September 23, 2001


Participants: Robbie Franklin, Jo Chamberlain (facilitator), Anita Rios, Ben Manski, Tom Sevigny (timer), David Cobb, Dean Myerson, Jack Ulrich, Nathalie Paravicini (notetaker)
1. Financial report
2. Response to Sept 11 terrorist attacks
3. Committee Reports, Fundraising report
4. Letter-meeting with Ralph Nader
5. Campus Greens
6. Green Pages
7. Database
8. Field organizing, outreach
9. Office – employment issues


USGP Account: $10,000 and ASGP account: $2600.

Draft statement: The SC does not feel this is now an urgency, we will opt to build a consensus statement. Nathalie to send rewrite to Dean Myerson and Scott McClarty’s statement with Ben’s input. Tom to manage rewrite and vote.
Proposal for an international coalition for peace from ME and NJ: (Jane Hunter, John Rensenbrink): Jo Chamberlain to manage discussion and vote of the proposal for an international coalition.
NY sent two proposals, one through Elizabeth Shanklin and one from Mark Dunlea. The SC sent both proposals back requesting NY delegates to come to agreement on proposals and to adhere to suggested formats and protocols to present proposals.
Events in DC (Ben Manski): Ben to post schedule for the Green Party conference and information on AIC and MGJ rally-demonstrations. DC Greens still hosting a welcome wagon.

BYLAWS (Tom Sevigny): working on final language with platform committee, re. adoption of platform, conventions, committees. We will wait a couple of weeks before posting for discussion and vote.
TRANSCOM (Rick Lass – Anita Rios): We need to receive a “dissolution statement” from the committee.
PRESIDENTIAL EXPLORATORY COM. (via Dean Myerson): Call to the USGP-COO went out, some responses received and forwarded to John Strawn
COMMUNICATIONS (Nathalie Paravicini): Proposal on list-server guidelines and presenting and voting for proposals went out for discussion. Committee webpages: about to be launched. Voting page: being worked on by Kendra Markle and Cameron Spitzer
a. Ambulatory Legal Office for greens: approved by consensus of the SC: Tom Linzey and the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund furnished an RV with all necessities for an office. Tom offered to provide legal advise to Green Parties (especially NE greens) as an independent contractor for $75/hour (normally $200 + transportation costs), especially on matters related to FEC regulations and campaign funds.
b. States will send proposals for assistance to the Legal Committee, who will evaluate the proposals. States will be encouraged to fundraise to offset at least partial costs. Any assistance will be provided based on the merits of the proposals. Cobb and Linzey to educate the CC on the opportunity.
c. FEC Filing: As you may recall, GPUSA sent an extension to file and filed an objection. The objection was answered point by point by the legal advisors. In addition: John Stith, member of GPUSA Council sent a letter placing the objection within the context of the contrary wishes of the wider GPUSA body. MN, MA and WI disaffiliated, soon to be followed by other states.
d. Change of IRS status: GPUS becomes a 527 organization when we spend over $20,000. Cobb looking into IRS regulations. (my notes are not clear on this)
FUNDRAISING (Jo Chamberlain)
a. POST SEPT 11 RESPONSE: the rate of response after Sept 11 is not too good. The SC will hold on the next cycle of mail-outs until the situation normalizes.
b. FUNDRAISER POSITION: The SC unanimously approved Dean and Marnie’s selection of Jack Ulrich. Jack is closing his psychoterapy practice and work at the School of Social Work. He is relocating to SC the following week. And will then start for earnest around Oct 15.
Terms are 36,000/year with 6-month review to 40,000 with health care. The SC approved to cover Jack’s COBRA health care insurance with prescription benefits for 3 months until adequate health care coverage can be found for the different staff members (current and future.) Robbie to write contract and send announcement of Jack’s hiring to the CC.
Jack expressed his appreciation for the opportunity and promised not to let greens down!
c. COMMITTEE meets via phone every Tuesday at 4pm

4. RALPH NADER (Ben Manski)
Still no confirmation of date and time of the meeting. Holle Brian was to meet with Nader and deliver a letter requesting confirmation of the meeting.

5. CAMPUS GREENS (Ben Manski)
a. Ben posted information on the two greens who responded to the call on the CC to be on the joint committee between the GO and Campus Greens (6-member committee). The SC selected Carol Miller (NM) and Dennis Perrin (KS).
b. Campus Greens was excluded from the organizing of the National Day of Action following the Sept 11 events. Ben questioned why (Youth for Democratic Socialism had objected because greens were “partisan.”). Campus Greens will be included in the future.
c. Campus Greens SC was to have its strategic retreat in NY, but plans had to change. Looking for venue in CT, Tom Sevigny to assist.

6. GREENPAGES (Dean Myerson)
a. Mike Feinstein to manage upcoming issue because Lay-out person fell through + timing and events. SC approved smaller edition. DC printing would be too costly, and printing in CA needs to include shipping to the states. Since there is no more rush, Dean will revisit issue upon his return to CO.
b. Discussions started on post-election issue, to take advantage of CA tax rebate if we publish 4 issues + update all greens and media on election results.

7. DATABASE (Dean Myerson)
We do not have all the info yet to take a decision. Looks like the FEC’s free softare does more or less what Kendra’s database does. Kendra is testing her database this week. Dean will visit the FEC offices (the online info is only available for national committees). Eventually we will need a full-blown software package and someone in DC to do data entry.

a. DC meeting schedule: Dean, Ben and Anita met with Barbara Lee, to meet with Jesse Jackson JR, Cynthia McKinney and others.
b. Dean’s October schedule: FEC seminar in CO, AR meeting (Oct 7-8), UT (Oct 20, Salt Lake), FL (Oct 26-31, invite by FL chair, need to resolve internal difficulties)
c. IPPN-Pro-Democracy special meeting in NY: Special invitation issued by Ted Glick. Tom will inquire whether Tony Affigne can go or whether he can go.

9. OFFICE – EMPLOYMENT ISSUES (Dean Myerson, Jo Chamberlain)
a. Robbie requested quotes from two different health insurance agents
b. Jo collected several employment manuals and will draft sample guidelines.
c. Dean reported he booked 866-14green and reserved 855-gogreen.