CCC Policies and Procedures

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The Coordinated Campaign Committee (CCC) is a standing committee of the GPUS that cooperates with state and local chapters in the support of federal, state, and local Green Party electoral campaigns through a variety of different programs and support functions.


The Coordinated Campaign Committee shall consist of 10 voting members Drawn from the affiliated state parties and caucuses. The National Committee shall elect 5 members of the CCC and replacements for recently opened vacancies with an on line election to be held each year. Nominations will be called for by the Secretary of the GPUS each year two weeks after Election Day. A two week nominating period shall be opened, followed by one week of discussion and an on line STV vote using the GPUS voting page and following the procedures and protocols the GPUS uses to elect the Steering Committee. The 5 people elected each year via the regular election shall serve two year terms while those elected or selected to fill vacancies will serve out the term of the member they are replacing. In between annual December elections for the CCC the GPUS Steering Committee shall appoint Greens to fill vacancies.

Committee members elected or selected in 2006 prior to an on line Election authorized by the passage of this proposal shall be able to maintain their seats until the election held in 2007. The Committee will continue to recruit and have members selected by the GPUS SC prior to November 2006 and then hold an election based on this rule change beginning in November 2006 to fill the rest of the seats that have not yet been filled. The Committee shall in January 2007 hold a lottery to determine which of the newly elected committee members shall have their terms conclude in December 2007 and which 5 shall Serve until the election in 2008.

The committee shall always have an equal number of women to other members on its roster, except when it has an odd number of members. Then its makeup can be +1 for any gender. The exception to this rule is that no member of the committee shall be asked or forced to resign from the committee in order to re-establish the balance. The balance will be re-established by adding members to the committee. Each year, the election to fill open seats on the CCC shall be two elections, one to elect up to 5 women to the committee, one to elect up to 5 open seats for men and nonbinary individuals. The number elected in any given year shall be determined by the nature of the vacancies in that year with the goal of having at least 5 women on the committee.”

No State Green Party or GPUS Caucus may have more than one member serving on the CCC at any time. State Parties and Caucuses must formally, in writing, nominate one of their members to serve on the CCC. No State Party or Caucus can nominate more than one person in any given year, nor can they nominate if a member of their state party or caucus will continue to serve on the committee after the filling of whatever seats are being filled. Nominations from State Party or Caucus officers are to be sent to the Secretary of the GPUS during the post November Election Nominating Period and when a vacancy is being filled, and the Secretary shall publish them on the votes email list.

The Coordinated Campaign Committee may also work with a pool of CCC Associates; these include one liaison from each affiliated state party not already represented on the CCC as well as staff or other persons necessary to the productivity of the CCC who shall be chosen as deemed appropriate by the CCC. Associates may participate in CCC discussions and meetings as needed but are not regular voting members of the CCC.

The responsibilities of the co-chairs shall include keeping the committee on task, maintaining a current roster of committee members, conducting votes, and communicating with CC and SC members for the BRPP committee and its subcommittees. Co-chairs shall submit formal monthly reports to the CC list detailing committee activities. The committee may create working groups and subcommittees.



The CCC shall maintain an e-mail list for all committee business and formal decision-making.

Before a proposal is forwarded to the Coordinating Committee, it shall first be sent to all CCC members, via the list, for formal approval. CCC members shall attempt to reach consensus on all proposals, with a simple majority needed to pass any proposals in which consensus cannot be reached.


When needed, the CCC shall conduct teleconferences for specific purposes. An agenda will be issued for said teleconferences at least 48 hours in advance. A facilitator and note keeper will be chosen from among the CCC members.


The members of the CCC shall elect three co-chairs of the committee, gender balanced, within one month of overall committee elections. If more then three candidates are nominated, the CCC members shall use preference voting.’

Approved by the GPUS National Committee January 28, 2002

Approved by the GPUS National Committee June 18, 2006

Approved by the GPUS National Committee September 24, 2006

Approved by the GPUS National Committee June 8, 2008

Approved by the GPUS National Committee May 5, 2021