November 12, 2023

GPUS Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
Date: Sunday, November 12 , 2023


Observers are asked to remain muted and refrain from using the chat function.  If someone wishes to speak to an agenda item, please respond to or this address, above.


  1. Setup and Background – 10 min.
  2.   Facilitator: Robin Harris
  3.   Steering Committee Roll Call:
  4.     Craig Cayetano (co-chair) – present
  5.     Margaret Elisabeth (co-chair) – present
  6.     Darryl! Moch (co-chair) – present
  7.     Alfred Molison (co-chair) – 
  8.     Joseph Naham (co-chair) – present
  9.     Tony Ndege (co-chair) – presnet
  10.     Tamar Yager (co-chair) – present
  11.     Holly Hart (secretary) – present
  12.     Bob Stuller (treasurer) – present



Observers:  Scott Laugenaur (WA, requested to speak for the CCC if needed); Cassandra Lems, NY; Maureen Doyle, MA; Alan Hunter, NY; Starlene Rankin, WA



Observers (remain muted and refrain from using the chat feature):

Establish Quorum (9 current members, quorum is 5)

Approve Agenda (changes require majority, new items require ⅔)


  1. Treasurer’s Report   (Bob)  

Tamar provided some recent numbers, and she and Bob provided updated reports for the Steering Committee.  The Green Party is mainly existing on funds from a bequest.  Half the bequest which had been expected is not forthcoming, per the decision of the estate executor.  Bob and the Finance Committee are looking into whether there is any legal claim possible on this end, but not optimistic.  Set of Financial Reports  2023-11-12

       Penalties from NY (worker’s comp incurred last year) have been decreased from $15,000 to just under $1000.

The recent Direct Mail paid for itself, brought in a little more. [NOTE: CORRECTION: Upon review, direct mail did not break even, did ot some out well.  Lost a little??]   There were many bounced addresses. FinCom has on their agenda to clean up the database and outdated addresses.

Tamar noted that we have money in the bank, but we don’t know all upcoming expenses.  We will need to restart PeopleKeep and pay staff.  Fundraising goals were not met, except for Sustainers, due to one sustainer.


Discussion of current circumstances; opportunities vs. economic and political circumstances. Refer to reports.  Tamar notes the financial situation is serious, we will not reach historical projections.  Income is coming from Annual National Meeting and the bequest – not fundraising; but we need to survive by fundraising.  The Presidential Nominating Convention would likely cost $40-50,000 beyond what would be brought in by registration.


Suggestion was made for SC members to observe Fundraising and Finance Committee meetings to learn more. It was also recommended that Steering Committee members engage in fundraising a couple hours a month.



 III.    New Business

  1. CCC Request for $1500 for Jason Call, US Congress Candidate, Washington.  See Addendum A


  1. CCC and BAC requests for funding for Eddie Espinoza Texas ballot filing fee (committee deliberations and votes in process). 

BAC Funding Request – Eddie Espinoza for Texas Railroad Commissioner See ADDENDUM D


CCC Proposal for Provisional Disbursement for Eddie Espinoza for Texas Railroad Commissioner  See ADDENDUM E


Tony noted that the BAC request Is based on reserves,  which they can use without SC approval


CCC requests, APPROVED by consensus, Tamar standing aside.



  1. Distributors/producers offering screening of Film – Americonned –  Holly will follow up with a couple caucuses or committees who had expressed interest in a screening.


  1. Clarification/Discussion of PCSC role in state party presidential candidate “debates” – (Tony)

Concern that PCSC co-chair, Violet Zitola, was overstepping

bounds in organizing outside the rules approved by PCSC.  Holly, on PCSC, and Tamar noted that this is something actually being organized by the PCSC, looking for different states and time zones;.  PCSC would like to have four events, each based on one of the four pillars.  Any candidate participating will have to have met the criteria for PCSC “recognition.”  Margaret noted this seems to be PCSC working with states, just ensure there is no favoritism in selecting states.  Darryl! stated that the National Black Caucus is also going to have a candidate event (next Sunday?), also offered to be one of the four “party-sanctioned” debates/forums, as well. Tony expressed the same concern.


