September 25, 2011


a. Facilitator – Nan Garrett – did not come on call; Holly facilitated in Nan’s absence
b. Roll Call – Mark Swaney, Farheen Hakeem, Tamar Yager, Jeff Turner, Susan Chunco, Theresa ElAmin, Audrey Clement; Brian Bittner
Budd will not be on, Leenie may not be on, Audrey will be late
Observers – Jody Grage, Hugh Esco

c. Agenda revisions – Tamar – add executive session at end; more time for TR report; Jeff needs to introduce a draft budget at some point in the agenda; Theresa wants three mins to report on recruiting women members for the Apportionment Tabulation Committee. May need more time for apportionment update. The requests were approved.


a. Office Manager – Brian Bittner submitted his report; Tuesday (9-27-11) his last day until after vacation, is getting married; Scott will – check post office box and office; staff meeting Monday to finalize details; Theresa – thanks for nuclear issue summary for No Nukes tour; Theresa asks about merchandising work for outreach how many items are bilingual? Brian says Green Pages (one page Spanish), bumper stickers – only button stock low; 10 KV card + Real Difference Card – requests have been received – Theresa requests that Brian talk to her when he returns about Merchandising and Outreach connection and need for more bilingual materials – especially platform summary.

b. Fundraiser Report – David Sacks has been written and was sent to SC members by e-mail. David’s report mentions that a major donor, Ken Reiner has died. David is working on mailing – returns from the re-solicitation are looking good, expected to recover the cost of the mailing and possibly bring in triple its cost.


a. Cash report to date – attachment sent to SC by e-mail; $10,602.82 in gnrl, $15k by month end, $9k in reserve for caucuses and committees – money in reserve a/c for restricted funds for caucuses and committees is not at risk of “use it or lose it”; will get workmen’s compensation which we haven’t had and should have had (matter of law) it will cost $1000 and is not in the budget yet.

State treasurers list – There was discussion of having a state treasurer’s e-list. There was a state leadership list approved by prior SC decisions as an announcement list; there was consensus to use one of the new listservs for state treasurers only including treasurers on current leadership list.

b. Budget process and schedule – Jeff calls for an SC special meeting on Oct 16, Theresa will not be able to attend the call. Jeff asks SC members to look at the three attachments that he sent on Saturday at noon. The total revenue shown for the 2012 budget – it is $375,000 – ANM $35k = $340k fundraising costs – David requests 4 resolicitations, 1 prospect mailing, merchandising costs and other – leaving $254k for operation costs electoral committees requests somewhat trimmed – $64k total; field organizers – contract positions – intermittent health insurance down somewhat, with vision benefit added. Organization and Outreach – Outreach Committee $5k, total $44k

Governance – SC travel removed from ANM = $35; IC budgeted beyond earmarked funds

Support &Services – Jeff asked for help for Brian – is overworked – part time clerical office assistant two days a week; rent is down, add utility; phone down; $5k for website development No money budgeted to go in reserve + some unpaid internal debt

Tamar – asked if the request from the diversity committee for a low-income waiver is in the budget – proposal coming to add diversity funding in Outreach rather than ANM budget


a. FinCom recommendation – $1000 to BAC based on projected revenue (decision item)

During the 9/14.2011 FinCom meeting, the FinCom approved a request to release $1000 for the Ballot Access Committee to be used for the 2011 fiscal year. These funds have been already authorized in the budget and are in addition to the funds already in the BAC reserve account for 2011 (approx. $1450). Fincom approved this money with the provision that projected returns from Fundraising materialize.

Discussion of whether earmarked funds that don’t expire to be used before or after budgeted funds – no decision. Audrey Y, Theresa Y, Farheen Y, Tamar Y with reservations about need to prioritize, Susan Y, Mark Y, Jeff Y

b.FinCom recommendation – $1000 for Campaign and Candidate support based on projected revenue and CCC SC liaisons working with the Treasurer in making disbursements (decision item)

During the 9/14.2011 FinCom meeting, the FinCom approved a request to release $1000 for Campaign and Candidate support, to be used for the 2011 fiscal year. These funds have been already authorized in the budget and would disbursed directly by the SC to campaigns. A list of campaigns to receive these funds is being researched by the ad-hoc members of the CCC, along with the committee’s advisors and Brent McMillan. The CCC SC liaisons will consider those recommendations and will be tasked, if this money is made available, to work with the Treasurer for disbursing funds. Fincom approved this money with the provision that projected returns from Fundraising materialize.

