September 19, 2005

GPUS-SC Conference Call
19 September 2005
8:00 p.m. EDT

Jody, Rebecca, Holly, Marc, Jake, Emily, Brent, Steve
not present: Gwen – family health issue; Pat – is somewhere near N.O.

Facilitator: Jody
Notes: Holly

Abbreviations used:
AC = Accreditation Committee
ANM, ANMC = Annual National Meeting Committee
BAWG = Ballot Access Working Group
BRPP = Bylaws, Rules, Policies and Procedures Committee
BC = Black Caucus
CC = Coordinating Committee
CCC = Coordinated Campaign Committee
CG SC = Campus Greens Steering Committee
ComCom = Communications Committee
DC = Diversity Committee
DIA = Democracy in Action internet service
DRC = Dispute Resolution Committee
FC = Fundraising Committee
FEC = Federal Election Commission
GP = Green Party
IC = International Committee
LC = Lavender Caucus
NPWG = Nominating Process Working Group
NWC = National Women’s Caucus
PEC = Presidential Exploratory Committee
PCSC = Presidential Campaign Support Committee
SC = Steering Committee
SPWG = Strategic Plan Working Group
[Brackets denote editor’s suggested corrections. Some punctuation corrections done with no content change. -ed.]

I. FIN & FUN Report (Jake, Brent, Marc)
Last Treasurer’s report, holding our own at the moment, still waiting for large donations to come in.

No pressure from any end; will hold off on paying U-Tulsa bill until a little later.

REQUEST: IC will want $1400, to attend FPVA in Peru – AGREED

CCC request, spent Tier I , II – $2600; requesting $800, last expenditure for 2005; Brent – last campaign school, done for the year; may make further requests, pledge for $25,000

REQUEST: AGREED – $800 for CCC-approved candidates

Budget – a week from tonight, FinCom will finalize budget proposals, posted to the NC on Tuesday, send to committee co-chairs; FinCom will stick to budget scheduler; if no feedback from co-chairs, will plug in numbers.

Marc – still need more people for FunCom, and 2 new co-chairs; trying to refine 2 part-time positions hired, refine duties and see how things are working out, give more direction to Morgan and Richard.

Brent – working on large donations coming in.

1) Lease Options – (Emily, Jake)
Jake – heard from son of landlord: 2-year extension, to end of October, 2007; 3% rent increase (earlier were talking about 15-20%); slight increase in common area maintenance and utilities, but not much; will have final numbers in a few days and will post on SC listserv; will look into additional space, first right of refusal. Will get actual numbers and post on listserv.

Emily has been in discussion with John Gloucester, lawyer, DCSG; he is willing to look over our lease. AGREED

2) Staff contracts (Marc)
Has material and templates; will be consulting with Brent and Emily about items in their current contracts, set up individual appointments, then work from there.
Brent’s supervisors are Marc, Jen Walling, Rob Tufts, Rebecca Weber (FunCom, CCC, SC member) .
Jody, Steve and Jake will be supervisors for Emily’s position.

3) CCC report (Brent)
i – 6 out of 10 MN candidates advanced through their primary. Dickinson and Hakeem did not advance.
Special Philly election, Green came in second, Republican finished third.

CCC conference call a week ago last Sunday, voted to send funds to several campaigns, $100 less than asked, as Dickinson didn’t survive her primary. 6 new applications, number now 15 who have applied for resources. Ca. 9 from NY, unusual. Can work on web templates and other resources right away.

Following MN situation, it’s looking more and more like dirty tricks; computers were confiscated, subpoenas against 2 GP were dropped. Same thing has been seen last year in Portland, (?). Will coordinate with GPMN, if it turns out to be dirty tricks, will play up as much as we can, including at nat’l level.

Fundraising – 5000 piece direct mail around abuse of eminent domain to N.E. area “The Progressive” addresses. 5000 piece direct mail to WI around “bringing troops home” initiative. Next, around holiday time, GP merchandise mailing. Will be well above targeted net for the year. Have reached goal on personal and internet solicitations. Sustainer income, working with Marc, Becky Weber and Morgan D’Arc – concerned that numbers haven’t picked up by now.

Working on a proposal for outside fundraising agency, Left Bank fundraising, Joe White (former Dem Party, Share Group – progressive groups focus, referred by CA); Joe has put together a reasonable proposal, would be a good, reasonable direction to consider.

ii – Met with GPVA last weekend, will detail in weekly/monthly report. Independent GP of VA, some damage we can’t control. VA state legislature isn’t thrilled either, may work with legislators to craft legislation to address this. A former co-chair left to work on Nader campaign; also a former Republican w/bad blood between him and Republicans. 10 trumped up federal charges; now banned from holding any kind of statewide party position for 10 years. Extreme right-wing groups there. Because of proximity to D.C., would help GPUS to have strong party there, leverage in lobbying. GPVA needs help, has been “clobbered on so many fronts.” Work with GPVA on outreach, help getting locals back up and running, couple years’ focused effort to get back on feet and running candidates. Steve is in contact with Independents who may be willing to register Green; also a couple other areas for developing locals.

iii – There are now two candidates for the CCC: Steps to Freedom (Sean Bagley), IN; David Silva, Lavender Caucus. Brent White, WA, will also be sending an application.
2 male positions are open, there are 3 female positions, no candidates, need to recruit.