  1.         Standing Business 5 min,
  2.     Recap of Listserv Decisions (Holly) 

1,  Request by Philena Farley, Media – 30 day run starting at $50 social media petition boost  APPROVED


  1. Reports 30 min


  1.   Treasurer (Bob) – done, see above

                         Financial Report (Tamar and Bob)

Tony – report on BAC direct donations funding since March 2023 


  1. Secretary (Holly):
  2. Correspondence – Letter from Egyptian Green Party ADDENDUM B
  3. Progress report on updates, proposals updates, Google Drive Folders, directory and NC lists; Note on ADDENDA and why they’re included;  Updates to Google permissions for Meetings, which should allow NC members to view agenda and other documents.


  1. Staff Report (Tamar, Tony)

Staff meetings are now on a Tuesday.  Staff has asked for a raise.  They are now working on a union contract so that can be negotiated. 


  1. Liaison assignments 

  Craig: Media; Merchandise, Presidential Campaign Support Committee

MerchCom has new merchandise on shop  – “Legalize It” shirts and hoodie and mug.  Green Chicklet in multiple designs and colors, so you have appropriate colors for specific types of events (i.e., blue for Labor events, etc.).  SHOP and SHARE  Tamar noted that MerchCom can do an eBlast; possibility of gift certificates?


PCSC – Jorge Zavala is close to PCSC recognition; Joseph ?, as well. Davi is reaching out to states, not going through PCSC; unsure of progress with Jasmine Sherman; Jill Stein is expected to qualify soon.


Good work on Media Committee with recent GreenStream, livestreams and reports from the March in DC.



 Joseph: EcoAction, Green Pages, International

EcoAction is having a forum tomorrow on garbage incineration; working on water issues in New Mexico; want to provide technical assistance and broaden base of support, provide webinars, separate from business meetings.


International Committee voted on representatives to Sao Paolo Forum. Discussion on the voting process and method, which resulted in filling only two seats.  Considering amending bylaws to address absentee co-chairs. Discussion regarding re-entering Global Greens.  Trying for a meeting with the Green Party of Korea. 


Green Pages has not had any meetings.


Tamar: Apportionment Tabulation, Credentials, Election Tabulation, Staff Supervisor, Apportionment Review Committee 


ATC and CredCom are doing great work. ATC proposal coming up.


  Margaret: Diversity

 Diversity hosting webinar on Transgender Day of Remembrance 11/15


Margaret is willing to be liaison for Banking and Monetary Reform


Council of Caucus meeting tomorrow, open to members of an of the caucuses.


Fundraising – most-time fundraiser was let go and there is no longer someone putting in 80 hours of fundraising effort per month.  Not able to be picked up by volunteers.  Encourages members to come to any Fundraising meetings: they have new things they want to try.  Older SC blocked ideas.  Now is a chance to try new efforts and ideas.



DRC has had difficulty in finding times when members can meet.  They are looking to find times.  Unfinished business they want to close out.


Platform – looking to get new co-chairs, have a couple new people interested. Should be moving forward with process soon.



Joseph: Proposed Tool for Identifying and Assessing Committee Challenges

Joseph has updated the document; can use it or keep editing.



  1.         Voting Queue – (Holly)  10 min
  2.   RECEIVED for the QUEUE
  3. ATC Delegate Apportionment for NC and PNC – 2023-2024

Sponsor: Apportionment Tabulation Committee

Threshold: ⅔ Approval

Floor Manager: Holly Hart

Discussion: November 20 – December 3, 2023\

Voting: December 4 – 10, 2023



  1. IN the QUEUE



  1.     #1161 Floor Manager Settings for Ranked Choice Vote 

            Sponsor: GP of Washington State

             Discussion through 11/12/2023

             Voting from 11/13 – 11/19/2023

             Approval threshold: simple majority

             Floor Manager: Holly Hart 






  1.   #1163 Mock Ranked Choice Vote for #1161

      Discussion from 10/9 -10/10/23

      Voting from 10/11 – 10/22/20



  1. #1159  Accreditation of South Dakota Green Party

Sponsors:  GPUS Accreditation Committee, Steering Committee

 Floor Manager: Holly Hart

Threshold: ⅔ approval



  1. #1164  Amend PNC Rules to Allow for Virtual PNC Option 

                        Sponsors: ANM and Steering Committees

         Floor Manager: Holly Hart

                            Discussion Period: 10/17-10/29/2023

                        Voting Period: 10/30 – 11/05/2023

                        Approval Threshold:  ⅔ 



VII.         Old Business – 10 – 15 min

  1.   Coalition to March on the RNC 2024 – no action taken. TABLED to take up online, and decide whether to take this up.  Announcement was re-sent following the Draft agenda


VIII.         Executive Session – none



  1. IX.     NEW ITEM: Next Meetings – Two upcoming meetings will fall on major holidays.  Margaret proposed the SC not meet on 12/16, but on 12/10.   Tony added that a special budget meeting added in December, scheduled via a Doodle poll. 


