. It might be possible to do something similar to WI’s anti-war municipal initiative effort.


245 – FinCom: Donor BIll of Rights added to GPUS Fiscal Policy
Voting period: 9/11/06 – 9/17/06
Floor manager: Liz
Threshold: 1/2

243 – CCC: Proposed resolution to transform CCC election process
Discussion through 9/17/06
Voting period: 9/18/06 – 9/24/06
Floor manager: Jody
Threshold: 2/3

244 – AMENDED, GPCA/GPTX: Formation Of An Independent Investigative Committee Regarding the Affiliated Green Party of Utah
Discussion through 9/17/06
Voting period: 9/18/06 – 9/24/06
Floor Manager: Katey
Threshold: 1/2

242 – AC: Recommendation for Action on the GP-US National Women’s Caucus
Discussion extended 1 week through 9/10/06
Voting period: 9/11/06-9/17/06
Kramer// 1/2
PROPOSAL – Budd asked that the procedural objections be removed from the minutes of the last call, because it has not been done before (or it’s unclear how it should be done?); also this may give the appearance of an SC agenda. Budd withdrew the proposal following discussion

Budd had sent his objection to including the procedural objections to the SC, but got no response from others. He asked to get feedback from SC members tonight. He withdrew the proposal following discussion. Holly invites suggestions if there are any ideas on how to handle recording this information.

Holly – The intention is to record history and for readers’ information, trying to report with the standpoint of the reader in mind. Although unusual, notes of comments, complaints or similar things have been included in past voting queue reports, including some in which it was known the secretary did not agree with the opinions. Understand the concern about appearances, especially in this case where secretary’s opinion on the proposal was well known, but believe it is important to keep a record, information about Green Party decision-making. There may need to be a different/specific way of recording things like this.
Jody – If it’s appropriate to list voices on a subject, then hear all voices, not just some.

Echo -Would err on the side of “sunshine.” Suggested taking down notes of SC members objections.

Liz – When SC is involved, there is a question of transparency, a need to be sensitive to that point.

Jody- Voting queue section was a separate section, a run down of what’s going on with the voting queue. This item is more appropriate for comments in the minutes section. If you’re going to list some things and not others, then you get to deciding who has standing to be listed, etc. Put discussion in the minutes.

Holly – Note that the voting queue section was part of the minutes, but sent separately because of the length. Feels it’s our job to register those opinions that come in.

1) received, 9/3/06; GRP-MA – Local Referenda Resolution for Divestment and Right of Return
2 week discussion, 1 week vote
Floor manager: Echo
Threshold: 1/2

Budd raised a question about the wording involving local referendum, which isn’t very clear.

PROPOSAL – Holly: ask MA to edit to make clear that this is asking state and local GP’s to take up similar referenda where possible, then put on the next voting queue.

Jody feels clarification could be made during the discussion period, less of an impediment to getting in voting queue; Echo agrees, concerned that it will look like we’re impeding because of content, feels if someone wants to put an unclear proposal forward and NC wants to do so, it’s their right. Liz is in favor of Holly’s suggestion, but if most want this to go through as is, suggest the SC should note that the clarification should be made.
Budd – Yes
Jody – No
Liz – Yes
Echo – No
Katey – fell off call
Jim – Yes
Steve – fell off call
Holly – Yes

PASSED. Holly will contact GRP-MA

2) received as of 9/10/06 – SC: SC P&P’s.
2 weeks discussion, 1 week vote
Floor manager: Jody

NWC proposal on gender parity on GPUS-SCC; from 8/25/06

8) Portfolios
Liz raised a question of a bequest, would like some kind of clear idea of what she could propose what could be done. Jody – the treasurer is interested. They will discuss this further.

9) SC P & P’s – 10-15 min
Jody reported these are ready to go except for a section about making SC listserv archives available to NC delegates and alternates. On the last call, it was agreed that Jody would send the document to the SC again; the SC would take this up on the next call, to go to voting queue.

Budd asks if people have read it. He was concerned that there have been a few oversights, and this will reflect on the SC. Members had read it and approved, with one amendment concerning time frame for SC approval of call minutes (per Echo’s suggestion, there will be 72 hours from when the secretary sends minutes to the SC list for members to get back with corrections or any objections; secretary will add a REMINDER of the time frame in the subject line).

AGREED to send to voting queue this week.

NEXT CALL: Sunday, September 24, 2006; 9:00 p.m. EDT
Holly Hart
Secretary, GPUS
Minimally edited and HTML formatted by Charlie Green