September 13, 2015

GPUS Steering Committee
Meeting Agenda

Sunday, September 13, 2015 – 8:00 p.m. ET

a) Facilitator: David Doonan
b)  Start recording of call (ref #142)
c)  Roll Call – present: Audrey Clement, Sanda Everette, Jan Martell, Andrea Merida, Charles Ostdiek, Jeff Turner, Tamar Yager, Karen Young, Bahram Zandi. Observers: Mike Feinstein, Starlene Rankin.
d)  Agenda revisions: Jeff – add budget production schedule to Treasurer’s Report; Proposal to Approve Linda Cree as Forum Manager is awaiting approval from GPMI, and so will be deferred to next meeting; final draft of Iowa Proposal to Amend RP&Ps is not complete and will also be deferred to next meeting.

a) Dispute resolution process for BRPP, DRC revival – The subcommittee has submitted names of possible DRC members to Darryl Moch, who will contact them and report back to the Secretary.
b) Liaison temporary assignments, will be reviewed Jan. 1 – Karen: CCC, Fundraising, Outreach, Web Content. Tamar: ANM, Personnel Group. Andrea: Accreditation, Diversity, Officeholders Group, Media. Audrey: Ballot Access, Presidential Campaign Support. Charles: Finance, International, Bylaws, Dispute Resolution. Bahram: Diversity, Merchandise, Outreach. Sanda: Credentials, EcoAction, Green Pages. Jan will take Platform, though Secretary does not usually do liaison.
c) Insurance – Tamar is working up a new proposal concerning dropping health insurance, so send thoughts and questions on this to her within the next few days.
d) Decision to renew current insurance policy pending change Jan. 1 – Jeff sent attachment with suggestions about salary adjustments in relation to insurance costs, not a decision item. Proposal to continue current health insurance for employees through end of year – passed by consensus.
e) Staff discussion – Tamar needs more feedback about tasks needed done by office staff – who we hire to replace Brian depends on what we want staff to do. Jeff – office manager can be half time hourly and we should have half-time political director, salaried – this can be written up. Committee will weigh half and half vs. full time and report back before next meeting so SC can make decision – Tamar will contact Brian to see what duties he handles beyond office work.

a) Treasurer’s Report
1. Financial report spreadsheet, no questions
2. Fincom recommendation on operating fund reserve – placing $1000 in an operating reserve fund and continuing to add a minimum of an additional $500 to that reserve fund for every month that we are deemed able to do so – not a mandate, a goal to strive for – accepted by consensus.
3. Update on Global Greens dues – IC requests holding off sending check till further thought on the dues issue.
4. Budget production schedule – Jeff: should we have a joint Fincom/Fundcom/SC call on the 27th to launch budget? No, not like last year, when SC went over the budget line by line – this is Fincom’s work, not SC. Jeff will invite SC members to the call, but participation is voluntary.
b) Fundraising Report – Karen – Launch day for Nationbuilder website is Sept. 21 – memo coming tomorrow. Fundraising for August holding the previous 80% of goal though Aug. is usually less. Metrics for 90-day plan available; 1-year plan has been drafted; phone bankers are being trained; recruitment drive through NB, trade of contact info for bumper sticker on Facebook. 30% increase in sustainers.
c) Report: results of the online SC decision to nominate Linda Cree to the NC as Forum Manager (quorum: majority — aye: Ostdiek, Martell, Young, Yager, Clement, Everette / nay: None / abstain: None / did not vote: Mérida, Turner, Zandi — proposal passes)

In the queue:
a) Approval of Latinx Caucus
b) Ranked choice vote: Credentials Committee
Received for the queue:
a) Iowa Proposal to Amend GPUS RP&Ps, Article IX – postponed pending final draft.
b) California Proposal: Amendment: GPUS Rules and Procedures, Article IX National Committee Email Lists – ready to go, no discussion.
c) Approval of Linda Cree as Forum Manager – postponed, pending GPMI approval.
d) Amendment: GPUS Bylaws, Steering Committee Elections, 6.1 Nominations – ready to go, no discussion.

a) Z Magazine has invited the Green Party to be a partner of its online school for activists, World Institute for Social Change (WISC). Partnership would allow the GP to sponsor a course at WISC. We’ve missed the first opportunity (Sept 1) but if we approve this we can get on board for the next course session. – Scott McLarty has a course in mind – approved by consensus.
b) Decision to update Internal Procedures and amend 2012 meeting notes to reflect complete decision-making process – approved by consensus. Jan will forward to Webmaster.


TOTAL TIME:  122 minutes

Jan Martell