SC APPROVED meeting on December 10, and encourages members to observe Finance and Fundraising meetings.



TOTAL TIME – 2 hr. 15 min.




 Hello Steering Committee,


The Coordinated Campaign Committee came to consensus on Oct 25, 2023 to award Jason Call’s 2024 campaign (2nd Congressional District, Washington) a grant of $1500.


CCC requests that approval of this disbursement be on the agenda for the November 12, 2023 meeting of the Steering Committee.


I intend to be present at the meeting in case there are any questions.


Mr. Call had applied for the grant in June of this year, and we advised him that we would defer consideration of it until all the grant applications for 2023 candidates had been considered.


Prior to making this award to Jason Call, CCC had spent/awarded less than 50% of its $10,000 2023 budget.  In addition to Jason Call’s application, there are three other candidate grant applications in the review pipeline:  Eddie Espinoza (TX Senate), Christina Khalil (NJ Senate), and Sean Dougherty (CA House).  Any award granted will be presented to the SC in due course, probably by early December.


Thank you for your support.




Scott Laugenour, Co-Chair

GPUS Coordinated Campaign Committee



On Sat, 4 Nov at 8:15 AM , Egyptian Green Party <> wrote:

Dear Green Party in US,


According to reports in the world media, the number of bombs and missiles landed on Gaza Strip neighborhoods between October 7 and today is equivalent to the detonation of two atomic bombs. Additionally, Amnesty International documented that Israel had used white phosphorus bombs. For those who are unaware of white phosphorus bombs.These explosives can be used as weapons that can hurt both people and the environment, or they can be used as a thick smoke screen. White phosphorous causes the skin and flesh of the human body to burn until only bones remain.


The Gaza Strip is facing a terrible environmental catastrophe as a result of Israel’s massive bombing and missile launches, which have the same impact as two atomic bombs on every location within Gaza. Gaza is just 40 kilometers long and 12 kilometers wide. Without a doubt, the massive amounts of explosives launched on the Gaza Strip would kill the region’s trees and living things and have a significant effect on the air, land, sea, and subterranean well water. In addition, the Israeli forces demolished hundreds of residential and non-residential buildings, resulting in thousands of tons of building rubble that was detonated on women and children’s heads.


The Gaza Strip is being subjected to an environmental catastrophe by Israeli forces, and the Egyptian Green Party will not sit idly by as this catastrophe affects not only the Gaza Strip but also the nations that border the Strip. Therefore, the Egyptian Green Party calls on international organizations concerned with environmental protection to intervene immediately in order to stop

this war that has destroyed the green and dry land, condemns the destructive actions carried out by Israel in Gaza, and expresses its deep concern about the repercussions of this war on the regional ecosystem.


Mr. Khaled Goshan,


President of the Egyptian Green Party


November 3, 2023



Dear Mr. Goshan and Members of the Egyptian Green Party:

  Thank you for your heartfelt and informative message.  You have provided some critical details regarding the types of weapons being used, and we will share this with our national committee and members throughout the country.

Members of the Green Party of the U. S. are horrified and deeply concerned at the events unfolding in Gaza.  We are aware of the terrible destruction of life and environment taking place in Gaza, and very much distressed that the U.S. government is lending support for the occupying forces.

  The Green Party of the U.S. endorsed and had a contingent at a national March for Palestine held today in Washington, D.C.  We are calling on our members to contact their Congressional representatives and the Biden administration to call for an immediate cease-fire and de-escalation of hostilities, to stop all military aid to Israel, to ensure international protection and humanitarian aid for civilians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank (in fact, the Fourth Geneva Convention stipulates that Israel has a responsibility to safeguard the welfare of these civilians), the immediate and safe return of hostages being held in Gaza, and that our government support and adhere to the principles outlined in the Geneva Conventions and international law.

