May 1, 2002 Convergence

Green Party of Texas and the Steering Committee
(We hereby request co-sponsorship by Diversity and International committees)

Nathalie Paravicini (TX)

Endorsement of Monterrey Declaration and May 1, 2002 Convergence
Appeal to those greens who can to be in DC

48 hour endorsement ends Apr Apr 24 midnight

Since 911 immigrants have seen their basic human rights further eroded. They are now also unable to travel to DC to speak on their own behalf because of the potential for arrest and deportation. On May 1, 2002, immigrant, union and Latino activists and sympathisers will go to Washington DC to speak-out for the most exploited worforce in the US. If the Green Party of the United States (USGP) is ever to stand-up and support our brothers and sisters, now is the time to do so.

The USGP has been trying to increase diversity within the party by reaching-out to under-represented groups, such as Latinos. Some of our efforts are now starting to bear fruit. This event is SO important that both Nathalie Paravicini (Secretary) and Anita Rios (Co-chair) will go to DC again on May 1. We appeal to those of you who can to go to DC. There will be a very important meeting with representatives from key organizations working within the Latino community

(Amy Mondloch indicated Diversity Committee funds could be spent on this, pending approval by the committee)


  • “Declaracion de Monterrey” (EspanolEnglish)
  •   May 1, 2002 convergence packet
  •   Final schedule
  • “Declaracion de Oaxaca” ( French, EspanolEnglish)
    The Declaracion de Oaxaca was adopted in 1999 by the three existing international federations of Green Parties (Americas, Europe and Africa. The Asia Federation of Green Parties came into being just right after)
  • VERY IMPORTANT: In the future we will need to consider adoption of the “Principles of Unity for Legalization and Immigrant Rights”S ( EspanolEnglish) and/or review our platform on the subject. The GPTX has volunteered to do some ground work and calls for assistance in preparation for the Philadelphia national convention July 18-22, 2002.
  • Talking Points ( EspanolEnglish)
  • Democrats’ principles ( English and Spanish)
  • Statement from the National Council of La Raza (upcoming)

The Steering Committee has endorsed and requests the following endorsements and actions by the Coordionating Committee:

  1. endorsement of the “Declaracion de Monterrey” (EspanolEnglish)
  2. endorsement of the May 1, 2002 convergence in DC to lobby elected officials
  3. appeal to key greens and all greens who can to come to DC on May 1
    (Amy Mondloch indicated Diversity Committee funds could be spent on this, pending approval by the committee)
  4. issuance of a press release
  5. dissemination of Declaracion de Monterrey amongst Green Party members