January 10, 2021

Green Party of the United States
Steering Committee

Sunday January 10, 2021
8:00 PM EST

Observers please fill out the Observer Request Form.

  1. Call Setup & Background
    15 minutes
    1. Facilitator:
      Robin Harris
    2. Roll call
      Kristin Combs,
      Trahern Crews,
      Margaret Elisabeth,
      Gloria Mattera,
      Tony Ndege,
      Anita Rios,
      Tamar Yager
      David Gerry
      Hillary Kane
    3. Establish Quorum: 9 current members; quorum is 5.

      When you are not speaking please have your phone muted.

      When someone finishes speaking please say “over” then the stack will be called and people can ask to be added.

    4. Agenda revision suggestions

      If there is not consensus then simple changes need a majority and new items require 2/3 majority.

  2. Standing Business
    55 minutes
    1. Secretary's Report (David)
      5 minutes

    2. Approval of Expenditures
      15 minutes

      2020 Budget

      1. Lavender Caucus $300.63
        0 minutes

        From the caucus budget line for social media advertising.

        Approved On-line 12/17/20: Hillary, Kristin, Gloria, Trahern, Anita

      2. BAC:
        0 minutes

        New York $5000
        Request Application

        Approved On-line (21/29/20: Yes: Kristin, Tony, iHillary, Margaret, Trahern, Anita; Abstain: Gloria

      3. Communications Manager: $23.99 for FreedCamp
        5 minutes

        FrredCamp is a project management tool. This is for testing and possible use in future.

        Approved On-line (01/02/21): Yes Hillary, Gloria, Kristin, Margaret, Trahern, Anita, Tony

      4. Black Caucus $1000
        10 minutes

        Reparations March and Rally

    3. Staff Report (Gloria, Hillary)
      5 minutes

      a. List swap with Hawkins Campaign
      b. Redistribution of Office Work

    4. Liaison reports
      30 minutes

      As needed. Please be breif.

      • Trahern: Accreditation, Green Pages, Merchandising
      • Kristin: Credentials, DRC, GPAX, Platform
      • Margaret: BMRC, BRPP, PCSC, Strategic Planning
      • Gloria: CCC, ETC, Fundraising, Media
      • Tony: BAC, Eco-Action, Outreach
      • Anita: ANMC, Diversity, IC
      • Tamar: ARC, Apportionment Review, Finance

      Merchandise Committee Year End Report

  3. Voting Queue
    10 minutes
    1. In the queue
      1. 1030 – De-accreditation of Green Party of Alaska
        Accreditation Committee
        Floor Manager:
        Tony Ndege
      2. 1031 – Amendment Credentials Committee Mission Statement
        Credentials Committee
        Floor Manager:
        Anita Rios
    2. Received for the queue
      1. 1032 – Process for Censure of GP member states in violation of National Committee Accreditation rules
        Latinx Caucus
        Floor Manager:
        Tamar Yager
  4. Old Business
    5 minutes
    1. Planning 2020 Presidential Campaign Debrief (Dicision; Trahern)
      5 minutes
  5. New Business
    10 minutes
    1. Pre-approval of Small Expenditures (Decision; Hillary)
      10 minutes

      This will pre-approve expenditures under $75 up to a total of $500.

  6. End call recording

    1 hours 35 minutes
  7. Executive Session
    20 minutes
    1. Personnel
      20 minutes

1 hours 55 minutes