  We have created an information page and petition on our website that we hope will assist supporters in contacting Congress:

Holly Hart

Secretary, Green Party of the United States




Apportionment of GPUS National Committee Delegates for year 2023 and the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention Delegates for year 2024


Type of Proposal, Expected Approval Threshold




In August 2023, the Apportionment Tabulation Committee (ATC) was assembled by the Steering Committee of the Green Party of the United States and given the task of performing the tabulation for allocation of Delegates to both the National Committee and the Presidential Nominating Convention.  The ATC has completed each tabulation in accordance with the 1) Rules and Procedures of the Green Party of the Unites States: Article VIII. Allocation of Delegates to the National Committee, and 2) Rules of the Presidential Nomination Convention of the Green Party of the United States: Article III. Apportionment of Delegates.

The tabulation and apportionment of National Committee Delegates is for each active and affiliated State Green Party and US Territory. GPUS Caucuses are permitted two Delegates by rule and are not included in the apportionment of the National Committee Delegation. If approved, the apportionment of National Committee Delegates becomes effective in 60 days.

The tabulation and apportionment of the Presidential Nominating Convention Delegates is for each State, US Territory, and GPUS Caucus (whether active or not). US Territories are permitted two Delegates and GPUS Caucuses are permitted four Delegates by rule and are not included in the apportionment of the Presidential Nominating Convention. If approved, the apportionment of Delegates will be effective for the 2024 Presidential Nominating Convention.

During the tabulation the ATC summarized additional detail on their interpretation of the apportionment rules and findings of inconsistent or difficult direction in the apportionment rules. This summary is provided in the references for consideration of the apportionment results and for use by a future ATC and/or Apportionment Review Committee (ARC).



The ATC hereby submits its report of the tabulation and apportionment of National Committee Delegates and the Presidential Nominating Convention Delegates as follows:

State or Territory           National Committee      Presidential Nominating Convention

California                          24                           59

Maine                                            13                           33

Michigan                           10                       25

Illinois                                            8                              20

Texas                                 8                              19

New York                          6                              14

Pennsylvania                               5                              14

Oregon                                          4                              11

Connecticut                     4                              10

Florida                                           4                              9

South Carolina                            3                              8

Massachusetts                            3                              8

New Jersey                       2                              6

Ohio                                   2                              6

Missouri                            2                              6

North Carolina                            2                              6

Virginia                              2                              6

Maryland                          2                              5

Colorado                           2                              5

District of Columbia                  2                              5

Minnesota                        2                              5

Washington                     2                              4

Wisconsin                         2                              4

Arizona                              2                              4

Alabama                           2                              4

Delaware                          2                              4

Hawaii                                           2                              4

Indiana                                          2                              4

Iowa                                   2                              4

Kansas                                           2                              4

Kentucky                           2                              4

Louisiana                          2                              4

Mississippi                       2                              4

Montana                           2                              4

Nebraska                          2                              4

Nevada                              2                              4

New Mexico                                2                              4

South Dakota                              2                              4

Tennessee                        2                              4

Utah                                   2                              4

West Virginia                               2                              4

Alaska                                            0                              4

Arkansas                           0                              4

Georgia                             0                              4

Idaho                                 0                              4

New Hampshire              0                              4

North Dakota                              0                              4

Oklahoma                         0                              4

Rhode Island                                0                              4

Vermont                           0                              4

Wyoming                          0                              4

Guam                                 0                              4

Northern Mariana Islands       0                              4

Puerto Rico                      0                              4

United States Virgin Islands    0                              4

Total – States, Territories & DC  150                         400

Total – Caucuses            10                           20

Total – All Delegation               160                         420



Contact: Timothy Runkle, ATC chair,



ATC Results Summary Table for National Committee Apportionment year 2023 and Presidential Nominating Convention year 2024: < provide link here >

Apportionment spreadsheet: < provide link to locked spreadsheet here >

2023 ATC Rules Interpretation and Findings: < provide link here >

Apportionment Tabulation Committee: < >

Rules and Procedures of the Green Party of the Unites States: Article VIII. Allocation of Delegates to the National Committee. < >

