August 23, 2020

Green Party of the United States
Steering Committee

Sunday August 23, 2020
8:00 PM EDT
  1. Call Setup & Background
    1. Facilitator:
      Charles Sherrouse
    2. Roll call
      Kristin Combs, Trahern Crews, Margaret Elisabeth, Gloria Mattera (unavailable), Tony Ndege, Anita Rios, Tamar Yager
      David Gerry
      Hillary Kane (unavailable)
      Holly Hart (IA), Starlene Rankin (LC)
    3. Establish Quorum: 9 current members; quorum is 5. 7 members present quorum is established.

    4. Agenda revision suggestions
  2. Standing Business
    1. Secretary's Report

      There has been an increase in GPUS committee appointments lately in which the state parties have not been informing the secretary. This includes states that have correctly done so in the recent past. State parties and caucuses are being asked to provide current lists of committee appointments with few results. Hugh Esco has presented a invoice for work done and research is being done to determine what was authorized in past meetings.

    2. Treasurer's report

      Monthly Treasurer Reports

    3. Approval of Expenditures

      2020 Budget

      1. BAC: $10,000 Nevada

        $5,000 paid directly as a retainer. Another $5,000 in 90 days.

        Approved Online: Hillary, David, Tony, Tamar, and Anita

      2. BAC: $5,000 Pennsylvania

        Approved Online: Tony, Margaret, Gloria, Anita, and Trahern

      3. $50 for pre-paid priority mail envelopes

        Approved Online: Hillary, Gloria, Trahern, Margaret, David

    4. Liaison Assignments

      2020 – 2021 Liaison Assignments
      Committee Liaison
      Accreditation Trahern
      Animal Rights Tamar
      Annual National Meeting Anita
      Apportionment Review Tamar
      Apportionment Tabulation Tamar
      Ballot Access Tony
      Banking and Monetary Reform Margaret
      Bylaws, Rules, Policies and Procedures Margaret
      Coordinated Campaign Gloria
      Credentials Kristin
      Dispute Resolution Kristin
      Diversity Anita
      Eco-Action Tony
      Election Tabulation Gloria
      Finance Tamar
      Fundraising Gloria
      Green Pages Editorial Board Trahern
      International Anita
      Media Gloria
      Merchanise Trahern
      Outreach Tony
      Peace Action Kristin
      Platform Kristin
      Presidential Campaign Support Margaret
    5. Liaison reports
      • Accreditation Committee

        Discussion of AK and RI not supporting the presidential nominee.

      • Ballot Access Committee

        In OH Hawkins/Walker campaign will be on ballot as independents. PA is pursuing a legal challenge. WI candidates challenged as Walker's address changed during the petitioning and differs on some collection sheets. VA not enough signatures collected.

      • Bylaws, Rules, Policies and Procedures Committee (Kristin)

        There are new members and some activity within the committee about a review of proposals passed by the National Committee and which have not been incorporated into the written bylaws and procedures.

      • Credentials Committee

        The Credentials Committee has been meeting and working on final report and recommendations.

      • Dispute Resolution Committee

        There are two current disputes being worked on.

      • Finance CommitteeD (Tamar)

        Discussing liaison change and co-signatory checking the bylaws and rules of the GPUS.

      • International Committee

        The committee is working on their response to a letter from the European Greens.

      • Merchandising Committee

        A quick inventory of buttons and other merch presented. A new template for designs using “print on demand” in two colors to make it easier for caucuses to submit.

  3. Voting Queue
    1. In the queue
    2. Received for the queue
      1. 1026 – Add a code of conduct to the party bylaws
        Women’s Caucus, Virginia, District of Columbia, Black Caucus
        Floor Manager:
        Findings (Item moved to next meeting. Received less than 6 days before this meeting.
  4. Old Business
    1. Presidential Campaign Follow-up

      An e-mail blast has gone out from the GPUS fundraising for the presidential campaign. There maybe another later.

    2. “Lives Over Luxury” Follow-up

      Report on event endorsed by the SC.
      There was a march to the Bidon headquarters in Philidelphia. Howie Hawkins spoke at the beginning and end of the march. There were fences setup before the entrance to the Bidon headquarters.

    3. Forum Managers Nominations

      Current names: Holly Hart, Sid Smith, Frank Young (alternate) GPUS RPP Article IX. National Committee Listserv Protocols and Policies

      IV. Forum Managers and Enforcement
      A. The Steering Committee shall nominate three individuals, subject to National Committee approval, to serve coincident two-year terms as Forum Managers and one individual subject to National Committee approval, to serve as Alternate Forum Manager. Forum Managers may be sitting NC delegates, alternates or others as recommended by their State or Caucus. All nominees must be either recommended or approved by their State or Caucus. All three Forum Managers can not be of the same gender. It is recommended that Forum Managers have dispute resolution training. In the event of a Forum Manager resignation or other vacancy, the Alternate will serve the remainder of the term as a Forum Manager. In addition the SC shall nominate a replacement to fill the role of Alternate, to be approved by the NC via the same method used to nominate and elect the Forum Manager. The replacement Alternate Forum Manager will fill the balance of the term as Alternate.

      Sid’s explanation of duties

      Secretary will contact forum managers for nominees.

  5. New Business
    1. Response to DRC

      A request from the DRC for the SC to engage in dispute resolution.
      The SC finds the disputes are unwarranted; the e-mail forwarder is not known, advertised or used; observers on SC calls are not allowed to speak without the consent of the SC.

      Steering Committee Rules and Procedures
      E. Observers on GPUS-SC Conference Calls

      SC calls will be open to no more than five observers on each call.

      NC delegates and alternates can observe the call by contacting theSC Secretary at least 24 hours in advance on a first come, firstserved basis. Delegates and alternates who have never observed ona call will receive priority over those who have. Observers willbe provided with a call number and access code that they will beadvised not to share. Observers may observe only and may not participateor ask questions during the call unless they have specifically requestedto be added to the agenda in advance.

      Decision is not to accept dispute resolution: No: Trahern, Tony, Anita, Tamar; Yes: Kristin, David; Abstain: Margaret

    2. Endorsement of RCV Initiative

      Margaret will write a proposal to submit to the National Committee.

      This will be on the Massachusetts ballot it is also a nation-wide initiative.

    3. Alaska Green Party

      Decision to submit the following message to the Alaska Green Party from the Steering Committee
      concerns that the Steering Committee shouldn't a separate message to Alaska
      Vote: Yes: Kristin, Anita, Tamar; No: Margaret, David; Abstain: Trahern, Tony

      On Thursday August 20th The accreditation committee received complaints from Maryland, North Carolina, and Arkansas regarding the Green Party of Alaska refusal to put the Green Party Nominee on the Ballot. That started a 30 day period in which those state parties and Alaska can work out the grievance. If no resolution has occurred by that point, the Accreditation Committee can begin the process of deciding if it will recommend de-accreditation to the National Committee.

      The Steering Committee values all our state parties, including Alaska. We want all our parties to remain accredited. We also support the work and dedication of our candidates and want our members, in all states, to have the opportunity to vote for the GPUS nominees. We strongly encourage the Green Party of Alaska to submit all required paperwork to place the GPUS national candidates on the ballot.

      Steering Committee
      Green Party of the United States

  6. Executive Session