September 27, 2015

GPUS Steering Committee
Meeting Notes

Sunday, September 27, 2015 – 8:00 p.m. ET

Facilitator: Jody Grage
Start recording of call (ref #143)
Roll Call: Audrey Clement, Sanda Everette, Jan Martell, Charles Ostdiek, Jeff Turner, Tamar Yager, Karen Young, Bahram Zandi. Observer: Starlene Rankin
Agenda revisions: Andrea Merida not present on the call, asked for debrief of Accreditations Committee to be postponed to the next meeting.

a) Debrief on Accreditations Committee process for approving Latinx Caucus – postponed.

b) Hiring recommendation from Personnel Working Group for decision – The Personnel Working Group had strong agreement to split Brian’s position into two part-time positions, Office Person and Political Organizer, job titles are placeholders, duties and titles still under discussion. Priority is to hire office person to train with Brian, 2nd position after. (Jeff’s email problems meant he was seeing this report for the first time, so vote was deferred till later in the meeting). Approved by roll-call vote – 8 yes votes, 0 no, 0 abstain.

a) Treasurer’s Report – After paying what’s due, $1,000 left in the account, so things will be tight by payroll time. Hoping for fundraising to bring in more soon, but it might be November before we see returns from the appeal going out now. Karen – could be sooner as mailing may be able to go first class.

b) Budget review – Jeff went through draft spreadsheet, not too different from last year, asking for feedback within a week to get ready for FinCom meeting mid-October. Tamar will have better figures for Houston room costs soon. PCSC wants $4k, only $1k in this budget – Green Pages based on 2 issues though would like 3 – BAC numbers may depend on FEC rules, need to find out more about that. Audrey – BAC setting up a subcommittee to study this, Jeff agreed to join.

c) Fundraising Report – Karen – Fundraiser letter in process now. Mailing list is smaller, narrowed to recent donors, as older donors don’t give. Phone banking has started, with an awesome new volunteer. September numbers have been light, as expected.

d) Finance item for decision: now that the new website is live, pay designer $2,000 balance – We don’t have $2k in the account. Karen – okay to pay $1k now, $1k at the end of October if we have to. Tamar also agreed to wait for her reimbursement check. Passed by consensus.

e) Report (no discussion necessary) – Results of online decision-making on the resolution to reactivate the National Committee discussion email list – Voting yes: Sanda Everette, Jan Martell, Audrey Clement, Bahram Zandi, Tamar Yager, Charles Ostdiek. Voting no: None. Abstaining: None. Not voting: Jeff Turner, Andrea Merida, Karen Young. Passed – the discussion list is reactivated.


In the queue:
a) California Proposal: Amendment: GPUS Rules and Procedures, Article IX National Committee Email Lists
b) California Proposal: Amendment to GPUS Bylaws, Steering Committee Elections, 6.1 Nominations

Received for the queue:
a) Iowa Proposal to Amend GPUS RP&Ps, Article IX – There was some discussion about the process for this proposal – Sanda felt it would confuse the NC to have two proposals on Article IX at the same time, that Iowa should work on amending 797 rather than sending this through – very unhappy with the whole process. Audrey – there are no findings, so it needs to go through and stand on its own. Charles called for agreement for the SC to cosponsor. Roll call vote – Yes: Jeff, Bahram, Charles, Karen, Tamar. No: Sanda, Audrey. Abstain: Jan. Passed, SC will cosponsor. Floor Manager: Charles

b) Approval of Charles Sherrouse for Forum Manager – Approved by consensus as Alternate Forum Manager to serve out current term ending December 31. Floor Manager: Jan

c) Approval of Linda Cree for Forum Manager – Approved by consensus as Forum Manager for current term ending December 31. Holly and Frank, current Forum Managers, also have terms ending Dec. 31. Floor Manager: Jan

End call recording.

PCSC Co-Chair Holly Hart relayed PCSC concerns about a prospective GPUS presidential candidate who is alleged to have disrupted a local GP meeting and spread misinformation about the party on social media. PCSC is sending a letter of apology to the local.

Jan Martell