Rules of the Presidential Nomination Convention of the Green Party of the United States: Article III. Apportionment of Delegates <  >



Please fill as completely as possible and send to the BAC Cochairs with a clear subject

header: Additional information may be added or requested later date:

  1. Basic Information
  2. Party or campaign seeking funds: Eddie Espinoza for Texas Railroad Commissioner
  3. Contact information:

Name(s): Eddie Espinoza


Party or campaign officer title(s) Candidate

Party Cochair name(s), if different: Delilah Barrios, Hunter Crow

Party Cochair email(s), if different:

City & State: Pharr, Texas


(Also working on, currently under construction)

Phone: 956-310-1662

Textable? yes

  1. Will this funding be applied toward candidate ballot access, toward obtaining statewide

party designation or both?

Candidate ballot access.


  1. Please list additional candidates, campaign manager names, emails and websites:


Aly Schmidt, campaign manager:


Marlón Duran, social media director:


  1. Give an overview of effort (how its being coordinated, where and how petitioning is

being prioritized, etc. feel free to answer on page provided):


Texas currently has ballot access for the Green Party until 2026, based on the success

of a past statewide Green candidate. The Texas Green Party must run a statewide

candidate in 2024 and/or 2026 who gets 2% of the vote or more, to keep ballot access.


Our campaign for Texas Railroad Commissioner is likely to be the only statewide

campaign for the Texas Green Party in 2024, meaning that getting Eddie on the ballot

in Texas is absolutely essential for the future of ballot access in our state.


Needless to say, Texas is a large state with many voters, and 40 electoral votes in the

electoral college. Losing ballot access in Texas would be disastrous for the Green Party.


Compared to the high cost of regaining ballot access for the Texas Green Party via

petitioning if our ballot access is lost, support for a statewide campaign to get ballot

access is a cheap investment for the BAC.


  1. How effort will contribute to building your state Green Party:


The Texas Green Party will be greatly aided by Eddie’s campaign for Railroad Commissioner.

He will give party activists a statewide candidate to vote for, and a campaign to rally

around. Eddie will spread the Green Party message and offer voters across Texas an

alternative to the duopoly.


As a Mexican American with European and Indigenous heritage, Eddie will work to bring

the Green Party message to disadvantaged and neglected communities across Texas.


Eddie speaks English and Spanish, and plans to focus part of his campaign outreach on

Spanish-language social media, TV, and radio, an area that the Texas Green Party hasn’t had

a good way to reach until now.


  1. Any other relevant information (may include description of past efforts):


In 2022 Delilah Barrios ran for governor of Texas with the Green Party.

Though she fell short of the 2% needed to extend ballot access, her

campaign messages were well received by independent media and by

activists across the state. Some of the same activists who worked on

Delilah’s campaign are now working on Eddie’s campaign, so they can use

the lessons learned from 2022 to do better in 2024.


Hunter Crow, co-chair of the Texas Green Party, was also a 2022 candidate

for Railroad Commissioner. Notably, despite doing a similar amount of

campaigning, Hunter’s race for Railroad Commissioner got more votes

than Delilah’s race for governor. We believe that the Railroad

Commissioner race is a good path to 2% for the Green Party of Texas.


  1. Likelihood of success:


We have a good chance of getting 2% or more of the vote. We think a

strategy of aggressive outreach to Texas’ low-income voters will let us reach

that threshold.


Please use this page to continue from page 1 or continue. Include question number

and text…

  1. Specific Information
  2. Amount requesting: $2000


  1. Specific use of the funds: filing fee for statewide candidate (U.S. Senate)


  1. Urgency of the request: We would like to get the funds by December 1, 2023, in order to

have time to get the fee to the Texas Secretary of State’s office by the hard deadline of

December 11, 2023.


  1. List all state thresholds/requirements for ballot access:


A statewide Green Party candidate in Texas must achieve 2% or more of the vote in the

2024 general election, or the 2026 general election, to extend our current ballot access for

ten more years.


Note that a Green presidential candidate gaining more than 2% wouldn’t help us with

ballot access, it must be a candidate for statewide office. That’s why getting Green

statewide candidates on the ballot in Texas is absolutely critical.


If we can’t run a statewide candidate who gets 2% or more, after 2026 Texas Greens will

need to do an extremely expensive and difficult petitioning process to regain ballot access.