Audrey Y, Theresa Y, Farheen Y, Tamar Y with reservations about need to prioritize, Susan Y, Jeff Y

c. FinCom recommendation – Approximately $6754 to reserve account for repaying remaining 2008 state sharing based on projected revenue (decision item).

Consensus with Theresa abstaining.

d. FinCom recommendation – Approximately $7000 for next resolicitation mailing in late November (decision item). Vote not usually taken on this expenditure. No action necessary.

V. Apportionment Tabulation Committee (ATC)

Five members appointed: Audrey Clement (VA), Craig Thorsen (Minn), Ron Hardy (WI), Earl Ammerman (NV), Phil Huckelberry (IL). Two additional members are to be appointed to fill out the seven-member committee with emphasis on diversity. Hillary Kane has volunteered – consensus to accept. Phil is chair. Theresa will follow up on several women possibilities.

VI. Coordinated Campaign Committee update – Mark Swaney/Leenie Halbert
Five nominations at this point for the five appointed positions, may be more before nomination period ends and require a vote.

VII. Forum Manager resignation
SC members need to be recruiting candidates

VIII. No Nukes Tour – Theresa
See brochure send September 22 for further information Five states, many new relationships outside of party, some participants leery of political party, worried about their 5013c status, but assured that tour will be educational not electioneering events Scott McLarty preparing press release for October 3rd kickoff


Presidential Nomination Convention Apportionment Proposal – SC sponsor – online vote in progress Tamar says that no action is needed at this time

Submitted for queue: GA Proposal: Instructions to Budget Writers, Undoing Racism Training; findings were submitted by Fincom who has reviewed proposal – the proposal is before the SC for the first time. (the text of the proposal and the findings are below in italics) – decision item; discussion of origin of findings, responsibilities of FinCom and FunCom, the need for long-term anti-racism plan, and need for the proposal to contain information on revenue and expenditures; consideration of project of Outreach Committee, Diversity Committee, or SC ad hoc committee;

Action to take – vote on accepting the findings – if the findings are accepted, then return the proposal to Georgia for amendment.

Hugh Esco was on the call and Holly asked if the SC approved having Hugh speak.

The vote of the SC on allowing Hugh to address the SC was – Audrey Y, Theresa N, Farheen Y, Tamar Y, Susan Y, Mark Y, Jeff Y

Hugh – GA proposal is for a long term commitment, the first concrete step. FinCom has authority to present budget, it is within the purvue of the SC to direct its committees.

The vote on whether to accept findings – Audrey Y, Theresa Y, Farheen N, Tamar Y, Susan Y, Mark Y, Jeff Y; Theresa will follow up with GA

In queue when received:
Election Tabulation Comm Report

GA Proposal: Instructions to Budget Writers, Undoing Racism Training; findings submitted – proposal and findings below – decision item

6-4.1 SPONSOR(S): (State Party, Caucus, Committee, or group(s) thereof)

Georgia Green Party

6-4.2 CONTACT: Primary Presenter(s) (name, phone number, email)

“Byron L. Merritt” <>
Denice Traina <>

6-4.3 SUBJECT/TITLE: (Goal of 10 words or less)

Instructions to Budget Writers, Undoing Racism Training


simple majority pursuant to 6-2.2(b) Resolutions


An immediate two week discussion, followed by a one week vote.

6-4.6 BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: (relationship, reasons and/or justification to the GPUS; presentation should be short and to the point, with further background provided in the Resource section)

The following resolution was endorsed for the consideration of the National Committee by the Georgia Delegation on National Green Party Affairs who urges this body’s enthusiastic support.


