Presidential Campaign Support Committee – Mission Statement

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(approved 6/20/10)

Section 1-1 Mission

1-1.1 Represent the GPUS in coordinating communication with candidates seeking the GPUS Presidential nomination.

1-1.2 Provide support to state parties for their nomination process.

1-1.3 Represent the GPUS in the coordination of communication with the campaigns of the GPUS presidential and vice-presidential nominee.

1-1.4 Coordinate communication between accredited state parties and caucuses, GPUS committees and the GPUS presidential and vice-presidential nominee to ensure good communication and an effective working relationship between party and candidates.

1-1.5 Prepare and administer an exploratory/outreach plan to potential candidates that provides needed information to potential candidates and solicits meaningful information from them, that is conducted in a manner that portrays the GPUS in a positive and credible light, treats potential candidates fairly and respectfully and builds positive relationships for the Green Party.

1-1.6 During the year preceding the Quadrennial Presidential Nominating Convention, assess and prepare GPUS resources and networks needed to support the nominees, including communications and coordination with the Ballot Access Committee, developing Internet resources, and encouraging volunteer coordinators and support networks in state Green Parties.

1-1.7 As a matter of course, take grassroots input into account, and have as overarching goal the growth of the Green Party.

Section 1-2 Duties and Responsibilities

The Presidential Campaign Support Committee shall have the duty and responsibility to:

1-2.1 Serve as liaison between candidates and the Ballot Access Committee to formulate and implement ballot access strategy;

1-2.2 Create and maintain a list of initial points of contact and election-related laws and bylaws for each state party and caucus, to provide as a resource to the candidates (before the convention) and nominees (after the convention);

1-2.3 Assist state parties in creating and conducting a process that gets grassroots input into determining presidential preference and selecting delegates to the GPUS Presidential Nominating convention;

1-2.4 Coordinate public debates between candidates for the GPUS nomination;

1-2.5 Lead and organize efforts to open the presidential debates to Green candidates and work to raise awareness of the need for open debates.

1-2.6 Lead and serve as liaison between the Annual National Meeting Committee, Media Committee, and candidates seeking the GPUS nomination on coordination of a pre-nomination candidate forum and a post-nomination campaign launch at the Presidential Nominating Convention.

1-2.7 In cooperation with Annual National Meeting Committee, Media Committee and GPUS Webmaster, create and maintain an official pre-Convention web site to provide candidate information, resource links and tracking of the delegate selection process, and a post-convention web site to display the results of the nominating convention as well as links to the presidential candidate’s official web site.

1-2.8 Provide coordination for communication between GPUS committees and the candidates (before the convention) and the nominee (after the convention);

1-2.9 Assemble legal resources and advisers on issues of federal election law where appropriate and necessary;

1-2.10 Provide coordination with the Coordinated Campaign Committee regarding cooperation between the nominees and ‘down-ticket’ candidacies.

1-2.11 Develop and administer a GPUS candidate questionnaire to potential candidates and make available candidate responses to state parties and caucuses through the GPUS web site, National Committee delegates and State Party chairs.


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Proposal   #63: Proposal to Create a Presidential Campaign Support Committee (approved 12/22/03)


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