In 2000 the Green Party first achieved ballot access in Texas by collecting over 76,000

qualified signatures, at a cost of $80,000 for paid signature gatherers who supplemented



In 2004, having lost ballot access, the Green Party of Texas tried to gather over 45,540

signatures (1% of the votes cast for governor in 2002) in order to regain ballot access. They

attempted to mount an all volunteer effort, but fell far short of the needed signature



In 2006 the Texas Green Party did not reach the goal of 75,000 signatures or the legal

requirement of 45,540 signatures. The actual number collected, mostly by volunteers, was

about 27,000 statewide.


In 2010 the Texas Green Party regained ballot access by gathering nearly 92,000 petition



In 2012 and 2016, statewide Green candidates beat the 2% general election vote total

threshold, extending our ballot access to 2026.


If the state and national party can’t help a statewide Texas candidate reach 2% or more, in

2027 the Texas Green Party would need to gather over 80,000 valid signatures to get back

on the ballot. (The number of petitions required is 1% of the votes cast for governor in the

prior election. In 2022 there were about 8 million votes cast for governor, that number could

go up in 2026.)


PLEASE help us maintain ballot access the easy way, by running a statewide campaign,

rather than waiting a few years to focus resources on Texas and then have to do it the hard

way, via a huge petition drive.


  1. Timeline including Critical Deadlines

Earliest start date(s): We have already started campaigning and raising money.

(For petitioning please submit the earliest date you could begin per state statutes/policy – even if in the past!

If you are applying for multiple types of funding, such as petitioning AND legal funding, you must include

both dates.)

Latest submission/hearing date(s): The final deadline to submit the filing fee is December

11, 2023, but we need to get the funds much sooner to have enough time for the process.


(If you are applying for multiple types of funding, such as petitioning AND funding, you must include both

dates. If multiple deadlines )

When is your ideal deadline? November 11, the first day of the filing period.


  1. Drive goal (in terms of raw signatures), and how many currently collected: n/a


  1. Draft budget including how much raised so far and how much more is needed:


Filing fee is $3750, we’ve raised $1750 so far, but have already tapped out the

small-dollar donation capacity of Texas Greens.


  1. What is necessary to retain ballot access and likelihood of retention this election



A statewide candidate must get on the ballot and earn 2% or more of the vote in

the general election.


  1. For a legal court challenge, please list or link to any statutory or case law that

indicates a likelihood of success: n/a


  1. If pursuing legal counsel as part of your ballot access plan, have you acquired legal

counsel yet? n/a

If yes, please list any names of counsel/firms that you have considered or acquired and

the point person for this legal counsel: n/a


If no, what is the time frame for your acquiring legal counsel: n/a


  1. The GPUS Ballot Access Committee strongly recommends a state legislative/lobbying

campaign whenever reasonably possible in states with particularly prohibitive ballot

access thresholds. Those coordinators should ideally be focused on legislative lobbying,

which can take months-to-years. To your knowledge, has a strong lobbying campaign

already been attempted in your state by any party for lowering ballot access?


The Texas state legislature has introduced bills to make it even harder for third parties to

retain ballot access.


Has there already been successful lobbying/legislation as a result?


We helped lobby against those bills, and most of them did not get out of committee.


  1. While not a condition, will your state party be willing to appoint one or two legislative

coordinator(s) to lobby towards reducing ballot access restrictions?


This sounds like a good idea if we can find volunteer capacity for it. For Texas we need to

work on stopping efforts to make ballot access harder, before we can move on to

lobbying to make ballot access easier.


If so, can the coordinator(s) join the Ballot Access Committee Listserv as a voting

member or as an observer? If worthwhile, can you list the names and emails of potential

legislative coordinators in your state party? (If this is not worthwhile, briefly explain):


We can make recruiting volunteers to join the BAC Listserv a featured topic at the next

Texas Green Party statewide meeting.


  1. The Ballot Access Committee recommends that state parties engage in contacting their

contact lists to build support. How does your state intend on engaging your contact list

and building your volunteer/donor base?


Our campaign has already developed a phone banking program, we have done the

planning and training already. We have been phonebanking 2 days a week. Additional

volunteers have agreed to start phone banking this week and next week, so the phone

banking program will be growing.