The National Committee finds that the work of the Green Party of the United States and its accredited state parties and caucuses would be empowered by a collective and rigorously developed strategy for deconstructing racism within the ranks of the Party, within the broader progressive community and in our Party’s public policy work at the local, state, federal and international levels.

Resolved, by the National Committee of the Green Party of the United States, that:

(1) The Finance and Fundraising Committees are instructed to develop and the Steering Committee is instructed to recommend, in its next proposed budget to the National Committee, a fundraising plan and budget authorization for funding sufficient to provide for the travel, accomodations and participation of each member of the Steering Committee in the “Undoing Racism Community Organizing Workshop” (, offered by the Peoples Institute for Survival and Beyond;

(2) The Steering Committee is instructed to appoint an ad-hoc committee to promote party-wide participation in the workshop;

(3) In developing their recommendations, budget writers and the adhoc committee are urged to solicit bids from state Green Parties willing to organize on-site logistical support in an affordable travel hub where they will host the weekend long workshop, providing for community housing;

(4) the adhoc committee is instructed to seek the paid participation of Greens throughout the Party to help fill the workshop and finance the costs of its presentation; and

(5) each accredited state party is urged to provide for the participation of at least two members of their state leadership, either in the workshop organized by the adhoc committee, or at other workshops organized locally and presented by the Peoples Institute for Survival and Beyond ( or a similar organization offering comparable training.

6-4.8 IMPLEMENTATION/TIMELINE/RESOURCES: (personnel, meetings, work hours, finances, period of implementation, including any sunset clause if applicable)

Adoption of this resolution, will instruct the Financne Committee to develop and the Steering Committee to recommend a 2012 Annual budget consistent with the existing deadlines to fund undoing racism training for party leadership in the coming cycle.

6-4.9 REFERENCES: (Sources for readily obtainable materials to aid in the decision making process of voting members, including additional background)

FINDINGS: The Georgia Proposal for Undoing-Racism Training is not properly formatted for forwarding to the voting queue.

Section 6-4.8, GPUS Rules and Procedures for proposals, specifies that Implementation/Timeline/Resources is to include “personnel, meetings, work hours, finances, period of implementation, including any sunset clause if applicable”. The Georgia Proposal does not include specific, quantified information in the Resources section on finances and is to be returned to the proposers with a requirement to include financial information.


Current Status from last call:
Tamar – ANM, staff supervisor, IT(with Budd, etc.). FunCom(with Susan)
Theresa – Diversity, Outreach, Accreditation, Platform, Media, BRPP
Susan – FinCom, Merch, FunCom(with Tamar)
Leenie – PCSC, CCC&BAC(co-liaise with Mark),Green Pages, Legal, Web Content
Audrey – Personnel, Web Content, EcoAction, Green Officeholders Network
Farheen – DRC, Credentialing, GPAX
Mark – CCC&BAC(co-liaise with Leenie), GSCC& GHCC


a. Need for updated committee co-chairs, membership, and contact information on committee web ages.
Theresa – Outreach – is list admin now
Theresa – Diversity – will get list admin status
Theresa – BRPP – will ask to be added to list, will talk with Hugh
Mark – GSCC and GHCC – have issues on direction committees should go, want SC input, election for both committees needed between Jan and March – agenda item for next call
Audrey – Personnel Advisory Group – working on employment agreement, job description, and personnel manual; advisory group not responding – seems SC will have to approve; suggest online vote; discussion needed before vote
Tamar – ANM waiting for more completed proposals from Baltimore and Sacramento; set back from Sacramento – University does not allow political parties. Final accounting from 2011 ANM still not ready
Susan – Merch – working to enlarge membership and getting bilingual products
FinCom info to SC FunCom still getting set up

X. Facilitator for next call

Suggested to add Holly to approved facilitator list; Darrly is working on list; Charlie probable for next call; need for more women on the list

XI. Report on previous Action Items:

Jeff, Leenie, Farheen, etc. – research banking options – in process
Audrey – Employment Agreements for staff – in process
All – recruit for Apportionment Tabulation Comm including gender balance and racial diversity
Budd, Leenie – call for CCC membership including underrepresented groups
All – review liaison spreadsheet
All – send liaison reports before next SC call

XII. Executive Session

A personnel matter

Appended Liaison Reports


Accreditation- The USVI organizer continues to be in touch with Roger and me. He appears eager to move forward with the elections board to be established as a legal political party. USVI rules make a distinction between parties starting up from scratch and those seeking affiliation with a national party.

