Greening the Dollar

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The Problem

The money we use is created by private banks as interest bearing debt for personal gain. By allowing this private control of the money supply wealth is concentrated systematically at the top translating to power. A government that does not issue the money is controlled by those who do. This is a major impediment for any nation longing for the freedom of democracy!

The Solution

Ban the private creation of money and restore this power to Congress as required by the Constitution, Article I, Section 8, allowing the public creation of money as a public asset instead of a debt. Public control of the money supply will allow the debt-free funding of human and environmental needs such as healthcare, education, and rebuilding our national infrastructure for the 21st century realities. It is a system based on care instead of personal gain.

The Transition

The transition from our crisis-prone bank debt money system to a stable government money system can be accomplished seamlessly over-night without crashing the system or putting anyone out of business. All money is re-designated U.S. Money and all deposits are kept safe as banks pay over to the U.S. Treasury the repayments from outstanding loan balances due to them. The interest remains income of banks. This process applies only to current loans created by banks before the transition. Once these are paid off the banks can only lend existing money they have in time deposits, as it is commonly believed they do now.

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