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Report of January 4, 2019

Dear State Green Party Co-Chairs,

We, the members of the GPUS Apportionment Tabulation Committee, are writing to you in accordance with Article VIII, Paragraph 8 of the GPUS Rules and Procedures, to provide notice and call to [state GP] to review the information available in the GPUS Elections Database, and to provide any corrections to this information to the Apportionment Tabulation Committee by Sunday, January 20th.

If you are not someone who can notify appropriate members of [state GP] to complete this task, please advise by return email who is the appropriate person(s).

The GPUS Elections Database is accessible here:

The relevant GPUS Rules can be found here:

A response is not required if there are no corrections. If we do not hear from your state, we will use the current information. If we have reason to believe that new information would decrease your apportionment, we will contact you.

B. Sidney Smith, Chair
Apportionment Tabulation Committee