Statement on Georgia Green Party decision

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The Diversity Committee of the Green Party of the United States offers the following statement in response to the Georgia Green Party’s affirmation of the “Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights.”1

We find this declaration adds to the oppression of transgendered individuals and, as such, is inconsistent with Green values. All women deserve dignity and respect and the right to govern their own bodies and lives with equity and justice in our nation and the world.

The Green Party of the United States has affirmed in our platform that trans women are women, trans men are men, and all children deserve the opportunity to live and grow in the world into their own self-determined place and presence regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. Discrimination and oppression based upon a person’s gender are inappropriate in all circumstances and every person should be conscious of the oppression and lived experiences of all women, whether identified female at birth or later in life.

The Diversity Committee affirms the rights of all individuals to self-identify and live out their identities without restrictions: neither social, legislative, nor cultural. We also call for an examination of social norms that demean women and femininity, or that marginalize those who do not fit or choose to accept socially constructed gender norms or expectations.

We oppose state parties or caucuses taking stances that violate Green Party standards. These principles should provide the guidance for how we continue to engage each other on these and other issues that may come in the future. We have the opportunity to lead in a world where clear leadership is needed through education and positive discussion that will lead to affirmations that the entire party can stand behind.

Diversity Committee
September 23, 2020

[1] Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights