Animal Rights Committee Voter Pledge

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I pledge to support candidates who align with the work and mission of the Green Party Animal Rights Committee and advocate for the rights of non-human animals and highlight issues that have been outlined in GPARC position papers.

As such I pledge to support candidates whose platforms support, but are not limited to:

  • Ending the practice of animal agriculture and industrial fishing in favor of more ethical and sustainable alternatives;
  • Ending funding for, and the practice of, experimenting and testing on non-human animals in scientific laboratories, learning environments, and elsewhere;
  • Ending the sale, production, import and export of animal parts such as tusks, horns, furs and skins;
  • Halting the operation of mass animal breeding operations such as “puppy mills” and the sale of animals from such facilities in favor of the adoption of rescued animals from shelters;
  • Supporting ethical practices that would reduce the stray animal population such as the legalization and funding of Trap-And-Release (TNR) programs;
  • Supporting legislation that would require domesticated cats only be allowed outside with a harness and under supervision, with an exemption for barn cats and feral cats;
  • Banning the captivity of wild animals, including cetaceans, for entertainment and/or commercial profit. Commit to the rehoming of these creatures, or to suitable sanctuaries if unable to be returned to their natural habitat;
  • Supporting other ways to end the exploitation, abuse and neglect of all animals not outlined in this document;
  • Endorsing the adoption of plant-based diets and further taking legislative steps to encourage and make easier the adoption of plant-based diets.