February 28, 2021

Green Party of the United States
Steering Committee

Sunday February 28, 2021
8:00 PM EST
  1. Call Setup & Background
    15 minutes
    1. Facilitator:
      Sid Smith
    2. Roll call
      Kristin Combs,
      Trahern Crews,
      Margaret Elisabeth,
      Gloria Mattera,
      Tony Ndege,
      Anita Rios,
      Tamar Yager
      David Gerry
      Hillary Kane
      Guest Speakers
      Maureen Doyle (MA)
      Wesson Gaige (TX),
      Mike Gamms (YC),
      Holly Hart (IA),
      Tommie James (NC),
      Haryaksha Gregor Knauer (AZ),
      Charles Ostdiek (NE),
      Starlene Rankin (LC),
    3. Establish Quorum: 9 current members; quorum is 5.

      Observers are to remain muted during the call and please do not use the chat feature as it is used by the SC to pass information.

    4. Agenda revision suggestions

      If there is not consensus then simple changes need a majority and new items require 2/3 majority.

  2. Standing Business
    40 minutes
    1. Treasurer's report (Hillary)
      5 minutes

      Monthly Treasurer Reports

    2. Income Report (Tamar)
      5 minutes
    3. Approval of Expenditures
      10 minutes

      2021 Budget

      1. Direct Mail $5,000
        0 minutes

        Cost for direct mail fundraiser.

        Approved On-line (2/19/21): Hillary, Gloria, Anita, Kristin, Trahern, Tony, David

      2. Merchandise Committee $2,791.00 [Line 45[
        5 minutes

        Merchandise Committee purchased new buttons and stickers. Line 45 has only $2,000 available.

      3. Hawkins Data Cleanup $1500 [Line 34]
        5 minutes


    4. Liaison reports
      20 minutes
      • Trahern: Accreditation, Green Pages, Merchandising
      • Kristin: Credentials, DRC, GPAX, Platform
      • Margaret: BMRC, BRPP, PCSC
      • Gloria: CCC, ETC, Fundraising, Media
      • Tony: BAC, Eco-Action, Outreach
      • Anita: ANMC, Diversity, IC
      • Tamar: ARC, Apportionment Review, Finance
  3. Voting Queue
    10 minutes
    1. In the queue
      1. 1033 – Budget Amendment
        Steering Committee
        Floor Manager:
        Kristin Combs
      2. 1035 – GPUS to join World Beyond War WBW by signing its Peace Pledge
        Peace Action Committee, International Committee
        Floor Manager:
        Trahern Crews
    2. Received for the queue
      1. 1037 – GPUS Elections Database Management
        Texas, South Carolina, Connecticut
        Floor Manager:
  4. Old Business
    25 minutes
    1. Increase the Number on SC Calls (Decision; Tamar)<15 minutes

      Steering Committee Rules and Procedures

      E. Observers on GPUS-SC Conference Calls
      SC calls will be open to no more than five observers on each call. NC delegates and alternates can observe the call by contacting the SC Secretary at least 24 hours in advance on a first come, first served basis. Delegates and alternates who have never observed on a call will receive priority over those who have. Observers will be provided with a call number and access code that they will be advised not to share. Observers may observe only and may not participate or ask questions during the call unless they have specifically requested to be added to the agenda in advance. A separate call number shall be reserved by the SC as necessary for executive session discussions.

      Proposed language to submit to the NC.

      E. Observers on GPUS-SC Conference Calls
      SC calls will be open to NC delegates and alternates (limited only by the technology). To observe the call contact the SC Secretary at least 12 hours in advance. Observers will be provided with a call number and access code that they will be advised not to share. Observers may observe only and may not participate or ask questions during the call.

    2. Forum Managers Appointments (Decision; David)
      10 minutes

      There are 3 forum managers and an alternate. Electins are a year over due. Candidates Manager Sid, Holly; Alternate Frank. There is no reason why we can have those and fill in the vacancy later.

      GPUS Rules and Procedures: Article IX. National Committee Listserv Protocols and Policies
      IV. Forum Managers and Enforcement
      A. The Steering Committee shall nominate three individuals, subject to National Committee approval, to serve coincident two-year terms as Forum Managers and one individual subject to National Committee approval, to serve as Alternate Forum Manager. Forum Managers may be sitting NC delegates, alternates or others as recommended by their State or Caucus. All nominees must be either recommended or approved by their State or Caucus. All three Forum Managers can not be of the same gender. It is recommended that Forum Managers have dispute resolution training. In the event of a Forum Manager resignation or other vacancy, the Alternate will serve the remainder of the term as a Forum Manager. In addition the SC shall nominate a replacement to fill the role of Alternate, to be approved by the NC via the same method used to nominate and elect the Forum Manager. The replacement Alternate Forum Manager will fill the balance of the term as Alternate. The Forum Managers shall provide Quarterly Reports to the NC via the Natlcomaffairs listserv. These reports shall include the number of informal advisories, number of official warnings and probations.

  5. New Business
    00 minutes
  6. End call recording

    1 hours 30 minutes
  7. Executive Session
    00 minutes

1 hours 30 minutes