July 23, 2017

GPUS Steering Committee Minutes – 23 July 2017


A) Darlene Elias rescinded her resignation and there was consensus that she rejoin the SC immediately.

B) The Election Tabulation Committee will have a report within a few days that includes retabulation of two additional rounds of voting to replace Anita Rios who resigned after being elected.

C) The SC will work on the mechanics of accommodating greater numbers of observers on the SC call.

D) There was consensus by the SC to authorize $5000 to the Ballot Access Committee for work in North Carolina, $1000 to the Youth Caucus for a subscription to Basecamp 3, and $600 to the Outreach Committee for travel expenses for two to the Democracy Convention in Minneapolis.

E) The staff membership in the IWW has been recognized and there was consensus to have a union representative on the SC calls and the Personnel Committee.



a) *Facilitator*: Charles Sherrouse

b) *Start recording of call*

c) *Roll Call* – Jody Grage, Andrea Merida, Mike Dennis, Darlene Elias, Gloria Mattera, Hillary Kane, Darryl! Moch, Chris Blankenhorn

Observers – David Gerry, Starlene Rankin, Tamar Yager, Elisabeth Green, Rick Lass, Philena Farley

d)*Agenda revisions* – V. Executive Session, II. E. Observers


a) *Special Election* to fill vacancy from Darlene’s resignation: Unnecessary since Darlene rescinded her resignation, consensus to accept that rescinding and immediate return Darlene to the SC; Youth Caucus has drafted and approved a proposal to codify resignations and rescinding of resignations to be forwarded for the voting queue soon.

b) *ETC report* and process to fill vacancy from Anita’s resignation: ETC report: The Elections Tabulation Committee (ETC) is logging and investigating voting problem complaints as it receives them. Some of the indicated problems have been resolved and nothing further need be done. Others require more follow-up. You can report to the SC that we expect to issue our report in two parts. Part I will be a report on our re-tabulation of the votes actually received and published by the voting software. We expect to issue that report by tomorrow or Tuesday. Part II will be a more detailed narrative on reports of problems while attempting to cast votes, our recommendations for additional voting software repairs, updates, etc. The more complete examination and narrative report about voting issues could take a while longer.;ETC will be asked to report retabulation for the next two candidates when work completed

c) *Liaison Assignments* to be determined within 60 days: Secretary will collect list of committee meeting times, discussion will be on line and on the next call

d) *Letter of support for Pacifica*: related to large rent increases as an attack on alternative radio, NY has sent letter of support; need info on firing of a black executive in TX – Andrea will get info from Adrian and Scott, Gloria will work on this too

e) *Observers*: Consensus to increase the number of observers and that 24 hour notice requirement should stand; Mike will investigate the mechanics of a large amount of observers; Decision to allow 10 observers on the next call.


a) *Treasurer’s report* – Hillary Kane:Cash report sent by Jeff Turner shows not much change with about $200k in all accounts; Hillary will be taking over more tasks from Darryl! who is still doing checks, Tamar who is still doing FEC reports , and Jeff who is still doing payroll; discussion with Matt Kozlowski especially about merchant accounts continues; Jody will send a sample of the monthly Treasurer’s Report to GNC from her term as Treasurer; Hillary is setting up an proper ledger for the 2017 budget with expense amounts and budget percentages to date and will complete income records soon though chargeback are problematic;

*BAC request*for $5k for NC – consensus; *Youth Caucus request* for $1k for Basecamp 3 subscription – consensus to reimburse Mike Dennis; *Outreach Committee* – $600 requested for travel to Democracy Convention in Minneapolis by Bernadine Williams and Adrian – consensus; Discussion of need to define responsibilities of committee chairs and committee liaisons

b) *Fundraising report* – Starlene/Tamar: Postal mail letter from Jill and Ajamu being prepared for printer for about 13,000 mailable names.Many new ideas coming into FundCom.

c) *Personnel Working Group* *report* – Darryl: Hillary working toward a recommendation about hiring an accountant or bookkeeper and about accounting software; Staff evaluation process will continue though no record of former evaluations; need feedback about staff support from SC and SC evaluation of staff, info on job descriptions, tasks with percentage of time, how contributions to GPUS meeting its mission; David Doonan is IWW shop steward for staff, consensus to have staff representative on SC calls and Personnel Committee

d) *Liaison reports* – next call


In the queue:

Voting: ID 870 – Housekeeping Changes to GP-US Platform <https://secure.gpus.org/cgi-bin/vote/propdetail?pid=870>
Floor Manager: Chris Blankenhorn  – 07/17/2017 – 07/23/2017

Discussion: ID 874 – GPUS STAFF AS NATIONAL COMMITTEE DELEGATES <https://secure.gpus.org/cgi-bin/vote/propdetail?pid=874>
Floor Manager: Chris Blankenhorn  – 07/17/2017 – 07/23/2017

Received for the queue: none


a) *Annual National Meeting* – Holly Hart/Tamar Yager – Information will be available for next call;

Impressive diversity in Newark; Discussion of need for proposal for ANM committee with SC approval to select the site with input process for NC suggestions, improvements, etc.; may need staff person to oversee

b) *Request for review of February retreat and other strategic planning meetings* for new members – screen shots of flip charts and Adrian’s work plan will be made available

*VI. EXECUTIVE SESSION:* health insurance for employees and voting page maintenance contract review

TOTAL TIME: 3 hours

Jody Grage, Secretary