Sec. will send out original announcement, note that we have 3 female positions open, make sure to post on NWC list. Also send to state party co-chairs list.

iv – Emily notes she hadn’t been added to this list. She will send written report. Holly will include her name under staff reports in future calls.
Secretary profusely apologizes.

received, 9/16/05 – delegates from GPoNYS and GPNJ; and GPRI requested
expedited 48-hours vote: Proposal to Impeach Steering Committee Members
Supporting SC Decision on Steering Committee Election
— GPRI request for expedited emergency vote w/in 48 hours
— Need for clarification whether SC members who supported the SC Decision should be impeached, or whether this refers to SC members who did not support Proposal #170
— Need for clarification on what Impeachment entails

Not much to talk about until they actually have charges against someone by 3 different delegates. Secretary will post response to impeachment threat to NC list and proposer and Secs of NJ and NY, with relevant bylaws and ask them to comply with process and procedures listed in bylaws. If removal goes forward, it would be Steve, Pat and Rebecca to oversee setting up tribunal.


VOTING – 1) #169 – MI: Endorsement of the Rebuilding Allaince “Rebuilding – We Will Not Be Enemies”/Sanson 1/2
Voting period: 9/19 – 9/25

VOTING – 2) #171 – AZ: Affirmative Action Gender Balance proposal for Expanding the NC
NC/Rotzler 2/3
Voting period: 9/19 – 9/25

VOTING – 3) #172 – AZ: Consensus Process Proposal for NC — Amended/Sanson
Voting period: 9/19 – 9/25

A. In Discussion Period:
4) #175 – DCSG: Creation of a Delegate Apportionment Committee — Schneider/ 1/2
Voting period: 10/3 – 10/9

5) #176 – GPUS-SC: Donors Bill of Rights — Haug/ 1/2
Voting Period: 9/26 – 10/2

Amendment has been submitted:
“X. To be assured that GPUS will not accept donations solicited by persons, organizations, or trusts in manners that do not comform with this Donor Bill of Rights, particularly in any way that conceals or alters the purpose for which they are solicited and donated by the original contributors to those persons, organizations, or trusts as outlined in Article IV herein.”

Discussion: not sure how this would be applied. WIll be forwarded to FunCom; appears to already be covered by GPUS fiscal policies.

6) # 177 – FunCom: Fundraising Committee Rules, Policies, Procedures — Haug/ 1/2
Voting period: 10/3 – 10/9

7) #178 – TX and NC: Resolution of endorsement for the Millions More March — Haug/ 1/2
Voting period: 9/26 – 10/2

8) #179 – DCSG: The Right to Vote Act, An Act to Enforce American Democracy — Wages/ 1/2
Voting period: 9/19 – 9/25

B. Returned/waiting for clarification:
1) received, 8/10/05 – MI: statement of independent purpose//SENT BACK WITH REQUEST TO CLARIFY WHAT PROPOSERS WANTED TO HAVE DONE//NO RESPONSE, YET

C. For the Voting Queue:
1) received, 9/7/05 – DCSG, WIGP: Proposed Bylaws Amendment to Clarify Affiliation Agreement
3 weeks discussion, 1 week voting

2) received, 9/11/05 – AZ: Proposal for National Delegates on National Committees

3) received, 9/12/05 – Accreditation Committee: Approval for AC Policies and Procedures
3, 1

4) received, 9/12/05 – Accreditation Committee Proposal
Has not actually passed the AC.


If they get it in this week, will get together online and put in queue for next Monday AGREED

6) SC proposal for SC Elections Working Group
Discussion: Marc – this will set up group to look into how to amend bylaws and set up team for next year’s election, and ask for Fairvote’s analysis.
Steve – there is only one valid interpretation. It is invalid to apply further tabulations.
Jake – NC has just rejected that. Tom Sevigny and Kris Olson have just posted their compromise proposal tonight. Steve – no problem if NC makes decision, but should make it on best info available, and does not feel we gave them that and allowed that info to be out before decisions were made.
Rebecca – feels proposal does speak to 2005, says WG will review results and issue recommendations.
Marc – proposal doesn’t involve resolving 2005 election; working as an SC WG, so will send reports to SC and any final proposals to NC will be coming form SC. SC will also send to NC whatever WK produced, so all are aware of all reports, etc.
Steve – reservations, given lack of decision by NC, going ahead and trying to determine, throwing to WG can be possibility, but don’t feel it is the best. Best is to declare Tulsa election was not approved and call for election of all new seats. Willing to stand aside.

