United for Peace

1 Week – Monday, December 9th to Monday December 17th

1 Week – Monday, December 17th to midnight on Monday, December 24th

USGP Steering Committee

Ben Manski or Anita Rios

Ben Manski, SC, WI Delegate

Green Party of the United States Involvement in United for Peace

United for Peace is a new national campaign that brings together a broad range of organizations throughout the United States to help coordinate our work against a U.S. war on Iraq. At an initial meeting in Washington, DC on October 25, attended by representatives of the Green Party of the United States and other Green organizations, more than 70 peace and justice organizations agreed to form United for Peace and signed on to the following statement:

“The demand placed on us by world events is to deal with the Iraq crisis and to work to stop the war that is being planned. This is unfolding in a global context where other crises can and will erupt in connection to the Iraq crisis and they too will demand our action. In addition, we will oppose new repressive measures at home. We can and will work together now, focused on stopping this war, and as we go forward we will discuss other issues and the larger context. Unite for peace and say NO! to war.”

The Steering Committee of the Green Party of the United States has participated in the United for Peace organizing to this point. Ratification of this proposal would essentially formalize the involvement of the Green Party of the United States in the United for Peace campaign. Medea Benjamin was a chief initiator of United for Peace, and Greens are already active in the campaign at all levels. United for Peace represents a broad-based, diverse, and democratic alternative in anti-war organizing. The Steering Committee therefore submits Green Party of the United States involvement in United for Peace to the Coordinating Committee for ratification or rejection, so that we Greens may proceed in our peace movement work on firmer footing.


Involvement of Steering Committee liaisons to United for Peace in conference calls, organizing, etc.; involvement of other Green Party entities, such as the Peace Mobilization Committee, International Committee, Diversity Committee, and other committees, as appropriate; recommendation of the national party to affiliated state and local parties that they also support the United for Peace campaign; other resources as appropriate through established decision-making channels.

United for Peace 202-862-9740 x.3038 or 415-255-7296 www.unitedforpeace.org