January 10, 2021


Green Party of the United States
Steering Committee

Sunday January 10, 2021
8:00 PM EST
Full Agenda Minutes:
Call Recordings:
  1. Call Setup & Background
      1. Facilitator:
        Robin Harris
      2. Roll call
        Kristin Combs, Trahern Crews, Margaret Elisabeth, Gloria Mattera, Tony Ndege, Anita Rios, Tamar Yager
        David Gerry
        Hillary Kane
        Maureen Doyle (MA), Andy Ellis (MD), Holly Hart (IA), Haryaksha Gregor Knauer (AZ), Michael O’Niel (NY), Starlene Rankin (LC)

    Quorum established: 9 of 9 members present.

    1. Agenda revision suggestionsNone
  2. Standing Business
    1. Secretary’s ReportThere have been 5 changes from state parties or caucuses to their delegations for the National Committee.
      The Black Caucus recently sent in appointments to committees. This includes 2 candidates for the Finance Committee with a possible third. Candidate statements need to be sent to the secretary in order to be submitted to the NC for approval.
      Over the course of a year the National Committee turns over about one third of its delegations. A yearly National Committee Delegate 101 would be useful.
      Recommend a Co-Chair 101 for committee co-chairs.
    2. Approval of Expenditures2020 Budget

      2021 Budget

      1. Lavender Caucus $300.63From the caucus budget line for social media advertising.

        Approved On-line 12/17/20: Hillary, Kristin, Gloria, Trahern, Anita

      2. BAC:New York $5000
        Request Application

        Approved On-line (21/29/20: Yes: Kristin, Tony, iHillary, Margaret, Trahern, Anita; Abstain: Gloria

      3. Communications Manager: $23.99 for FreedCampFrredCamp is a project management tool. This is for testing and possible use in future.

        Approved On-line (01/02/21): Yes Hillary, Gloria, Kristin, Margaret, Trahern, Anita, Tony

      4. Black Caucus $1000Reparations March and Rally

        Each caucus has $500 in 2021 budget and the Black Caucus currently has $329 in their reserves.
        Proposal that the SC approve $700 from the caucus line of the budget, above their reserves.
        Concern: The amount be $500 instead of $700.
        Vote: Yes Hillary, Trahern, Tamar, Tony, Anita, Gloria, Margaret; No Kristin; Abstain David

    3. Treasurer’s UpdateIn December a $28,000 donation was received via PayPal. The Donor has been contacted by Gloria to thank them. Under the advice of the fundraising consultants hired previously the funds will be kept in PayPal to ensure the donation wasn’t a mistake.
    4. Staff ReportThere was a Bon Voyage for Starlene Rankin’s retirement. Hilary setup a kudos board so people can thank her for her service.

      Annual reviews for staff are being scheduled.

      The list swap with the Hawkins Campaign due Jan. 1 hasn’s been done.
      There are reported technical problems on the Hawkins side.
      A response from the Steering Committee will be sent to the Hawkins campaign.

    5. Liaison reports
      • Accreditation Committee (Trahern)
        Meetings:The NC vote on Alaska has completed. Rhode Island will be next proposal sent for vote by the NC.
      • Animal Rights Committee (Tamar)
        Meetings:The committee still does much of its work on FaceBook.
      • Annual National Meeting Committee (Anita)
        Meetings: First and Third ThursdaysThe committee is doing assessments from the 2020 PNC.
        They are considering themes for the 2021 ANM with anti-oppression as a focus.
        A concern was expressed that the tentative date of the ANM falls on Pride weekend.
      • Ballot Access Committee ()
        Meetings: Third MondaysThe committee is meeting. Arizona has a county requesting funds but delivered response infromation too late to be approved for 2020.
        A call for nominations for co-chair have gone out.
      • Banking and Monetary Reform Committee (Margaret)
        Meetings:The committee is working on a proposal to offer to the “Movement for a People’s Party” to adopt the “Greening the Dollar”.
        The committee has created two websites allianceformonetaryreform.org these are non-partisan and disassociated with the GPUS. This should be a concern of the Steering Committee.

        The committee is exceeding its mission statement by reaching out or creating non-Green organizations.

        The Steering Committee wants to know if the BMRC is using GPUS resources (including staff) when working with outside groups.

