September 28, 2014

GPUS Steering Committee Minutes – September 28, 2014

a) Facilitator – Jody Grage
b) Roll Call – Tamar Yager, Starlene Rankin, Budd Dickinson, Jeff Turner, Karen Young, Charles Ostdiek, Audrey Clement, Jesse Townley
Absent – Darryl! Moch
Observer – Tom Yager

a) Moving the office – On 9/19 there was a 5 to 4 online vote to move to Orchard Avenue, Takoma Park, MD (Tamar-yes, Starlene-yes, Budd-no, Jeff-no, Karen-no, Charles-yes, Audrey-yes, Jesse-yes, and Darryl!-no). Jeff notified the current and new landlords, signed the lease, paid the deposits and the October rents. Brian has moved the office and will work from the new space beginning Monday. The phone service still needs to be moved. P.O.Box remains the same. The street address is to be used only for package deliveries.


a) Treasurer’s Report – Jeff T.
As of Thursday there was $9500 in the general fund after paying payroll and one insurance payment. Accounts Payable include approximately $650 for MD and DC workers compensation, about $16k to Macalester College and $6300 to RedSun Press. There is $13k in the reserve fund, which includes $5k in earmarked funds for caucuses and committees. Jeff will call Macalester about a payment plan.

b) 2015 Budget
Initial budget introduction presented by the treasurer. Dave Sacks will have the 2014 3rd quarter records completed and analyzed soon. There was discussion of cost of living increases, as well as the need for staff evaluations. The budget does not reimburse the International Committee for past, unauthorized expenses. Discussion of paying for SC lodging and travel for the ANM from the general budget. Ballot Access – The need for a separate, robust ballot access fundraising was discussed. Paid petitioners have been a party-building activity. In 2012 presidential matching funds were used for ballot access, but that campaign needs to be freed from ballot access to concentrate resources on the campaign itself. The ballot access plan was discussed. It needs to include info on all states not just those needing funding to show the goal for 2016 of Green Party ballot access for 35 states and 90% of the population. Coordination among committees was discussed including FundCom/BAC/Media/Outreach/PCSC working together on an action plan to give American people a choice at the ballot box. The need for Tier 3 budget was discussed.

c) Fundraising Report
On October 8th FinCom will get a report from David Sacks. The fundraising letter from Kat Swift was very successful bring in almost $25k. The latest mailing has brought in $2k already.

In the queue:
ID 766 Strategic Plan Objectives – Action Plan: Run and Elect More Candidates <> in discussion thru 10/12.

Received for the Queue: None

e) Liaison Reports Discussion:
Tamar – ANM is waiting for the CA proposal and one from Kansas City.


a) Review of Michigan platform-related agenda items & next steps (if any needed) – Jesse was not on the call at this time but sent an update on September 26.

There will be a budget call next week for those who can participate and special invitations to FundCom, FinCom, and BAC to join the call.

Budd Dickinson