  1. How will your state party or campaign contribute in fundraising for your state party’s

ballot access or building our national ballot access fund?


After the general election, if our campaign has any money left over, we pledge to donate

it to the national Green Party ballot access fund.


  1. Would any leaders, volunteers, or candidates from your state be willing to make a

pitch quote and/or short video spot for the Ballot Access Committee fund? If so, please

include their contact information:


Eddie Espinoza, candidate:


Aly Schmidt, chair of Hidalgo County, Texas Green Party, volunteer:


Marlón Dura, volunteer:



submitted upon BAC approval of this application with signature)

I, Eddie Espinoza,


Agree to uphold the terms of this application for a GPUS Ballot Access funding grant.

Agree to make every effort to appoint at least one party or campaign representative as a

delegate member or as an observer to the GPUS Ballot Access Committee in order to ensure

a consistent line of communication.

Agree to notify the GPUS Ballot Access Committee upon any significant changes to the ballot

access plan outlined in this application within a week of such change. (Examples may include

pursuing or ending the pursuit of a legal course of action, pursuing a different ballot access

strategy with funding, any significant new ballot access success or obstacles encountered,

including but not limited to legislative or legal updates, campaign suspensions, etc.)

Agree that significantly altering the ballot access plan as described in this party/

campaign application may potentially require a resubmission of this application to the Ballot

Access Committee of the Green Party US, with all relevant changes made.

Agree to reimburse any significant amount of unspent funds towards ballot access for my

state party and/or candidates to the GPUS.

Agree to, whenever possible, continually engage volunteers in development and training on

how to utilize data resources and other resources from my state party/campaign/GPUS as

part of a commitment to our first pillar of Grassroots Democracy.

Agree to, whenever possible, utilize these funds as a means of engaging front-line

communities and other communities that are most affected by socio-economic inequity.

Agree to uphold GPUS bylaws within my affiliated party or party campaign(s), including

demonstrable support for the official GPUS Presidential Nominee or eventual nominee

during the Presidential election cycle.



Applicant Signature Date



Applicant or Cochair Signature (if applicable) Date




From: Coordinated Campaign Committee <>

Subject: Provisional Disbursement Approval: Eddie Espinoza

Date: 10 November 2023 at 06:51:45 GMT+7

To: Steering <>


To the GPUS Steering Committee,


I request that provisional disbursement approval of a possible CCC pledge of $1000 to the Eddie Espinoza (TX) campaign be placed on the agenda for the Nov 12 SC Meeting.


CCC is considering a proposal to offer a pledge of up to $1000 to 2024 Texas Railway Commissioner candidate Eddie Espinoza.  Voting on this pledge is currently underway within the 8 current CCC members.  The vote will be called at the end of the day on November 15.  The pledge would be granted only it the candidate’s other fundraising activities have ensured that the total filing fee of $3750 to appear on the 2024 ballot, which is due to Texas election authorities by December 11, 2023 will be paid.


In addition to his CCC application, we understand that Eddie Espinoza also has a funding request before the GPUS Ballot Access Committee.  This is a state-wide race that can greatly assist the Green Party of Texas with its ballot access goals.


If the SC were to provisionally approve disbursement of the CCC pledge today, then upon a majority CCC vote to approve the pledge on November 15, we would be able notify Eddie Espinoza of the certainty of the pledge.


I make this provisional request because I feel that there is at least a 50% chance of CCC approving the proposal.  There are currently 8 voting members of the CCC.  Presently the vote tally is 2 YES and 1 ABSTAIN.  As mentioned earlier, CCC voting will close at the end of the day on November 15.


For the reference of the Steering Committee, here is a link to the CCC’s current 2023 budget analysis.  Following the two grants/pledges items appearing on the agenda of the November 12 SC meeting there are two additional CCC grant applications in the grants application pipeline.  One is for a NJ US Senate race (Christina Khalil) and the other is for a CA US House race (Sean Dougherty).  Any grant awarded to these candidates would be subject to Steering Committee disbursement approval at a future meeting.


I intend to be present as an observer at the Nov 12 SC meeting and will be available to answer any questions that you might have for me.


Thank you!


Scott Laugenour, Co-Chair

GPUS Coordinated Campaign Committee