      • Bylaws, Rules, Policies and Procedures Committee (Margaret)
        Meetings:The committee held co-chair elections last month Kristin C. and Hunter C. elected. The committee will be having a meeting next week.
      • Coordinated Campaign Committee (Gloria)
        Meetings: First and Third TuesdaysThe committee is working on an update to their rules and procedures regarding election process.
        Two upcoming webinars Jan. 26 and one in Feb.
        Hillary was part of a campaign school in Wisconsin.
      • Dispute Resolution Committee (Kristin)
        Meetings:There are 2 current complaints under consideration.
      • Diversity Committee (Anita)
        Meetings: Fourth WednesdaysElections were held to fill vacant co-chair position. Gil Obler was elected.
      • Eco-Action Committee (Tony)
        Meetings: Fourth SaturdaysThe committee held elections and the new chairs are Mark Dunlea and Dawn Marie Cronen, and secretary Mike Gamms.

        The committee is having a poll to establish regular meeting time. They will be discussing the goals of the committee for 2021.

      • Fundraising Committee (Gloria)
        Meetings: First and Third MondaysA sustainer drive to get 100 new sustainers by the end of the year.
      • Green Pages Editorial Board (Trahern)
        Meetings:The committee may have a new editor.
      • International Committee (Anita)
        Meetings: Fourth WednesdaysThe committee has started having regular meetings.
        The liaison is assisting the co-chairs on being able to submit press releases to the Media Committee.
      • Media Committee (Gloria)
        Meetings: Second and Fourth TuesdaysThe Communications Manager has created a template and process for committees and caucuses to submit items for the Media Committee. This will be sent to the SC mailing list to be shared with co-chairs.
      • Merchandising Committee (Trahern)
        Meetings: First and Third MondaysMerchandise Committee Year End Report

        Currently there are 3 co-chairs Chris B., Dave O. and Cynthya B.

        A few weeks ago there was a problem with shipping of merchandise which is being worked on.

      • Outreach Committee (Tony)
        Meetings:The committee held a meeting in December.
        There is a poll circulating in the committee for regular meeting time.
        The committee will be having an audit of its members.
      • Peace Action Committee (Kristin)
        Meetings: First and Third TuesdaysThe committee meets regularly but nothing to report.
      • Platform Committee (Kristin)
        Meetings:The committee is holding co-chair elections for both positions.
      • Presidential Campaign Support Committee (Margaret)
        Meetings: Second ThursdaysA reportfrom the PCSC regarding the 2020 presidential campaign cycle should be available by Feb. 14.
      • Apportionment Review Committee (Tamar)The committee will be holding a meeting Jan. 14.
  3. Voting Queue
    1. In the queue
      1. 1030 – De-accreditation of Green Party of Alaska
        Accreditation Committee
        Floor Manager:
        Tony Ndege
      2. 1031 – Amendment Credentials Committee Mission Statement
        Credentials Committee
        Floor Manager:
        Anita Rios
    2. Received for the queue
      1. 1032 – Process for Censure of GP member states in violation of National Committee Accreditation rules
        Latinx Caucus
        Floor Manager:
        Tamar Yager
        1. This proposal would arguably add a new formal responsibility to the Mission of the Accreditation Committee. For that reason, it must include an amendment to the Accreditation Committee’s Mission Statement. Otherwise it creates the potential for dispute over the role of the Accreditation Committee, which is governed by its Mission Statement.
        2. This proposal would establish a new Mission for the Dispute Resolution Committee.  Just as above with amending the Mission of the Accreditation Committee, in order to eliminate any conflict among the party’s governing rules documents, this new task would require an amendment to the Mission Statement of the Dispute Resolution Committee.
        3. This proposal would established that observers to GPUS committees may continue from state parties that are censured.  The place where GPUS committees are handled in GPUS governing rules documents is Article III Committees of GPUS Bylaws.  In order to ensure no dispute about the role of observers, any text regarding observers needs to be reflected in Article III Committees.

        These findings were accepted by Anita Rios on behalf of the Latinx Caucus (sponsor).

  4. Old Business
    1. Planning 2020 Presidential Campaign DebriefPossible there can be two. One for the presidential campaign and another for down ballot candidates.
      The debrief is written to be included in the ANM following the PNC but it doesn’s have to be. The ANM will be a virtual convention again this year and this would be a separate part. This should be done with the PCSC.
      This will be taken up by Trahern and Anita with cooperation from the PCSC and Communications Manager.
  5. New Business
    1. Pre-approval of Small Expenditures (Decision; Hillary)This will pre-approve expenditures under $75 up to a total of $500. These will be reported by the Treasurer in their reports. Once the $500 has been reached a new approval under the same conditions may be reapproved if the SC wishes to continue this procedure.

      Approved by consensus.

  6. Executive Session
    1. Personnel