AGREED: Steve will stand aside.
Yes: Jody, Jake, Holly, Rebecca, Marc

2 weeks discussion, 1 week vote

V. 5 min – September 24th Unity (Rebecca)
Things falling into place; need about $300 for banner; Chelsea Graphics in DC $ in Tier I, II budgets will cover that. G-PAX has raised ca. $200-250. They will be in the March, and will have event with speakers. Steve may speak; Rebecca, others will speak.

VI. 3-5 min – Invitation for Third Party Conference in October, New Hampshire. (Emily)
The conference website is:
John Rensenbrink has been invited and plans to attend.
Emily has talked with organizer again, willing to get in touch with John Rensenbrink and Pat LaMarche, waiting for new information from him to forward to JR and PLM. Is anyone else from SC or in GP interested in attending?
Rebecca: maybe a consideration, if going as official from GP would like assistance with travel funds.

VII. Web update – (Holly) – brief news of current web work
– question of seeking legal advice on copyright issues; news circulator temporarily suspended, a Media Committee member following up with Lexis about obtaining permission; we may get permission from Lexis to post on GP website, Holly will continue to follow up
– Katrina relief page: G-PAX had agreed to use page as an emergency source for people to send hurricane relief funds for places like FLA camp who could not set up a website, etc. in time; not really a need to list G-PAX now. G-PAX interested in further help with hurricane relief after 9/24.

VIII. Black Caucus (Gwen)

IX. F2F meeting in September, then October (Jody)
Now, maybe November??

X. Delegate Privacy Policy (Steve)
Policy on what is on webpage and what we do with delegate info we collect. Written and submitted to SC list, prior to Tulsa meeting; getting legal opinion on this; done
Recommend putting it on web page and mailing list. WIll re-post to NC list and take another look.

Listserv – EEOC/ List Protocols (Gwen, Holly; Pat)
Will contact those who stated they would volunteer to work on this.

XI. 20-25 min – Portfolio reports
FINANCE (Jake, Marc): FinCom, FunCom – MOVED TO 1ST PART OF CALL

OFFICEHOLDERS NETWORK – Steve: not much activity
PCSC – Jody: holding calls, P&P’s being finalized
LEGAL – Holly: has left message with potential legal advisor; person just getting involved, not known
Gray Newman sent list of potential advisors; Holly will contact list

IC – Steve: in contact with IC co-chair Julia Willebrand about proposal from Jo Chamberlain concerning Workers’ Party of Pakistan. Last word was that IC is not inclined to further this contact. Some disagreement between about how this contact was set up in the first place.

Rebecca has met with Dr. Aga Saeed of American Muslim Alliance; they want MOU (w/ WP-Pak?).
Holly – propose an SC member contact GP-Pakistan, cc’ IC. Rebecca and Steve will meet with Dr. Saeed. And get on IC agenda and be on next IC call. AGREED

CAMPUS GREENS – Marc: was on last week’s nat’l call. they’re not asking for anyone to step in and do anything, yet; will need help wading through FEC 501(c)3, and other legal matters.

Will start sending CG Green Pages bundles to 10-15 schools each quarter and send bundle of 100 to each school chapter for outreach use.

Possibility of combining their annual convention next year with GPUS.

PERSONNEL: Steve has been in contact with Maya O’Connor; working on personnel manual for GPUS, now in review by committee; hopes to have manual in fairly short order
Emily: staff involvement in personnel manual?
Steve: don’t know yet, will bring it up.

AC – Jody: AC working on NWC proposal.
CommCOM – Jody: re-constituting itself, AnmCom having regular monthly meetings
Steve – proposal for CommCom to open up an IT Committee. Sent to SC list.
Emily asks for more details, Steve will re-send.
AnmCOM – Jody: is having regular monthly meetings

DRC – Steve: has spoken about this; they have not reached consensus on whether or not their mission needs to be expanded.

SC co-chairs will take on portfolios on an interim basis, once we have full SC, work out again from there? Members will work online to work out who takes what. AGREED

XIII. 1 min – Tulsa reports from committees/events (Holly) – NO UPDATES
Holly has collection, a few more to follow up with again. Have a space to post actual reports on web, seems to have most interest. Portfolio managers will contact their groups and remind them to send report. Set deadline of October 1, then consider whatever has come in.

NEXT CALL – Monday, 10/3, 8:00 p.m. ET

Holly Hart
Secretary, GPUS
Minimally edited and HTML formatted by Charlie Green