September 2, 2001

September 2, 2001

Steering Committee Conference Call; 9-2-01

Participants: Robbie Franklin, Jo Chamberlain, Anita Rios, Ben Manski, Tom Sevigny, Dean Myerson. John Strawn joined during the Presidential Exploratory Committee discussion.

1. Financial Report (Robbie) 5 minutes

Nothing new from last week. Potential new online system, we would need 20 donations per week. Will go ahead and make the switch. Ben approves. About 20 monthly cc donations. $2k in ASGP acct, $4k in GP account. Almost nothing coming in waiting for new mailing to kick in.

2. Committee Reports (30 minutes)
a. Media (we will be joined by Nancy Allen and Scott)
b. Bylaws (Tom)

Sent out prelim changes re language for striking Clrnghs, working on platform process want to do all bylaws changes at once. Should be ready by tomorrow w/language.

c. Transcom–do we disband this committee?

Tom will ask Rick Lass about status of the committee. Defer action until we talk to Rick.

d. Shadow

They had a conf call. Have Hartford ai to get proposal for specific process. Anita is on the comm and will follow up.

e. Presidential Exp.

John Strawn gives brief background of this committee last time. Wants committee to be broadly represented. Wants a co-chair. Past chair, David Cobb, wants to be on comm, but not as co-chair. He asked Jane Hunter to be co-chair no answer. Could put out a call for members to CC and then choose co-chair. Concern that committee will be too large to function. Dean will put out a call and see how many respond.

f. Diversity

listserve for the black caucus. Amy wants to stop being co-chair according to Ben; need new chair. Anita and Ben will seek a new chair. Dean’s stmt will refer to John as acting Chair until the committee gets people on it.

e. communications

Nathalie not on the call. Tom sent to CC stuff that Nathalie had prepared.

f. Legal/FEC update

David has sent email updates

g. Platform

Report from Steve in Hartford.

3. Fundraising (20 minutes)
a. State lists

Jo has contacted: MI, NM, NY, ID, OR. Return calls from OR (Paul Loney) have about 1500 names on their list. Will talk to PGP reps and will get back to us. Are interested in a joint mailing before May. Spoke Thomas MacGuire from ID will also check with their group. Spoke with E Shanklin from NY. They would need a formal proposal from nGP to proceed. Jo gives bkgd on what we would do with states. Has been suggesting 75-25 split if legal structure allowed. SC decides to use CT list for extra Dean will confirm if CT PAC can share (receive) funds as a result of mailing income. Tom will send list to Dean.

b. List policy

Jo has handwritten list for use of nGP lists. Will post to SC by next Sunday. Will apply to Lists we have and are asked for.

c. major donors

Tom had phone call for major donors. Got a list of 10 people he will contact. Will ask for donations and small events. Anita, Jo and Robbie have appts.

d. next mailing

Dean reports about 45 cents per piece in this mailing.

4. Budget (20 minutes)
a. amended budget for 2001

Dean proposed items for this. Dean reports on contacting committees for some clarifications as well as not including more travel costs in amended budget. Jo clarifies reasons for not including extra travel expenses.

b. 2002 budget

Dean and Jo tasked for putting out a call to committees to ask for their 2002 budgets and action plans. Dean suggests that task plan be more specific and that we offer a template or other assistance in this.

5. Office (10 minutes)

Jo and Dean have both talked to Mike Livingston. Also looking for insurance comments. Dean’s question regarding our space being “nontraditional.” Jo agrees and emphasizes need for large conference room and access to public transit. Dean will follow up with Mike on this.

6. IMF Protest (10 minutes)

Anita sent msg to CC regarding SC members getting arrested. Ben not sure of total votes yet, but it is unanimous yet. Ben will arrive in DC on Thur or Friday, Anita will arrive on Tues (25th). Ben got a call from Sherry Wolf (international Socialist Org) about an event with other left/red/labor groups. Ben recommends caution until situation as developed more. Does Dean have ASGP resolutions regarding labor (FLOC and AZ proposal). Dean also suggests including these or something in DC issue of Greenpages please send suggestions. Ask Greg regarding any possible changes to AZ resolution.

7. Letter/Meeting with Nader (Ben, 5 minutes)

Will finish letter over the weekend. Short letter. Dean sent Ben list of possible items. Ben left msg with Theresa, Dean suggests he also call the Center.

8. Campus Greens report (Ben, 5 minutes)

Opening national hq in northwest Chicago predominantly Latino area. Ben talked to Carolyn re joint committee. GPUSA office in Chicago, but may not have space per Dean. Jo: should we add something to our bylaws regarding relationship with Campus Greens.

9. GreenPages (15 minutes)
a. including reimbursements for Mike F.

Dean’s report on progress with articles on elections focus on NY candidates. Non-electoral articles will come a little later. Printing in DC. Talks with Mike over finances seem to be okay and we will likely owe near $2000. Ben: possibly include msg from Nader or LaDuke. We will stretch out payments to Mike. Anita wants to use J. Farley’s material in Greenpages. Send Farley’s articles to Anita.

10. Web Page (5 minutes)

Tom reminds that Dean and Nathalie clear material for web site. Cameron says that circulator needs.

11. Database update (5 minutes, Dean)

No response from Kobrin’s on spec sheet. Initial response from Kendra Markle but not with enough details to decide on donor database. She also offered to set up email voting database. Dean forwarded offer to Nathalie.

12. 2002 Convention or meeting?? (5 minutes)

Dean responds regarding convention/meeting depends on how platform change rules/bylaws issue is resolved. Jo suggests we ask Florida or Texas to host a meeting. Anita asks if CC should approve. Tom gives history that in SB someone should check the minutes. Dean offers to check minutes.

13. Field organizing

Report on AZ no response yet from them, probably should pass. Request from Iowa in early November first or second weekend. Dean reports on previous talk with AZ coordinator. Anita suggests we contact them again and say we can’t afford a lot of money, but can provide people/volunteers, but we need their plan first. Tom agrees with this. Jo also agrees and suggests commenting that we are anxious that we haven’t heard back.


Anita heard a rumor of Nader doing a rally in Ohio in October 10 but she hasn’t heard details. Jo says Nader confirms a Nader rally in SF on Oct 11.

Dean brings up issue of layout person. Dean asks if he has authority to decide this.