Diversity- I’ve started to recruit from caucuses. Fatima Mevs, was appointed to represent the GPBC. Holly and Morgen are representing the NWC. It’s my goal to have a conference call soon to see who’s active and what work people are up for.

Media- Scott is kicking out press releases with his usual speed. The MC conference call on 9/8 generated an interesting discussion with a focus on Islamophobia. Farheen presented to kick off the cultural competence discussion. Press releases on October 2011 and the No Nukes Tour are in the works.

Platform- There’s lots of activity in Platform as members get ready to receive proposals for the 2012 cycle. I heard a deadline was reported as January 12, 2012. Not sure if it’s for submissions or some other phase on readying proposals to be voted.

Outreach- I finally got on the OC list. Very low traffic. Several names I don’t recognize. Holly seems to be in control of the list. I’ve requested the password so I can serve as interim admin. Tamar has agreed to help me get set up as OC admin.

Note: I’m very busy up through October 17 and traveling a lot. I’ll check email less frequently than my usual 5 hours a day. Feel free to call me.


Report to the Steering Committee on the Green Pages Committee

On September 18, 2011, the Green Pages Committee had a conference call. Seven members of the Green Pages Committee were on the call.

Several issues were discussed, beginning with the report that the Merchandise Site on the GPUS website is out dated. There were questions regarding the cost of the last issue of Green Pages and how much income was generated.

There was a discussion on the next issue of Green Pages, how many issues to allow for in 2012, two or three. There was discussion on the time for the next issue of Green Pages, several possibilities were talked over, a January issue, an Earth Day issue, a Presidential Convention issue.

The Green Pages Committee is working on a budget, but has not finalized one at this time.

Report to the Steering Committee on the Ballot Access Committee

Ballot Access Committee had a teleconference call meeting on September 13, 2011. Thirteen members participated on the call. Phil Huckelberry, BAC Co-chair, called for the BAC to hold an election for an additional Co-chair. Jody Grange was nominated by Claudia. There were no other nominations. The election was carried through and Jody was elected to be Co-Chair of the BAC.

Two requests for funding were discussed on the conference call.

Teresa El-Amin requested $1,000.00 for travel expenses and supplies for a Southeast Ballot Access Conference.

Mark Swaney requested $1,000.00 to support the Arkansas Ballot Access Drive.

Since the conference call, Phil Huckelberry has delivered several versions of a budget for the BAC, however, the budget is not finalized at this time.



The CCC co-liaisons, with input from the ad-hoc CCC volunteer members, submitted a budget proposal to the Treasurer and Fincom for FY 2012. We also submitted a request for campaign support funding. We are currently researching local and state elections for the purpose of making recommendations for campaign support if those funds materialize. There was meant to be a conference call last Sunday, but it did not work out so they are planning one for October 2nd.


A co-chairs of the PCSC have reported to me about conversations he had with some potential candidates, and the committee is working on tasks assigned during the last conference call. They are slowly receiving state questionnaire responses, and they have completed a draft calendar on their website. Concerns were raised about missed deadlines for the CredComm elections, and there is a need for that committee’s elections to be called for by the SC. The co-chairs completed a budget draft for FY 2012 and submitted it to Fincom/Treasurer.


DRC report:

The lists are being purged and we are looking for a new co-chair, recruiting for a woman.

GPAX: Still need follow up with phone calls.

Credential Comm: I need help and more information about this. Anybody want to help or suggest who I should talk to?

Farheen Hakeem

GPMN delegate