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CCC Call, Tuesday, April 16, 2019, 9:00 pm EST

Hillary Kane, Jason Nabewaniec, Holly Hart, Erin Fox, Barbara Barry, Logan Martinez
Starlene Rankin, observer

1. Project Tracking
Project Tracking Team: Erin has reviewed CCC’s mission and current scope of work. There are many options, how do we get things done. Could be overseeing volunteers. Could be recruiting candidate snow, and for 2020.

Hillary notes that there is a lot and difficult to take on. She can commit to the webinars. and now has a volunteer to help clean up the video portions.

Jason liked the spreadsheet, will help keep track; but it looks overwhelming, need more people plugged in.

Barbara – have liaisons stepped forward?

Starlene explained that Nationbuilder volunteer sign-ups, except for fundraising, are not being sent to state contacts. Hillary said some SC have been phishing for a new hire. Not a great track record of converting sign-ups into volunteers.

Possibly a project management application.

Agreed to look over list over the next three weeks, have some ideas where to prioritize on the next call.

2. Webinars
Starlene suggested in lieu of a webinar, set up 2 hours where we talk directly one on one with state party leaders.

Group agreed to go forward with this – will work out who takes which states

Barbara – interested in New England
Hilary & Jason – mid-Atlantic
Holly-Midwest: Prairie and Plains due West)
Erin – Midwest: upper Midwest
Tackle western states and west coast after

Hillary will put out an eBlast

3. May Elections
eBlast to state liaisons asking to make sure to report on any elections news and data; Mike Feinstein’s report from spring elections appears up to date; make sure anything yet to come is included.

4. ANM workshops 
those of yes planning to be there can confer, once we know how much time is available.

5. Candidate Survey (last fall) 
Hillary presented an overview from forms returned. Helpful to get an idea of what we can focus on for trainings and resources.

Tuesday, May 7, 9:00 pm EST: CCC call
Tuesday, May 14, 09:00 pm EST: New England and Mid-Atlantic “one on one” with the CCC

Plan to do a Webinar Reminder eBlast on Monday before the webinars